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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,671
I am an artist. I am trying to cast a large sharp (in focus) shadow through a piece of lace onto a wall. It either...
May1-08 07:16 AM
10 3,347
Does anyone know of any software I could use to look at thermal dispersion in silica? It is to basically see how far I...
May1-08 05:39 AM
2 1,029
I am having a small misunderstanding regarding the concept of work, and I am hoping someone could clear things up for...
Apr30-08 07:05 PM
7 8,092
Hey, instantaneous power is computed by F dot v, but this equation should only be valid if F is constant correct?
Apr30-08 05:15 PM
10 7,583
If two cars were at the top of a uniform slope, and the cars are identical in every way other than their mass, which...
Apr30-08 05:02 PM
3 2,895
I was wondering about a good application to plot the path of a particle in a magnetic bottle (i.e. the magnetic field...
Apr30-08 04:23 PM
5 1,505
Why a cellphone rings inside microwave oven? Does the microwave oven don't block cellphone radiation?
Apr30-08 12:01 PM
2 10,191
I've got a problem, involving non-constant acceleration: If we fire a spherical bullet horizontally into a...
Apr30-08 09:02 AM
4 1,766
Hi, Just got a doubt, which is probably silly but nonetheless cannot solve. Say you have a conductor placed in an...
Apr30-08 03:21 AM
4 4,169
Hi dear Forumers, I 've run into a little thermodynamic problem: There is a closed vessel, containing a given...
Apr30-08 02:44 AM
Telmerk,the Magician
3 4,621
This question was presented as one of those "think about it" questions in my physics class. Its not worth any points,...
Apr30-08 12:44 AM
18 2,772
I understand how an LC circuit oscillates and radio waves are a result. I also understand that any light from the...
Apr30-08 12:20 AM
4 2,531
I would be very eager to have someone explain to me why it is justified to assume harmonic time dependence when...
Apr29-08 02:39 PM
0 3,808
Say we have an induced circuit. My book states that we cannot use the loop rule on an induced circuit because we...
Apr29-08 07:10 AM
1 1,582
Hi, How would I go about calculating the rate at which charge/electrons would leak off a metal surface that had...
Apr28-08 09:23 PM
0 1,841
Another noobish question: Let's say there is an electromagnetic wave of constant wavelength and constant peak...
Apr28-08 07:11 PM
Usaf Moji
3 1,968
Hello, (I'm not fluently in english, sorry if it's not a pure english) I use FEMM software for caculate energy....
Apr28-08 04:54 PM
4 1,176
As i know there are several diffrent way to derive the canonical equations. Some of them starts from a physical...
Apr28-08 09:56 AM
1 1,632
If you were to amplitude modulate a laser such the helium-neon with a microwave signal for instance at 10 GHz, and if...
Apr28-08 08:21 AM
Andy Resnick
1 1,063
How is the electromagnetic field different from aether???? if there is an em field why is it not considered to be at...
Apr28-08 06:57 AM
2 1,554
I am doing some basic heat calculations about a CW laser illuminated tungsten tip (which should be used for...
Apr28-08 03:38 AM
2 1,541
Under which conditions can we describe the speed of the liquid with a potential flow? I know that the liquid must be...
Apr27-08 08:50 PM
3 3,198
I remember reading somewhere that it was discovered that electrons, not protons, composed current when an accelerated...
Apr27-08 08:24 PM
5 3,629
A camera lens (n = 1.80) is coated with a thin film of magnesium fluoride (n = 1.45) of thickness 80.0 nm. What...
Apr27-08 07:27 PM
2 4,579
Why do automobile batteries have very low internal resistance?
Apr27-08 12:22 PM
1 1,123
Iíve learnt that copper wire is not generally used in a potentiometer. Is there any specific reason for this?
Apr27-08 12:20 PM
1 1,528
Hello, Im currently working through Faraday's Law and im confused when my two textbooks dont explain how they set the...
Apr27-08 11:30 AM
6 6,723
We are doing a project on the terminal velocity of a badminton shuttlecock and also have to find the drag...
Apr27-08 03:39 AM
4 4,515
Basically what the title asks. I understand that there are four known forces, three of which have been unified, the...
Apr27-08 02:35 AM
1 1,073
I was watching a video on where this guy spins a a dial or capsule or a cap (I couldn't really tell, but it was like a...
Apr26-08 07:15 AM
Doc Al
1 1,022
In rotational motion , the units for torque, \tau = r \times F , are N \cdot m and for work done by a...
Apr26-08 04:05 AM
5 2,458
Using a Van De Graaff (VDG) machine, we can easily generate million-volt high voltage. The high potential difference...
Apr25-08 09:06 PM
2 1,308
I played the audio song on my 8 Ohm audio speaker. I used my Computer Audio Port to play the song. I played that song...
Apr25-08 07:06 PM
6 2,108
Sometime in the mid-nineteenth century centrifugal force fell from grace with modern physics. Physics texts from the...
Apr25-08 05:50 PM
12 3,122
Hi I have a problem beyond my scope. I am not a lerned physics chap so please, any answers would be great if kept...
Apr25-08 11:47 AM
6 1,911
First off I would like to say that this is not a homework question. I am trying to calculate the temperature of a...
Apr25-08 09:33 AM
2 3,695
In reading Feynman's "Lectures on Physics", volume 2 I have a question and have included a scan of a small section...
Apr25-08 08:26 AM
4 1,774
Hi, I am doing simulations on a particle in some potential together with a fluctuating force and friction. To do...
Apr25-08 01:57 AM
0 1,286
Hello I really want to know what the advantages and disadvantages of optical pyrometers are? Thanks a lot
Apr24-08 08:15 PM
2 3,643
Hello hello, I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around the idea of a boundary condition. I...
Apr24-08 07:06 PM
3 3,103

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