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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,936
Hi! This is my first post on this forum, and I have two questions. First of all I'd like to mentoin that my math...
Feb20-08 04:34 PM
1 5,488
delete this post.
Feb20-08 02:07 PM
0 1,972
Hi, I have been spending the last week just to understand the meaning of polarisation of light. I think the books...
Feb20-08 12:48 PM
Andy Resnick
6 2,698
I have a box that is 5'w x 5'l x 3.3'h and the air temperature within the box is 60F. If I have a device that can...
Feb20-08 12:47 PM
4 8,271
I am having trouble explaining the difference between internal and external forces, and in fact, even *defining*...
Feb20-08 12:40 PM
Andy Resnick
4 26,102
What's the average speed of hydrogen molecules at room temperature and how do you figure it out? Is there an...
Feb20-08 10:44 AM
1 17,786
When a stone drops on a surface.....the vibration on the surface....does it continue to spread forever....but keeps...
Feb20-08 08:07 AM
3 1,526
Why do electrostatic experiments not work well on humid days?
Feb19-08 11:28 PM
2 2,186
Is the air in a room an ideal gas? How do you know this? How does this compare to the density of air at room...
Feb19-08 07:00 PM
3 1,296
A loop is made from a conductive wire. The wire moves, so the area inside the loop is time dependent: S=S(t) There is...
Feb19-08 03:57 PM
2 1,567
I seem to be going a bit brain dead here, but in youngs modulus, how are the units in GPa as they are in one of my...
Feb19-08 10:40 AM
2 1,437
Why is it that the two pendulums must have equal masses if complete energy transfer is to take place, assuming the...
Feb19-08 04:23 AM
1 1,780
This may be a weird question, but oh well. Way back during the Scientific Revolution it would have been possible to...
Feb18-08 12:54 PM
9 1,664
I've constantly heard professors answer questions about entropy with a statement about how even if the entropy of a...
Feb18-08 06:21 AM
5 1,716
If the crest of one light wave meets the trough of another light wave of the same frequency and intensity they...
Feb17-08 02:04 PM
1 3,903
Consider a particle at rest (what I mean is that the particle has no velocity, but also has no force acting on it)...
Feb17-08 01:44 PM
7 3,753
What is the minumum angular velocity of an object to behave solid to various objects? I've tasked myself with...
Feb16-08 10:47 PM
0 1,318 do a Taylor series expansion of an expression for the gravitational field? My physics teacher did a it few times...
Feb16-08 07:41 PM
John Creighto
3 1,283
I Looked around the web for a while and had not found anything so I figured I'd ask you all about this. It's been...
Feb16-08 10:35 AM
1 1,790
Can anyone explain to me what Ampere's Law really is? For example, what does the current encircled really mean? Is it...
Feb16-08 07:04 AM
Doc Al
1 1,838
If he's thought Force must be proportional to the mass and acceleration why didn't he write down the equation in:...
Feb15-08 09:09 AM
18 5,862
if some one has seen this animation, in this animation, the "sliding rock" curl opposite in the direction of the...
Feb15-08 03:18 AM
0 1,544
For fun I searched fractals and turbulence on Google I know...
Feb15-08 12:21 AM
John Creighto
0 2,559
Do any one know about any web site were the Bernoulli equation is developed from the Newton Second law and without the...
Feb14-08 07:58 PM
18 11,020
I have a line charge of length L and charge density /lambda on the Z-axis. I need to express the charge density in...
Feb13-08 07:53 PM
1 5,747
If you vibrate a tuning fork over a closed pipe (a pipe with one end closed and the other open) is it possible to get...
Feb13-08 03:37 PM
3 4,734
an experiment^^ in a closed container, means tat it has a constant volume. when i increase the air pressure...
Feb13-08 03:01 PM
20 13,502
Hi, Anyone knows a good example to aply Poynting's Theorem? The one thas defines the conversation of energy in...
Feb13-08 08:19 AM
Andy Resnick
4 3,994
I'm reading section 17 of Mathematical Physics by Donald H. Menzel on Harmonic functions. They start with newtons...
Feb13-08 07:16 AM
1 3,047
I'd rather be very picky about this. What's the best way to explain (to bright students) why there's no current in a...
Feb12-08 11:35 PM
13 5,096
If 2 sounds of similar freq are emited from the same source you get beats, but what happens if two sounds of similar...
Feb12-08 08:32 PM
3 1,398
... I need you folks !!! Simply putting it, Id like to determine the R value of an exterior wall. Im willing to...
Feb12-08 08:12 PM
12 6,050
What would happen if we try to set free the moon -theoretically- by applying a force just big enough to overcome its...
Feb12-08 12:44 PM
16 2,994
Greetings, Can you recommend a web site or sites that has worked examples of harmonic motion with 2+ springs in...
Feb12-08 09:08 AM
0 1,902
Does entropy change when temperature remains constant? What if heat is added into a system, while the volume expands...
Feb11-08 09:03 AM
Andy Resnick
2 4,932
Dear All, I need your help with a present problem - I am a student pilot, and want to see the derivation for the...
Feb11-08 08:11 AM
2 4,410
I was reading a list of science experiment ideas, and came across one that intrigued me: calculating the efficiency of...
Feb10-08 05:18 PM
1 4,666
I know that in the simple pendulum there is a rextoring force created by the gravity. My question now is, when we take...
Feb10-08 08:32 AM
2 6,318
if you have a permanent magnet slotted into a laminated yoke like a transformer has. But this yoke has a telescopic...
Feb9-08 07:37 PM
4 1,806
Thought you guys might find this article interesting and that maybe it would spark some conversation. What are...
Feb9-08 06:18 PM
1 5,502

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