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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,837
Both of the highlighted equations deal with a standing wave. However, they are slightly different in the sense that...
Apr24-13 05:58 AM
Simon Bridge
1 559
I know there must be something wrong with the following derivation based on Maxwell's equations but could not figure...
Apr24-13 01:26 AM
Jano L.
6 614
So I want to know what happens when granules are subjected to forces while around other varieties of granules. My...
Apr23-13 08:32 PM
Andy Resnick
1 511
Hi all, this is my first time posting. This may seem too vauge but could a 2m long linac accelerating electrons...
Apr23-13 04:40 PM
12 503
If one planet has a higher gravity than another, would that mean that it would progress through time at a slower rate...
Apr23-13 01:10 PM
11 686
Hello everyone! I am having a bit of a problem understanding a paper. Usually the authors use the...
Apr23-13 03:09 AM
0 446
So my professor has been using an equation to find the magnetic field of a wire, but the equation is not present in...
Apr23-13 02:25 AM
8 652
If they're orbiting Earth, then they're in uniform circular motion. And if they're in uniform circular motion, then...
Apr22-13 05:48 PM
131 6,534
So I recently came across this video in youtube: The vibrations of the...
Apr22-13 04:38 PM
6 540
I've been hearing superconductors is the future of technology and what not, but then i questioned what the actual uses...
Apr22-13 12:56 PM
2 390
Hello, I'm having some trouble understanding the concept of two function convolution in Fraunhofer diffraction. ...
Apr22-13 11:48 AM
Andy Resnick
1 530
Hello, The energy density of an electromagnetic wave is ε_{0}E^{2}. To calculate the energy flux, at least in the...
Apr22-13 08:52 AM
2 583
Hi people, I have a question. Where can we apply the first law of thermodynamics? I mean is it applicable between 2...
Apr22-13 07:38 AM
1 471
Hi guys, So textbooks have it that: "Two Lagrangians differing by a total time-derivative of a function of the...
Apr22-13 01:18 AM
9 638
Is the effect of gravity ever considered in particle accelerator experiments? I would think not with all the high...
Apr21-13 11:45 PM
13 1,070
Hi everyone, Today I noticed something curious while I was drying a blanket in a dryer. The dryer was turning and...
Apr21-13 06:11 PM
1 371
Hi. Does anyone know a book or webpage where I can find specific optic rotation values for solutions with different...
Apr21-13 04:27 PM
0 427
In an irregular shaped charged conductor will the electric field E at all points within the conductor be zero? If yes,...
Apr21-13 02:59 PM
3 528
When doing calculations on AC circuits, what is in your opinion the best notation? Here they mostly use complex...
Apr21-13 02:41 PM
5 448
My friend and I are working on a realistic FPS sniper simulator and we wanted to be able to realistically model things...
Apr21-13 09:54 AM
3 1,016
If I pluck a string, a wave begins to propagate throughout the string. From experience we know that this produces a...
Apr21-13 08:28 AM
1 326
I'm a little unsure of my own answers to these questions. Hopefully I'll clear up my misconceptions. 1. If I...
Apr21-13 06:38 AM
1 344
Hey everyone! I am struggling with the following problem: I am calculating the ratio of photons emitted to...
Apr21-13 02:18 AM
0 367
The equation for the change in momentum for total absorption of electromagnetic radiation is ΔU/c and that for total...
Apr21-13 01:07 AM
2 398
When you use Faraday's law to calculate the induced electric field due to a changing magnetic flux, you integrate over...
Apr20-13 04:18 PM
2 487
Hey. Say you have an RLC circuit with an AC supply. Then I=ei(ωt-α). My question is: will α always exist, ie will the...
Apr20-13 02:57 PM
1 453
Hi all, Lets consider the situation illustrated in the attached figure. A permanent surface charge density \sigma...
Apr20-13 12:41 PM
8 460
Now consider two objects,A and B. A has a higher specific heat capacity that B. When both object is subjected to same...
Apr20-13 10:50 AM
Yh Hoo
2 451
Hello, I was looking at my textbook reading about cyclotrons, and I was confused about the Dees, as well as why is...
Apr20-13 09:40 AM
3 341
I have a question which states that a car's speed is 110km/h. Should I assume this speed to be 3 significant figures...
Apr20-13 07:15 AM
73 2,281
This is a very sound stupid question, but I'll go ahead anyway. Current is defined as the displacement of charge...
Apr20-13 03:34 AM
4 559
I was having trouble while thinking about the unreal source for refreaction through a lense... In lense light is...
Apr20-13 01:24 AM
25 1,226
Sorry about the crude drawing but here's the question. If you have a ball in a hollow pipe, which is being rotated...
Apr19-13 09:41 PM
3 573
In my Physics I class, we started learning about wave functions in the form: y(x,t) = sin(kx ωt ∅) or y(x,t) =...
Apr19-13 05:35 PM
5 615
Hello all, I have a quick, albeit probably ignorant (forgive me) question generated by (bu dum) observations of a...
Apr19-13 03:33 PM
4 867
EDIT: I'm not in my sharpest moment. I just found a bunch of posts that discuss this. I'll read them and update this...
Apr19-13 02:46 PM
4 636
Hello! When studying the law I noticed that the change in magnetic field (i.e the magnet's motion) is = to the EMF...
Apr19-13 02:41 PM
2 618
I'm revising for an exam, and this is what I think I know so far. It will really help if someone can confirm these...
Apr19-13 12:35 PM
5 570
This is a really dumb question but I can't seem to make sense out of this... For a conservative force, we have...
Apr19-13 11:44 AM
1 525
Hey. If a wire is conducting electricity and all the current is concentrated at the edge of the wire, as in the skin...
Apr19-13 11:28 AM
1 520

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