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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,830
Trying to verify the general integral solution to Poisson's equation I reach the following contradiction, what am I...
Nov30-07 05:23 AM
10 9,099
I am just curious to know what the advantages are to using center of mass for velocity are in a system of particles? ...
Nov29-07 11:57 PM
2 2,183
What does b mean in this context? \Delta S = \frac{h\cdot f}{T} = k\cdot b where S is entropy, h is Planck's...
Nov29-07 11:02 AM
2 3,583
In "On two-dimensional self-avoiding random walks", Guttman writes that for an Ising model, nu=1/tanh(J/kT_c) is an...
Nov28-07 03:13 PM
0 1,288
what is the exact meaning of the word "canonical"? why we name the momentum "canonical" in the Lagrangian or Hamilton...
Nov28-07 11:08 AM
0 1,650
Hello. I just learned torque and i am really confused about one thing. T = r x F. Now in the above Torque, we...
Nov28-07 06:32 AM
4 2,833
Do all incandescent solids obey the fourth power law of temperature? I think they all obey \ T^4 But the...
Nov28-07 04:18 AM
Shooting Star
3 3,826
The law of equipartion of energy requires that specific heat of gases be independent of the temperature,in...
Nov27-07 09:22 PM
4 2,162
As we know the incandescent bulbs emit mostly heat and very small amount of visible light.Is there any way to increase...
Nov27-07 09:07 PM
3 2,155
Is there an example where you are pushing in the negative direction (force in negative direction) and yet doing...
Nov27-07 07:17 PM
5 948
A pulley with radius R is free to rotate on a horizontal fixed axis through its center. A string passes over the...
Nov27-07 05:05 PM
6 1,548
I was just wondering why is the sunlight called the electromagnetic radiation. I posted this on other science forum...
Nov27-07 04:02 PM
3 1,614
Spectral radiancy curves for blackbody radiation at different temperatures do not intersect. If they do, that will...
Nov27-07 10:10 AM
0 1,620
does a high dryness fraction mean that the steam is dry or wet?
Nov27-07 09:52 AM
bill nye scienceguy!
4 18,081
I am having trouble going about proving the Lorentz invariance and non-Galilean invariance of Maxwell's equations. ...
Nov27-07 03:13 AM
4 9,244
What properties would an ideal ("perfect") diamagnet necessarilly* have? (*as in in, implied by definition.) This...
Nov26-07 07:51 PM
5 3,773
can we make any particle to move in cycloidal path due to electric field produced using static charges. explain pls
Nov26-07 07:23 PM
0 2,278
Gauss's law may be used to derive Coulomb's law. I've never seen it done the other way around. Is this possible? ...
Nov26-07 11:53 AM
2 3,501
how will be the dispersion pattern of a ray coming parallel to the base of a glass prism completely dipped in...
Nov26-07 08:50 AM
0 857
here's the situation one ball with mass m1 and velocity v1 collides with second ball with mass m2 and 0 velocity. ...
Nov26-07 02:39 AM
3 2,027
My textbook says the following: "If the center of mass of the system is not accelerating relative to an inertial...
Nov25-07 05:26 AM
2 2,371
Hi, From what I understand the proof of Gauss' law applies only to finite surfaces. Can anyone give an example of a...
Nov24-07 08:12 PM
1 1,921
I got this question in Resnick Eisberg: Pockets formed in a coal fire seem brighter than the coals themslves.Is the...
Nov24-07 05:38 PM
7 2,072
For a wheel in pure roll, or smooth rolling motion, with constant angular velocity, \omega, the velocity of the point...
Nov24-07 11:23 AM
10 1,634
May be this should have been in math section but since this came out while studying Electrodynamics i put it here we...
Nov23-07 10:38 PM
3 1,064
Hiya , The commonly held view is that speed of sound (SoS) in a gas depends on temperature and not pressure. I want...
Nov23-07 10:25 PM
1 1,223
The flux rule states that the emf induced in any loop is given by the rate of change of magnetic flux through that...
Nov23-07 12:02 PM
0 1,194
The relation I= \sigma \ T^4 is exact for blackbodies and holds for all temperatures.Why is this relation not used as...
Nov23-07 08:01 AM
1 3,669
I am sorry it was a repost.I ask the moderator to close the thread.
Nov23-07 07:14 AM
0 1,437
Sorry for misconception. Why the mirror deflects light was the question? Because of the electronic configuration and...
Nov23-07 03:36 AM
10 1,873
How can I figure the pressure in a 80 cubic inch tank at 0 psi being refilled with a 8000 cubic inch tank with a...
Nov22-07 01:30 PM
1 3,040
The number of degrees of freedom for a massless rod moving freely in space with a particle which is constrained to...
Nov22-07 06:22 AM
Doc Al
1 2,218
in the newtons second law of motion we study "F=ma" letters having their usual meanings. so if any object say"A"...
Nov22-07 03:36 AM
4 1,357
Hi there There seems to be a few related posts on this topic but I can't make sense of them. In the integral...
Nov21-07 09:02 PM
5 1,678
There is a problem in biomechanics that relates to a human runnerís gait (1) and how much power they consume. At each...
Nov21-07 08:08 PM
0 2,693
I'm trying to determine the wavelength of a particular situation. I'm given the refractive index of the metal and the...
Nov21-07 11:02 AM
1 3,867
Does anybody know of a way to derive the inertia tensor using group theory?
Nov21-07 10:24 AM
La Guinee
0 1,448
So i have a problem with a question in which there is a falling raindrop where the mass and the radius are...
Nov21-07 08:23 AM
3 2,788
I remember in 8th grade I was sick the day my class did this, and no one I talk to seems to remember how it was done...
Nov20-07 08:29 PM
12 6,903
Hey, guys. Thanks for reading this. I have to present some interesting angular acceleration problem in my physics...
Nov20-07 07:53 PM
3 1,147

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