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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,906
I am quite confused when my lecturer told me that the mass of an object doesn't affect the static friction. F = μN...
Jul6-13 09:13 AM
null void
7 654
Hello, I was taught that moving charges in an external magnetic field experience force. Okay. I wondered that if...
Jul6-13 06:17 AM
3 579
Distance is a key variable with fields, however, why is it, in any field(Gravitational,Electric,Magnetic) as "d"...
Jul6-13 04:05 AM
3 600
I have to be honest, the principle of least action seems to me more of a religious claim one takes on complete faith,...
Jul5-13 08:03 PM
8 1,093
Dear all, I am thinking of a simple situation: A cube is falling under the force of gravity. It is not in a...
Jul5-13 06:10 PM
3 533
The basic set up for a homopolar generator has a stationary magnet and a rotating conducting plate with contacts at...
Jul5-13 02:12 AM
Simon Bridge
3 605
I am a high school physics teacher and I've been trying out an experiment for my students. I used a manometer (a...
Jul4-13 03:09 PM
5 815
can someone please provide me with a proof or even just an intuitive explanation
Jul4-13 12:03 PM
1 392
If an arbitrary shaped conductor is moving through a steady-state magnetic field, \mathbf{B}(\mathbf{r}), is it true...
Jul4-13 11:13 AM
1 363
Hi, I've seen a couple of posts in the Homework section of Physics Forums about the fields of solenoids, but...
Jul4-13 10:29 AM
10 2,041
Here's a puzzler: I have a NdFeB ring magnet, 1.75" outer diameter x 1.375" inner diameter x 0.25" thick, N40 grade....
Jul3-13 10:49 AM
9 1,230
My graduate course (2 sem) follows Goldstein (All chapters :surprised). Can anyone suggest me a book with solved...
Jul3-13 10:12 AM
1 636
Chapter 4. eq. 4.28- 4.30 u = u0 + (x - x0)(du/dx) + (y - y0)(du/dy) + (z - z0)(du/dz) v= ... w = ......
Jul3-13 09:47 AM
2 1,353
I'm doing a research project currently and basically what I have is a camera measuring a probe. I have designed the...
Jul3-13 08:20 AM
1 624
I know that v(t)=dx/dt Then what is v(x) and how? Is it also dx/dt or something else?
Jul3-13 07:10 AM
18 1,411
Hello, For the last 2 months I've been trying to find a relation between a frequency magnetic field and the amount...
Jul3-13 02:24 AM
5 611
Hello, Suppose we pass a horizontal plane through the earths equator. Over a period of a year how is the variation of...
Jul3-13 01:03 AM
Simon Bridge
5 549
(My last post did not get much attention so I try...
Jul2-13 06:07 PM
2 738
Hi. Consider a solid body placed in vacuum. How much is its pressure? Can we describe this body using thermodynamics...
Jul2-13 04:04 PM
1 357
Hello all, I am trying to model a received laser signal, x(t), reflected off a moving target. I am currently...
Jul2-13 01:50 PM
0 368
I was asked this question and couldn't think of a good answer. In a room there's infinite different light waves going...
Jul2-13 01:12 PM
19 1,725
Consider a hypothetical particle with no mass (like a neutrino or photon, in that sense), but with pure charge. ...
Jul2-13 07:09 AM
7 718
Heat of vaporization of water slightly decreases with temperature. ...
Jul2-13 04:02 AM
Jano L.
12 1,936
Hi all, suppose that i have three forces exerting to support a flat piece of uniform object.(Imagine a 3 cylinders...
Jul1-13 10:32 PM
1 355
Consider a newtonian reflector telescope: As you can see in the image, the little...
Jul1-13 09:29 PM
7 1,089
This is part of the derivation of vector magnetic potential of a small current loop center at origin and on xy plane....
Jul1-13 05:59 PM
13 647
Hi everybody, I was reading about the application range of quantum mechanics. I found the effects of quantum...
Jul1-13 04:40 PM
14 1,237
The wikipedia article I quote below is confusing me. I followed the links to Frank Lambert's website, where he claims...
Jul1-13 02:26 PM
39 7,837
So I have been trying to figure out some orientation data that I gather from a triaxial gyroscope, and figure out my...
Jul1-13 09:10 AM
9 704
We all know the air at the ceiling is warmer than the air at the floor because "hot air rises" due to the density...
Jul1-13 07:28 AM
5 2,409
What would happen if you take the wedge of the magnetic field and the velocity of a charged particle, you get the...
Jul1-13 12:09 AM
11 557
How in microscope there is a phenomena of differaction, and in case of telescope there is interference of light...
Jun30-13 05:27 PM
3 525
Hello dear PF-members! :shy: I'm looking for some appropriate formula which could be utilized to calculate the...
Jun30-13 02:15 PM
6 1,111
If I put vents on the hood of my car and drove at 60mph what kind of psi could be achieved? I don't care about what...
Jun30-13 12:13 AM
4 830
I am trying to resolve some long standing problems I have encountered with blackbody radiation. Namely, the derivation...
Jun29-13 11:20 PM
2 658
As far as I know, Cherenkov radiation occurs when a charged particle travels through a medium at a greater phase...
Jun29-13 11:14 PM
4 813
So we all know the Coriolis effect isn't demonstrated in a bathtub or toilet. Are there any videos online of the size...
Jun29-13 06:42 PM
1 488
Hoping someone finds this problem interesting, I'm looking for some ideas on how to solve a real world problem, not a...
Jun29-13 06:03 AM
2 416
The vector magnetic potential is given \vec A=\frac{\mu I}{4\pi}\oint\frac{e^{-j\beta R_1}}{R_1}dl' After a few...
Jun29-13 04:31 AM
6 490
If someone is walking across the log (rod) of a bifilar pendulum, how would the period of oscillations be affected if...
Jun29-13 02:16 AM
0 941

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