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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,724
Hello: Can you tell me where on the internet I can get a good source on elasticity? Thank you
Sep23-07 10:01 AM
1 1,186
Does anyone know of a good way to explain how MagLev (magnetic levitation) trains work? I know they use...
Sep23-07 06:58 AM
0 1,632
I am programming a simple physics simulation and have been following along with some books about the subject. ...
Sep22-07 02:08 PM
1 8,667
Why does passing current through Wolfram filament, heats the Wolfram filament in light bulb? What happens with the...
Sep22-07 01:59 PM
9 1,606
Hey.... This is for a school projecct but i feel like its best fiting here..... Well... look i need to lighg up a...
Sep22-07 01:54 PM
0 1,156
Are there any applications for the lissajous figures? I haven't seen any applications for them besides the ABC logo so...
Sep21-07 11:17 PM
4 9,865
Hello, We have an installation in which we will be placing a 1/4" thick mirror which spans 7ft across and 5ft in...
Sep20-07 05:57 PM
2 1,922
I have a cluster of magnetic sources around a volume and I need to know the real magnetic field in a point (namely...
Sep20-07 04:45 PM
1 1,036
Hi, I am new to this forum, and I just wanna say hi and I am glad that I am here. Now, I have one animation. Isn't...
Sep20-07 04:22 PM
27 41,596
Hi, I am building some electronics to control a brushless motor (BLDC). I am studying the motor startup and I need...
Sep19-07 07:50 PM
3 2,290
I would like to know how heat would flow in a material being struck by sunlight in vacuum. The usual examples of...
Sep19-07 05:36 PM
Loren Booda
4 2,178
Correct me if my thinking is wrong: Q: If m is a light stone and M is a heavy one, according to Aristotle M should...
Sep19-07 02:51 PM
Doc Al
1 4,212
If I have a truck with a sloped bed in the back, the truck is accelerating horizontally and theres a block sitting on...
Sep19-07 09:25 AM
Shooting Star
1 1,300
Suppose an empty space and two points. The distance from point A to B is d = k . t^2 k=constant t = time ...
Sep18-07 04:10 PM
7 1,394
Just a few hours ago,I have posted a problem in the homework section.Here I want to discuss a similar problem---I mean...
Sep17-07 09:34 PM
2 1,060
Hi guys, I have some questions about this equation: P.V^(gamma) = constant, gamma = C_p / C_v Is it only...
Sep17-07 02:30 PM
9 15,633
Does anyone know where I can find information related to the physics of straightening a bow from its curved state to a...
Sep17-07 10:39 AM
8 3,202
edit: this problem is about energy discrepancies when changing frames and is no homework. suppose I accelerate a...
Sep17-07 09:34 AM
31 3,216
i was interested if anyone could explain how a butane lighter can expand from liquid state into the gas state with...
Sep17-07 01:04 AM
7 4,066
According to Kepler's law of areas, the area swept by the line joining a planet(say earth) and the sun is constant...
Sep16-07 04:43 AM
21 2,526
do the electrons have spin angular dipole momentum? (In classical mechanics, the spin angular momentum of a body is...
Sep16-07 03:39 AM
4 1,476
Inertial frames of reference ( IFRs ) and Electromagnetic ( EM ) waves. What would happen if you move at c velocity...
Sep15-07 06:32 PM
4 1,123
An object is at a known point in a 2D plane, travelling at a known speed in a known direction In the plane are...
Sep15-07 10:50 AM
6 1,711
Hi everyone, I'm puzzled by this phenomenon - when there's a thin sheet of water flowing in the street, it forms...
Sep15-07 03:16 AM
2 1,384
Hi all. It's been quite a while since I've been here, but I was reminded this morning about my childhood when a...
Sep14-07 11:51 PM
3 1,662
what is an inertial frame of reference ? Simple ?
Sep14-07 04:59 PM
47 28,472
Hi, I've tried looking everywhere for the answer to this, and would be fantastic if anyone could help me. Is...
Sep14-07 01:32 PM
David Brenchley
2 2,478
When a valve on a pneumatic tire (filled with compressed air) is released and the tire is allowed to deflate, one may...
Sep14-07 09:02 AM
2 24,531
Image: My brother and I completely disagree on what will happen to...
Sep14-07 06:47 AM
6 1,302
Hi there I've heard from various applied mathematicians that the D.E. that models harmonic motion is one of the...
Sep14-07 03:05 AM
2 1,354
HI i live in South-Africa and a few of us guys have been fighting on a car club about something...... I say that if...
Sep13-07 10:42 PM
5 17,327
If electrons conserve energy, why they don't stop to move? Thanks.
Sep13-07 10:09 PM
6 2,433
Hi, I was playing basketball the other day and I noticed something that puzzled me. Why is it that when I...
Sep13-07 07:05 PM
5 1,788
A magnet has a N and a S pole to it, but if the electrons are always moving why are the N and S ends stationary...
Sep13-07 06:24 PM
3 2,720
In his Lectures on Physics, Feynman derives the electromagnetic energy density u and the electromagnetic energy flux...
Sep13-07 09:36 AM
3 1,442
1. i read all my notes about the thermodynamics laws and the second one was so interesting? As i found it opposes the...
Sep12-07 02:35 PM
3 1,715
We know that same charges repel and opposite attract them selfs. So if the electrons have dipole magnetic momentum,...
Sep12-07 02:02 PM
Meir Achuz
1 2,030
uhm, can somebody help me about this subject? i find it very hard. i'm using foundations of statistical and thermal...
Sep12-07 09:59 AM
0 1,438
My question is which law of Newton is the most fundamental? I am talking of the laws of motion...
Sep11-07 11:34 AM
18 2,300
is there a situation where the gravity is negative for example(-0.1) and is it possible i think it is impassible...
Sep11-07 10:18 AM
2 1,143

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