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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,753
How can I figure the pressure in a 80 cubic inch tank at 0 psi being refilled with a 8000 cubic inch tank with a...
Nov22-07 01:30 PM
1 3,038
The number of degrees of freedom for a massless rod moving freely in space with a particle which is constrained to...
Nov22-07 06:22 AM
Doc Al
1 2,215
in the newtons second law of motion we study "F=ma" letters having their usual meanings. so if any object say"A"...
Nov22-07 03:36 AM
4 1,356
Hi there There seems to be a few related posts on this topic but I can't make sense of them. In the integral...
Nov21-07 09:02 PM
5 1,671
There is a problem in biomechanics that relates to a human runnerís gait (1) and how much power they consume. At each...
Nov21-07 08:08 PM
0 2,688
I'm trying to determine the wavelength of a particular situation. I'm given the refractive index of the metal and the...
Nov21-07 11:02 AM
1 3,862
Does anybody know of a way to derive the inertia tensor using group theory?
Nov21-07 10:24 AM
La Guinee
0 1,448
So i have a problem with a question in which there is a falling raindrop where the mass and the radius are...
Nov21-07 08:23 AM
3 2,783
I remember in 8th grade I was sick the day my class did this, and no one I talk to seems to remember how it was done...
Nov20-07 08:29 PM
12 6,901
Hey, guys. Thanks for reading this. I have to present some interesting angular acceleration problem in my physics...
Nov20-07 07:53 PM
3 1,147
Hello, Is there a formula to convert a certain radio frequency to temperature? Thanks.
Nov20-07 07:07 AM
3 6,275
suppose a certain process is carried out on a system which say heats up the system the how do we decide that that's...
Nov20-07 05:41 AM
Doc Al
5 2,332
This is a standard fuzzy dice problem, hung in a car, at angle, theta, and I have to find the acceleration of the car....
Nov19-07 08:04 PM
9 3,197
My first posting, so apologies if this is in any way inappropriate to the forum/section. I am asking here for some...
Nov19-07 12:19 PM
11 6,629
hi there, i've read books and some web sites and i'm wondering this electric charge? Is it something physical...
Nov19-07 08:35 AM
3 1,557
Ok, propably everyone here knows that IN THEORY it is possible for a human to fly. This question has been bugging me a...
Nov19-07 12:04 AM
9 2,215
what is the difference between moment of inertia and moment inertia tensor?
Nov18-07 10:47 PM
1 2,241
Hi Guys and Girls Take note that Im not sure if Waves or Oscillation, is the right word to use about this Physics...
Nov18-07 08:05 PM
3 1,371
OK... Please consider that picture in the following link ...
Nov18-07 07:24 AM
Doc Al
2 7,265
in an closed organ pipe why don'e we consider the interfereence of the once reflected wave(from closed end) and the...
Nov18-07 12:32 AM
0 3,040
i saw the 'proof' of the wave equation for a sound wave in a medium assuming the wave equation for a dissplacement...
Nov17-07 09:49 PM
0 9,641
When the source is moving with respect to the observer, the emitted wave undergoes this well-known frequency shift...
Nov17-07 05:05 PM
2 1,416
I know that the net work = the change in kinetic energy, delta KE. But what if the object has both the potential...
Nov17-07 04:21 PM
7 2,330
one hamonic oscillator hava a merit factor Q = w/y. starting of equilibrium position , with velocity Vo. Calculate...
Nov17-07 04:05 PM
0 2,761
how could a current in a square loop has a vector potential be zero due to 2 sides only.
Nov17-07 01:03 PM
2 3,358
suppose there is a region S through which the magnetic field changes with time then is the electric field induced...
Nov17-07 12:21 PM
7 1,509
velocity of sound in dry air is 332m/s and it (linearly-i think so) increases with density. so is it possible to...
Nov17-07 03:33 AM
11 1,654
why is the magnetic field just inside a cylindrical conductor with inner radii a, and outer radii b carrying a uniform...
Nov16-07 09:24 PM
1 4,195
Why is the magnetic vector potential of a point inside a infinite soleniod azimuthal assuming the axis of solenoid is...
Nov16-07 12:45 PM
1 1,866
Hi, I'm after some help because my intelligence doesnt stretch as far as you guys! I am being taken to court for...
Nov16-07 12:29 PM
16 6,773
when we write \vec \tau= what is the point or the line about which we are calcuating the torque Also what is the...
Nov16-07 01:20 AM
Shooting Star
1 3,255
In classical mechanics, space around us is said to be described by Euclidean space E^3. However E^3 is not a vector...
Nov15-07 07:15 AM
0 1,500
what do we mean when we say a point light source is 5.0 mW
Nov15-07 05:03 AM
Shooting Star
3 1,784
I have been working through the book: "Almost All About Waves" John R. Pierce Dover 2006 This is a...
Nov13-07 09:49 PM
6 1,199
Does anyone know the significance of 1233 degrees Kelvin?
Nov13-07 04:18 PM
1 1,005
Recently, the New York times ran the obituary of Paul Tibbets who was the pilot of the plane that dropped an atom...
Nov13-07 04:01 PM
8 4,688
I have a problem in understanding Feynman's derivation of a lens' shape using Fermat's principle. Feynman writes that...
Nov13-07 03:52 PM
1 1,786
Im doing millikan's oil drop experiment as my A level physics coursework to eventually calculate the electronic...
Nov13-07 12:19 PM
0 791
Hi, this is my first post. I've not taken a calculus-based physics course yet so these may be rather naive questions....
Nov12-07 11:31 AM
3 12,135
Where does the energy go when light undergoes destructive interference?
Nov12-07 01:03 AM
12 1,900

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