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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,936
Hi all, I'm a complete novice when it comes to describing images in frequency space and i understand that it is a...
Jun12-13 11:20 AM
4 532
Hello everybody! This is my first thread and I'm just kind of discovering the forum. If I should make a presentation...
Jun12-13 10:42 AM
2 1,234
in waves and oscillations i read that any bounded medium oscillates in a particular freuency...why is it so?i need a...
Jun12-13 10:12 AM
3 490
Reading in Russian sources I see they use ballistic coefficients such as these: BC = 3.0 kg/m^2 or alternatively...
Jun12-13 09:59 AM
Simon Bridge
1 618
I understand that too long of a time scale won't resolve an event clearly, and too much has the risk of exciting...
Jun12-13 01:45 AM
Simon Bridge
5 604
What is the key reason? I mean if you think about it, poles are just something we create to distinct the magnetic...
Jun12-13 12:12 AM
2 745
I've read recently about systems with the ability to reach negative temperature: where entropy decreases as energy...
Jun11-13 07:37 PM
6 534
Could I please have help with something: If I generated hydrogen via electrolysis from water, sent it high up a long...
Jun11-13 05:46 PM
43 2,681
A typical evaporative cooler works by pumping water from a reservoir in the bottom on the cooler onto fiber pads. A...
Jun11-13 05:44 PM
1 460
Given a general solution to the fixed-end two-mass coupled harmonic...
Jun11-13 05:12 PM
0 405
I get that they have to be at the same position relative to the earth but why is it that they have to be...
Jun11-13 04:31 PM
5 1,088
I just learnt vectors as a prerequisite to learning mechanics and I have a few doubts:- 1) For 1D motion, there are...
Jun11-13 09:44 AM
17 1,141
What cases can the hall effect happen? While reading this source. It states : "This is most evident in a thin flat...
Jun11-13 06:48 AM
Simon Bridge
1 513
Does anyone out there know how I can calculate the magnetic dipole moment of a simple bar magnet? Or any kind of...
Jun11-13 03:50 AM
Jano L.
10 1,965
Hello all, I am in need of understanding of magnetic fields. More specifically i was wondering exactly why there is...
Jun10-13 07:44 PM
1 524
Hey forum I need to ask for a link to a page for Variable density or preferably an explanation from someone who...
Jun10-13 01:02 PM
2 528
Hi, I'm trying to use image charges to find the force that apply on the following particle (on the attachment) ,...
Jun10-13 05:25 AM
2 415
I found the answer already. Please delete this post. Thanks
Jun10-13 04:00 AM
0 454
Hello folks, I'm being tricked by the pesky friction force again. I know that static friction acts just to put...
Jun9-13 11:16 PM
4 595
Hi, I have a question regarding the boundary condition present for a dielectric immersed in a static field. I hope...
Jun9-13 06:59 PM
2 706
I think I sort of know the answer but I'm still wondering how I can achieve what I want to achieve. I basically...
Jun9-13 03:42 PM
2 673
Hello all, I was wondering if the temperature of a plasma is relative to how much of it there is, or if it is...
Jun9-13 03:17 PM
1 419
Hi, One of the boundary conditions when solving for the potential, \Phi, outside a dielectric sphere placed within...
Jun9-13 11:18 AM
2 541
the calculation of the E field a distance z above a spherical surface of charge gives rise to this integral which can...
Jun9-13 10:05 AM
10 1,050
Hi! I am trying to understand the statistical mechanics derivation of the ideal gas law shown at:...
Jun9-13 09:07 AM
4 976
Given some body with a constant force F acting on it upwards (The body is subject to the gravitational force due to...
Jun9-13 07:30 AM
Philip Wood
7 625
So heat capacity is the change in the mean value of the internal energy when the temperature is changed: C = d<E>/dt...
Jun9-13 07:25 AM
3 711
Hi, I have read loads on LCD operation and in particular NT-LCD and understand the twisting of the light by the LC....
Jun9-13 03:09 AM
1 557
Hi there, sorry for asking a question as my first post instead of contributing to the community however I have a...
Jun8-13 04:21 PM
4 1,346
Are there any unanswered questions in classical mechanics? By unanswered I mean unanswered and attempted. I could...
Jun8-13 06:10 AM
19 2,600
This is a problem that's appeared in a game I am writing, and is a bit beyond the mechanics I can sort-of remember...
Jun8-13 05:24 AM
4 584
1) Is birefringence different in plastics, tempered glass and calcite crystal? In plastics I see rainbow color...
Jun8-13 03:44 AM
5 777
hey all so i am taking a class on thermal dynamics this summer and am using Kaminski's "Introduction to Thermal and...
Jun8-13 12:36 AM
0 451
At the moment, I am reading the book Relativity, written by Albert Einstein regarding his special and general theory...
Jun7-13 05:00 PM
4 555
Let's consider a stationary ball lying on the floor. The weight of the ball acts downwards and the normal reaction...
Jun7-13 03:27 PM
5 944
Is additive color mixing a linear process (or close to)? (if this question has already been answered in detail,...
Jun7-13 02:50 PM
0 452
The goal is to find a reasonable solution to the surface charge density that would cause constant current through a...
Jun7-13 01:57 PM
0 445
I have a bit of a theoretical question. If one has a current carrying wire in a magnetic field such as in an electric...
Jun7-13 12:22 PM
2 483
Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to generate unpolarized light using the RF module in COMSOL (I have version...
Jun7-13 12:12 PM
0 586
Hi I had a quick question. From what I understand resonance is when a natural frequency of an object is matched by the...
Jun7-13 11:21 AM
Philip Wood
4 1,068

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