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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,251
I was watching the Malaysian Grand Prix, when seeing the really hugely wide tires on the F1 cars got me thinking....
Apr11-10 04:12 AM
8 1,877
I understandthat moving charged particles can be made to rotate in a magnetic feild, but what happens when the induced...
Feb8-10 01:09 PM
4 1,251
was trying to calculate the equations of motion of gas flowing into a vaccum chamber of sea level air, but my maths...
Nov29-10 07:58 PM
0 1,195
are all mirrors limited by a certain intensity that they can reflect at a given wavelength, or does reflectivity just...
Jan17-11 11:53 PM
0 935
when light is reflected on a surface, there is always going to be some absorbsion by the reflective material. what i'm...
Feb11-11 06:50 PM
1 969
I've spent about 6 horus this weekend trying to construct to build a paper tower that will support thick textbook 14...
Sep18-06 03:34 PM
3 4,470
So this is a conceptual question, it's not a direct homework question, but it does involve how to do a kind of...
Jun13-12 10:42 AM
7 1,282
So I made an observation that I would really like anyone who is good with mechanics to look over to see if I got the...
Jul2-12 04:04 PM
2 1,342
In my textbook, Joule's apparatus (two blocks falling from height h turn a paddle that stirs and increases the...
Nov15-12 02:13 AM
Simon Bridge
1 869
So, I was wondering if a conducting loop was placed in orbit around the Earth would it be able to generate a current?
Jul30-13 10:24 PM
Simon Bridge
1 790
Hi ive been having an argument with a few friends about a theory of mine (based on what i can remember from my physics...
Aug18-09 11:34 PM
16 5,235
Hi All, I have a thought that I had a while ago and wanted some advise/feedback etc My thought was as follows: ...
Mar31-11 05:00 PM
11 1,880
Hi everyone, There are 2 things I do not understand in the derivation of kinetic energy from work:...
Feb25-12 11:49 AM
6 1,740
When hearing the same sound coming out from a Radio and a TV simultaneously (e.g., when a channel is beeing...
Oct21-08 01:56 PM
22 1,778
Hi, coleagues. I'd like to hear others' opinions regarding these: a. why we don't get electrified when just...
Apr27-13 12:14 PM
2 615
Dear colleagues, My question here refers to the EMF induced in an incomplete ring that is stationary amidst a time...
May7-13 04:23 AM
14 681
according to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, as time has increase, disorder universally is increasing among the...
Aug10-07 12:24 PM
5 3,010
Dear reader, can any on explain me what is a electromagnetic wave????? -benzun please go easy with me
Oct6-03 02:01 PM
11 4,858
dear reader, What are electrical waves? What are magnetic waves? What are electromagnetic waves? what is...
Oct16-03 11:33 AM
jimmy p
10 3,303
can someone please explain why when banking a curve at an angle so that no friction at all is needed to maintain the...
Feb23-08 09:00 AM
2 1,919
I wonder if someone could explain what is meant by 'End Correction' Any help is appriciated! thanks
May15-05 08:45 AM
Doc Al
3 4,068
If there is a circuit consists of a long thin conducting shell of radius a and a parallel return wire of radius b on...
Apr5-09 09:56 PM
Bob S
2 2,427
Jackson 2nd editon 6.2 and 3rd edition 5.26 are same questions but given solutions in problems are different. 2nd...
Apr5-09 04:39 PM
2 1,455
please lock thread. thank you.
Jul15-07 12:59 PM
0 1,805
A worker on the roof of a house drops her hammer which slides down the roof at constant speed of 4m/s. Th roof makes...
Feb13-04 02:03 PM
8 2,457
Hey - I am a bike mechanic with a large interrest in physics. I know that a larger disc brake rotor provides a...
Jul5-14 12:16 PM
20 24,822
Hello everyone: I have heard about paint sprayers that put a charge on the paint as it exits the sprayer - the...
Jan29-11 06:19 AM
0 1,515
We know that the energy density of the electric field is: \frac{1}{2}*\epsilon*E2 then, can we infer that the energy...
Jun3-09 09:56 PM
34 5,995
Every book seems that it is a no-brainer that electric fields are zero in a conductor, but I do not understand this. ...
Jan28-11 10:00 AM
6 2,037
On page 60 of his 3rd edition of Classical Electrodynamics, he discusses the method of images applied to a grounded...
Apr2-11 08:50 AM
6 1,307
Hello, everyone! Any ideas how to measure drag or drag coefficient on a body of simple shape? We should conduct an...
Nov30-11 11:39 AM
4 4,354
A large open tank, shown below, contains water at a height H. The water is allowed to flow out through a pipe whose...
Dec14-11 05:39 AM
1 2,034
At parity of maximum resistance before failure (in the case of aluminum, deformation), weighs less aluminum or...
Aug9-13 10:01 PM
4 653
Hi all, i have a doubt. How much teeth in relationship to his radius need to have a gear to be optimal? And, if i have...
Sep18-13 09:57 AM
2 367
If newtons third law says there is an equal and opposite reaction how can there be energy transfer. For example if I...
Apr30-13 09:34 PM
4 1,511
For example if I punch an object and it doesn't move, am I giving it energy, if so after doing that billions of times...
May1-13 05:16 PM
3 691
Consider please a conducting wire located in a plane electromagnetic wave propagating in the positive direction of the...
Jul13-07 12:58 PM
2 1,749
Defining the period measured by a moving observer relative to a stationary source as T=t(n)-t(n-1) where t(n) and...
Aug30-07 04:19 AM
2 3,305
Consider please that an observer is located in a plane sinusoidal and polarized e.m. wave. He erects a metalic antenna...
Mar7-09 08:24 AM
2 994
Consider the following statements: 1. If you move relative to me with velocity V I move relative to you with velocity...
Mar8-09 12:57 PM
5 950

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