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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,728
Hi, I want to use piezoelectric material to harvest compression energy, i need to calculate the power output but i...
Apr19-13 09:57 AM
2 1,152
A Macrocosm thing, example a car, can be exist two different places in the same time ?
Apr19-13 07:41 AM
Vanadium 50
2 352
Facets of a rock specimen sparkle brightly In terms of electromagnetism how can I show that a linearly polarised...
Apr19-13 04:06 AM
Simon Bridge
3 416
Hi, One of the boundary conditions when solving for the potential outside a dielectric sphere placed within a...
Apr18-13 09:58 PM
0 318
Consider a perfectly static and spatially bound magnetic field B ∈ ℝ such that B ≠ 0 ; ∂/∂t B = 0 further, a...
Apr18-13 05:16 PM
11 845
Since I couldn't find any reference on the subject of Poisson bracket formalism of classical field theory, I'm posting...
Apr18-13 04:33 PM
Jano L.
6 939
a vehicle is moving at 100 km/hr. the foot is lifted off the accelerator, and the vehicle decelerates, if a mechanism...
Apr18-13 12:19 PM
9 640
Hi, I regard a irreversible cycle process. It is a cylinder filled with gas, which underlies the following...
Apr18-13 08:58 AM
2 486
In order to understand about De-Broglie's explanation on Bohr's second postulate,concept of standing waves should be...
Apr18-13 07:23 AM
Philip Wood
2 864
A negative particle is moving in a uniform magnetic field pointing in the negative k direction. The force on the...
Apr18-13 03:10 AM
Simon Bridge
10 1,024
what would happen if I played a game of tug in space? I'm considering the gravity to be zero and the mass of the rope...
Apr18-13 01:09 AM
3 817
I'm going to start with an example: On her way to school, a child discovered that her loonie is missing and there...
Apr17-13 07:56 PM
6 743
I recently learned about Magnetism in my high school Physics class, and it made me think of all the applications there...
Apr17-13 07:48 PM
2 608
I have a continuing interest in recovering the schematic of a 2 stage DC magnetic amplifier that was used in my...
Apr17-13 06:12 PM
8 846
I was reading here gauss law's for magnetism says...
Apr17-13 05:53 PM
3 659
Would a magnetic field have any effect on the dielectric breakdown of insulators? For example, the dielectric...
Apr17-13 03:36 PM
1 499
Hello, I know about the right hand rule, but I get confused when velocity and magnetic field are not perpendicular to...
Apr17-13 03:36 PM
2 520
From what I can gather, the laws of physics are time sysmmetrical- the exception being the second law of...
Apr17-13 12:05 PM
5 551
Hi! I'm currently starting to work with supercapacitors performing cyclic voltammetry of carbon electrodes in 2 and 3...
Apr17-13 07:40 AM
Ricardo QR
0 531
Hi : lets examine the following scenario 1. M --------- o where M is a mass, o is a pulley with it's...
Apr17-13 03:41 AM
3 563
I am building a jet boat as a project this year. I am going construct the impeller my self but don't know what...
Apr17-13 03:25 AM
4 659
Hello! I want to have a project to work on. Not a simple project (hands-on) that'll take a few weeks, but an...
Apr17-13 02:13 AM
21 2,508
I'm drawing a cone (black color) inside balls. Balls are pressured from external force, but the pressure is fixed....
Apr16-13 03:39 PM
8 813
hi. I have an essential question. Suppose we have an complex shape at complete rest freely in space. There exist no...
Apr16-13 01:00 PM
2 416
Because according to Faraday's law there should be a change in the flux to generate electric potential for a current...
Apr16-13 08:52 AM
2 540
hi all, This is a question regarding calculation of effort required to over come the inertia of a body.Let us have a...
Apr16-13 08:18 AM
2 1,343
I am thinking about solar water heating. The way that the system gathers heat is by moving any heated water into into...
Apr16-13 04:05 AM
3 435
There are two springs attached together (the second spring begins where the first one ends) and they both have...
Apr16-13 03:27 AM
Simon Bridge
1 577
Is there a way to calculate the magnetic field strength, B, of a magnet (permanent magnet, not an electromagnet) at a...
Apr16-13 02:25 AM
Philip Wood
1 765
I had no luck in the coursework forums though I guess the question becomes simpler if I state it the way I did here. ...
Apr15-13 09:23 PM
3 455
Hi, The Earth's magnetic field at the surface is roughly 0.5 Gauss or 0.05 mT. If the Earth's field strength...
Apr15-13 05:55 PM
9 995
If someone had a bruise, how might this impact the absorption of a laser? Would this only mean that there would be...
Apr15-13 11:18 AM
0 359
Hi, I'm new on the forum and I would like to start with a question. I've searched for a reply in old posts with no...
Apr15-13 10:11 AM
2 551
When we want to view the spectrum of light emitted by a certain gas (via spectroscopy) how much voltage do those gas...
Apr15-13 08:32 AM
4 586
I need help determining the weight, in pounds, of a volleyball-sized sphere comprised of pure titanium. I can provide...
Apr15-13 06:20 AM
4 338
Hi, I'm currently taking a Wave and modern physics class and we recently finished two chapt: interference and...
Apr15-13 02:18 AM
Jano L.
7 676
In physics lab we positively charged a metal sphere then placed a compass near it and both ends of the compass were...
Apr14-13 09:56 PM
Simon Bridge
10 556
Hi, everybody! I have done tons of research through the Internet, but still can't understand the Faraday's law and...
Apr14-13 07:37 PM
2 603
There is something I don't fully comprehend. When I throw a ball into the air while I'm sitting in a train, I won't...
Apr14-13 05:08 PM
7 580
Hi all - thank you for this forum - it's proving very helpful: Am I correct in thinking that if we measure a period...
Apr14-13 03:09 PM
4 740

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