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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,102
Hi, One of the boundary conditions when solving for the potential, \Phi, outside a dielectric sphere placed within...
Jun9-13 11:18 AM
2 532
the calculation of the E field a distance z above a spherical surface of charge gives rise to this integral which can...
Jun9-13 10:05 AM
10 1,047
Hi! I am trying to understand the statistical mechanics derivation of the ideal gas law shown at:...
Jun9-13 09:07 AM
4 965
Given some body with a constant force F acting on it upwards (The body is subject to the gravitational force due to...
Jun9-13 07:30 AM
Philip Wood
7 619
So heat capacity is the change in the mean value of the internal energy when the temperature is changed: C = d<E>/dt...
Jun9-13 07:25 AM
3 704
Hi, I have read loads on LCD operation and in particular NT-LCD and understand the twisting of the light by the LC....
Jun9-13 03:09 AM
1 553
Hi there, sorry for asking a question as my first post instead of contributing to the community however I have a...
Jun8-13 04:21 PM
4 1,336
Are there any unanswered questions in classical mechanics? By unanswered I mean unanswered and attempted. I could...
Jun8-13 06:10 AM
19 2,563
This is a problem that's appeared in a game I am writing, and is a bit beyond the mechanics I can sort-of remember...
Jun8-13 05:24 AM
4 581
1) Is birefringence different in plastics, tempered glass and calcite crystal? In plastics I see rainbow color...
Jun8-13 03:44 AM
5 770
hey all so i am taking a class on thermal dynamics this summer and am using Kaminski's "Introduction to Thermal and...
Jun8-13 12:36 AM
0 448
At the moment, I am reading the book Relativity, written by Albert Einstein regarding his special and general theory...
Jun7-13 05:00 PM
4 549
Let's consider a stationary ball lying on the floor. The weight of the ball acts downwards and the normal reaction...
Jun7-13 03:27 PM
5 940
Is additive color mixing a linear process (or close to)? (if this question has already been answered in detail,...
Jun7-13 02:50 PM
0 450
The goal is to find a reasonable solution to the surface charge density that would cause constant current through a...
Jun7-13 01:57 PM
0 442
I have a bit of a theoretical question. If one has a current carrying wire in a magnetic field such as in an electric...
Jun7-13 12:22 PM
2 477
Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to generate unpolarized light using the RF module in COMSOL (I have version...
Jun7-13 12:12 PM
0 581
Hi I had a quick question. From what I understand resonance is when a natural frequency of an object is matched by the...
Jun7-13 11:21 AM
Philip Wood
4 1,051
Hi, just reviewing some of my physics material, and realized I had a question that has never been answered for me. I...
Jun7-13 09:54 AM
14 1,165
I am trying to devise a way to test the electrical conductivity/resistivity of the atmosphere through rising...
Jun7-13 03:21 AM
4 826
Dear Physicists I am well aware that this question does not have all the necessary information on order to get an...
Jun7-13 02:47 AM
5 721 ...
Jun6-13 11:51 PM
1 604
In some texts about plasmas, the plasma oscillations are discussed at the extreme of no Thermal motion. One example is...
Jun6-13 11:46 PM
2 563
Hi all: I have a question regarding the fluid mechanics of turbine, both impulse and reaction turbines. I have...
Jun6-13 03:43 PM
3 606
Dear friends... During the last months I am puzzled by the following problem and I would like to kindly ask for...
Jun6-13 08:24 AM
0 359
Lets say in frame 1 I have a neutral current carrying wire that has a +x line charge and a -x line charge and they...
Jun6-13 07:19 AM
0 988
Hello everybody, this is slightly embarrassing (for a physics student), but I realized in the last couple of days...
Jun6-13 05:30 AM
30 1,406
I know of the concept of a space elevator, and that right now it's not technologically in our grasp, but I thought up...
Jun6-13 02:07 AM
2 538
Hi I would like to know, does the torque required to turn a pulley increases if you increase the tension? ...
Jun5-13 11:19 PM
15 1,241
1 - How does an electron's spin generate its own magnetic field? 2 - Why are only the orientations of electrons taken...
Jun5-13 11:19 PM
1 557
Hello all, I'm new to the forum so I hope I'm posting this in the correct section. I'm currently conducting an...
Jun5-13 10:09 PM
1 873
This problem is about seismic wave propagation in a non-homogeneous layer over a halfspace. I'm not asking you to...
Jun5-13 04:13 PM
1 462
just to be clear, this is single slit diffraction of light if the slit width is made narrower, this would lead to...
Jun5-13 03:30 PM
3 471
So I have four pinhole type cameras in my experimental setup. All of them have the same magnification and are placed...
Jun5-13 02:32 PM
3 467
I'm just learning the basics of electromagnetics and am a bit confused as to how ac works. From my understanding, a...
Jun5-13 12:30 PM
3 999
In the wikipedia page for guiding center,the following lines are written about curvature drift of charged particles. ...
Jun5-13 12:27 PM
4 814
Hi. I have a huge problem and without solving it I can't move forward. I will appreciate any help. Having the...
Jun5-13 11:52 AM
5 875
I've just started learning about torque, and understand that tau=Fd, but wondered how this relates to F=ma. For...
Jun5-13 04:47 AM
2 506
Does the gear train in a classic weight driven clock see a torque decrease when we lengthen the pendulum? thanks...
Jun4-13 10:32 PM
5 738
Are PMC always metal compound like Iron etc. That has high ##\mu##? So most of good magnetic conductor are themselves...
Jun4-13 06:04 PM
2 486

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