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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 47,797
We all know the air at the ceiling is warmer than the air at the floor because "hot air rises" due to the density...
Jul1-13 07:28 AM
5 2,384
What would happen if you take the wedge of the magnetic field and the velocity of a charged particle, you get the...
Jul1-13 12:09 AM
11 552
How in microscope there is a phenomena of differaction, and in case of telescope there is interference of light...
Jun30-13 05:27 PM
3 523
Hello dear PF-members! :shy: I'm looking for some appropriate formula which could be utilized to calculate the...
Jun30-13 02:15 PM
6 1,101
If I put vents on the hood of my car and drove at 60mph what kind of psi could be achieved? I don't care about what...
Jun30-13 12:13 AM
4 824
I am trying to resolve some long standing problems I have encountered with blackbody radiation. Namely, the derivation...
Jun29-13 11:20 PM
2 654
As far as I know, Cherenkov radiation occurs when a charged particle travels through a medium at a greater phase...
Jun29-13 11:14 PM
4 804
So we all know the Coriolis effect isn't demonstrated in a bathtub or toilet. Are there any videos online of the size...
Jun29-13 06:42 PM
1 485
Hoping someone finds this problem interesting, I'm looking for some ideas on how to solve a real world problem, not a...
Jun29-13 06:03 AM
2 415
The vector magnetic potential is given \vec A=\frac{\mu I}{4\pi}\oint\frac{e^{-j\beta R_1}}{R_1}dl' After a few...
Jun29-13 04:31 AM
6 487
If someone is walking across the log (rod) of a bifilar pendulum, how would the period of oscillations be affected if...
Jun29-13 02:16 AM
0 934
The other day, I was learning about creating "artificial" gravity by building a gigantic circularly shaped ship which...
Jun28-13 04:37 PM
31 2,448
If you drop an object from a great height with no air resistance. e.g. 1000 km above the moon. How long will it take...
Jun28-13 11:03 AM
3 553
Hello, I have some trouble understanding an expression for the magnetic field energy .There are basically two...
Jun28-13 04:59 AM
1 495
I've heard two hypothesis: 1. The air causes the image of the moon to literally appear larger 2. The increased size...
Jun28-13 04:23 AM
24 1,870
I understand why the leading edge of a projectile creates a Mach cone in front of which the air is undisturbed. But...
Jun28-13 03:40 AM
1 484
I have a theoretical question which I would like to brainstorm, and would appreciate any assistance. Let's say...
Jun28-13 03:17 AM
2 481
I am reading 'Classical Dynamics: A Contemporary Approach' by J. Jose, and I am confused about a step in the author's...
Jun27-13 06:52 PM
1 458
Hi, I'm reading about the equipartition's energy theorem (classical statistics), and I was wondering about its...
Jun27-13 06:33 PM
4 482
From what I've learnt, the pressure increases when the area is reduced. Taking the high heels as an example, the tip...
Jun27-13 05:44 PM
2 476
"when we apply AC to an inductor (pure inductance), the current will lag the applied voltage by 90 degrees. " how...
Jun27-13 05:30 PM
2 473
Hello! I have another idea for how to break the second law of thermodynamics, and I don't see where this one cracks...
Jun27-13 09:25 AM
Vanadium 50
3 471
Hi! I have an idea for how to break the second law of thermodynamics, and I don't see where it cracks. I would...
Jun27-13 08:44 AM
23 1,695
Sorry if the formulation is imprecise, I'm a biology major trying to study some physics. The question is: So far,...
Jun27-13 07:39 AM
3 955
Suppose we have two sticks held in a vertical plane, pivoted at one point (check the diagram). If we let go, why is...
Jun27-13 06:36 AM
15 1,122
Hi I have a couple of questions relating to these topic hope you guys can help :) Comparing ethanol and water,...
Jun27-13 04:29 AM
16 1,793
Why is it that the magnetic component of light interacts more with metamaterials than with naturally occurring...
Jun27-13 03:23 AM
1 355
Hello, I am a 15 year old high school student, We were being taught about current, My teacher said its a scalar...
Jun27-13 03:00 AM
16 1,135
Hello All, I have measured acceleration data from the sprung mass of vehicle, travelling at (almost) constant speed....
Jun27-13 01:53 AM
0 358
I have always wondered about equal and opposite. If I had a rifle with a cartridge in the middle of a barrel, with two...
Jun26-13 09:46 PM
5 2,090
Say ##V_{out}=4e^{j\frac {\pi}{6}}##, what is this mean? It is a scalar voltage. Does this means: 4e^{j\frac...
Jun26-13 05:01 PM
1 416
Hey! I have a project where I'm building a car running from direct sun-light only using solar-panels and bike hub...
Jun26-13 03:15 PM
10 751
In chapter 51, volume 1 of the FLP, Feynman writes Unfortunately he didn't give a justification for this claim. I...
Jun26-13 02:20 PM
6 541
I got a pretty basic question about the thermodynamics of air cooling water. I have a liquid cooling system for my...
Jun26-13 01:47 PM
6 1,034
Hi everyone Can someone point me in the right direction here please. Happy to do the digging, but so far I can't...
Jun26-13 04:07 AM
2 659
In the Princeton Review for AP Physics, there is a question on calculating the effective spring constant when two...
Jun26-13 12:35 AM
2 481
I have been trying to derive a formula for the forces acting on and the centre of gravity of objects in a one...
Jun26-13 12:07 AM
2 449
Hi, I have been trying to find analytical solutions for a finite rectangular sheet, say, in the xy plane, with...
Jun25-13 10:10 PM
Simon Bridge
1 694
If I had to push a box with a certain weight 'm' up an incline, would I just need a force 'slightly greater' than...
Jun25-13 06:29 PM
9 477
This is a similar answer to a closed thread, which asked for the amplitude of a pendulum as a function of the bob's...
Jun25-13 05:36 PM
0 358

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