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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,704
I understand what electromagnetic induction is and its applications. However, I don't understand why this occurs- is...
Jun3-10 05:55 PM
4 1,075
Hi, Newton's 2nd Law can study the motion of the objects in the case of zero net force: F = ma if F = 0 then...
Oct22-12 04:59 PM
8 1,271
Hi, Why do oil and water not mix? We know that some liquids mix together while others not, I am looking for the...
Feb19-13 05:47 AM
2 652
Hi, Consider a block of mass M connected to a spring of mass m and stiffness k horizontally on a frictionless...
Feb19-13 05:49 AM
3 789
Hi, 1) Do we calculate torque with respect to a point or with respect to an axis? I have read them both in...
Feb24-13 08:00 AM
6 628
Hi, What is the difference in the setups of the Young's double slit experiment and the two slits diffraction? I...
Mar5-13 10:20 AM
11 1,060
Hi, Consider a ball rolling upward without slipping on an inclined plane. What is the direction of the force of...
Mar30-13 09:21 AM
4 879
Hi, Consider a charged capacitor connected to a an empty capacitor. The charged capacitor starts to discharge while...
May9-13 11:33 AM
3 605
Hi, After reading several resources about work and energy, I am confused about the conditions that should be...
Aug1-13 05:33 PM
Jano L.
1 615
Hi, I know that for a massless spring the tension is T = kx, where k is a constant and x is the compression or...
Aug6-13 10:51 AM
7 631
Hi, Is it possible that the medium of lesser density has larger index of refraction? If yes, please give me some...
Aug21-13 07:52 AM
Abhilash H N
1 317
There is an idea that Kirchoff's voltage law could not be applied to circuit containing coils like this link. ...
Aug31-13 06:45 PM
8 426
Hi, Consider a spring of stiffness k and mass m. If we stretch - simultaneously - both ends of the spring by force...
Oct7-13 11:26 AM
5 588
Hi, Consider a vertical relatively long cylinder of constant radius open at both ends. We fill this cylinder with...
Oct12-13 10:49 AM
6 611
Hi, Is Newton's 3rd law applicable to electric charges? I have a problem with a situation where two identical...
Jan15-14 08:25 AM
2 349
I wanted to ask which would provide the largest total BTU cooling regular ice from water or dry ice to reach a...
Mar26-09 04:14 PM
1 2,552
Here is the run down first, I'm trying to find a min mass flow rate for my project which needs to be 1 GPM, and max 4...
Apr7-12 08:49 PM
2 921
Say I have a copper wire connecting the earth and the moon (or some other large distance). The Earth side is touching...
Feb3-14 12:32 PM
16 394
The D field due to a point charge(Q) has a divergence zero D = (Q/(4*pi*r2)) ar ...
Aug20-10 01:53 PM
5 1,373
as per diagrams in textbooks, if incidence angle = critical angle then the ray should travel straight until it reaches...
Feb12-10 08:05 AM
9 2,497
just out of curiosity - it seems evident to me that the capacitance of a conductive body should be between the...
Oct26-09 07:52 PM
0 1,457
I was watching a fascinating video about the people who work on live power lines- they are lifted to them by...
May10-12 03:18 AM
5 1,626
I'm trying to understand how to do diffraction problems with apertures and don't really understand how to work...
Apr23-11 11:45 PM
0 473
A 1-D metal put inside a E0 electric field just like shown in following figure. --> |- <-- +| -->  --> |-...
Jul7-08 08:06 AM
7 1,375
who has the Electric Permittivity of Nobel Metal? Especially, Gold and Silver at different wavelength?
Jul3-08 11:53 PM
0 4,037
In multipole, the electric quadrupople interaction with incident electric field: ...
Jul10-08 11:29 PM
0 1,505
In Richard Feynman's book QED, when writing about multiplying arrows of photons (on page 61 if you have the book...
Nov19-04 10:45 PM
2 2,098
My physics professor gave us an extended version of coulombs law which includes terms to account for moving charges....
Apr17-11 10:23 AM
Meir Achuz
4 760
Hi everyone, just some background information--I work in an emergency department as a trauma tech. My co-workers and I...
Jun10-11 10:31 PM
77 7,829
Hi guys, I've been thinking on a problem for a while which really bothers me. I've been trying to mathematically...
May31-13 06:25 PM
4 540
Hi all - thank you for this forum - it's proving very helpful: Am I correct in thinking that if we measure a period...
Apr14-13 03:09 PM
4 738
To find the magnitude of a force between two charges is very simple, but to get the direction of the force seems a...
Sep6-04 10:52 PM
4 1,049
I'm taking a first semester electricity and magnetism class and my teacher is quite a bit more rigorous than the...
Oct5-04 07:12 AM
1 1,036
I have understood that Q=heat absorbed, ΔU=energy change, ΔH=enthalpy change, W=work done by system = Δ(PV)+Wmech...
Mar10-13 09:44 AM
11 1,088
My mechanics syllabus suggests that we can model acceleration as ##v(dv/dx)## but what exactly does this mean? Can you...
Mar12-13 08:47 PM
4 687
How do we write differential equations for projectile motion in 2 dimensions featuring air resistance of magnitude...
Sep30-13 03:38 PM
19 1,134
I know that ΔS=qrev/T for any process, but what is qrev here? It can't be identical to the q in ΔU=q+w - if it was,...
Nov18-13 06:59 AM
13 978
I've got a few issues with the topic of thermodynamic expansion, ΔU, etc. With ΔU=q+w, this w is to mean work done...
Jan13-14 06:37 AM
23 927
I posted a question as thus : A train moving at 100 km/hr uniformly decelerates at a rate of 10 km/hr each hr. How...
May5-07 09:13 AM
7 1,572
Here's the problem: you've got two carts sliding along frictionless tracks at an equal speed, etc... as they move...
Dec19-10 06:40 AM
Doc Al
15 2,399

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