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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 45,577
We know that the energy density of the electric field is: \frac{1}{2}*\epsilon*E2 then, can we infer that the energy...
Jun3-09 09:56 PM
34 5,801
Every book seems that it is a no-brainer that electric fields are zero in a conductor, but I do not understand this. ...
Jan28-11 10:00 AM
6 1,994
On page 60 of his 3rd edition of Classical Electrodynamics, he discusses the method of images applied to a grounded...
Apr2-11 08:50 AM
6 1,271
Hello, everyone! Any ideas how to measure drag or drag coefficient on a body of simple shape? We should conduct an...
Nov30-11 11:39 AM
4 4,174
A large open tank, shown below, contains water at a height H. The water is allowed to flow out through a pipe whose...
Dec14-11 05:39 AM
1 1,950
At parity of maximum resistance before failure (in the case of aluminum, deformation), weighs less aluminum or...
Aug9-13 10:01 PM
4 593
Hi all, i have a doubt. How much teeth in relationship to his radius need to have a gear to be optimal? And, if i have...
Sep18-13 09:57 AM
2 348
If newtons third law says there is an equal and opposite reaction how can there be energy transfer. For example if I...
Apr30-13 09:34 PM
4 1,364
For example if I punch an object and it doesn't move, am I giving it energy, if so after doing that billions of times...
May1-13 05:16 PM
3 624
We find in the literature the following relationships between electric field E and magnetic field B B(z)=E(y)V/cc...
Jul11-07 10:52 PM
4 23,223
Consider please a conducting wire located in a plane electromagnetic wave propagating in the positive direction of the...
Jul13-07 12:58 PM
2 1,649
Defining the period measured by a moving observer relative to a stationary source as T=t(n)-t(n-1) where t(n) and...
Aug30-07 04:19 AM
2 3,245
Consider please that an observer is located in a plane sinusoidal and polarized e.m. wave. He erects a metalic antenna...
Mar7-09 08:24 AM
2 960
Consider the following statements: 1. If you move relative to me with velocity V I move relative to you with velocity...
Mar8-09 12:57 PM
5 911
Many sources on basic gravity, like this quote from Wikipedia, say: “In the case of a spherically symmetric mass...
Oct3-10 05:04 PM
Bernie G
16 1,598
This is problem from a text book whose solution I don't understand. A small rock of mass 0.5kg is attached to a...
Jun10-12 02:16 PM
5 1,498
I have a basic question regarding black body cooling. Suppose a person at sea level on a clear night, were to use a...
Jul20-07 08:33 PM
8 2,395
Ok, so I have a 405nm laser pointer (bluish purple/uv). Had a few miscellaneous glass objects and was shining it...
Mar11-14 02:37 PM
15 565
Hi, I just need to ventilate and see your opinions. Charge can be partitioned into groups of particles of one or...
Oct26-13 04:29 PM
11 917
Can we make a car or vehicle that can ride on the earths magnetic field here within the earths atmosphere?
Jun7-10 11:13 AM
1 601
Hi there! I have a question, I am trying to find the critical point of a phase transition. For example in the Ising...
Nov11-13 04:37 AM
0 327
Suppose that we will proof the continuity of the first maxwell equation: So we have div(\vec{E})=\frac{1}{\epsilon...
Nov3-07 09:46 AM
2 2,345
Where can I find online a good set of rigid body dynamics exercises? Thanks.
Jul19-08 06:05 AM
2 1,247
This is a question which I have been been tossing around for some time. By looking at gravitationally induced...
Jan8-11 10:32 AM
6 5,169
I'm designing a paddle wheel drive house boat and need to do some calculations to see if the parts I have on hand can...
Aug19-09 03:32 PM
0 3,635
I am attempting to design a base to support a post that will be pulled horizontally at its top. A 2D image of the...
May3-12 05:12 PM
7 3,216
Could someone show me the simple formula, showing how quickly an item sinks in water. Presumably the formula...
Jul17-08 11:59 AM
4 3,054
if i am finding the equipotential lines by using a conducting sheet, power supply, and muiltimeter to find the...
Sep24-07 06:43 PM
Claude Bile
1 3,551
In 3-D dynamics why is the angular momentum not aligned with angular velocity? Does this mean H = Iw is wrong in 3-D ?
Nov14-05 02:11 PM
2 2,353
let us consider a charged body is connected with a massless spring. the system is connected with wall. Now the spring...
Nov19-04 05:35 AM
0 928
Hi Everyone; I hope this is the right forum. Here's the issue... with fixed pitch propeller aircraft, thrust is...
Nov16-08 10:30 PM
16 2,169
Hi Can anyone tell me the differences between normal light (waves of the EM spectrum, i.e. visible light, gamma...
Feb9-06 05:57 PM
Claude Bile
5 1,495
Block 1 has a mass of 2kg and is moving to the right on a frictionless surface at 10m/s. Block 2 is ahead of Block 1,...
Jul17-13 03:22 AM
6 748
A ball is attached with a string on the side. When the string is pulled up, static friction accelerates the ball...
Aug17-13 08:56 AM
7 973
The formula of friction force is Ff = μN can also be defined as Ff = μ.m.g One of my friend say that...
Jan22-11 03:21 AM
4 2,670
I was reading Goldstein's Classical Mechanics vol.2 to brush up, and didn't get far before I got stuck. The book warns...
Aug15-11 08:48 PM
5 1,915
I feel like I am just plugging into equations when I solve physics problems and I dont know how to be creative in my...
Nov11-08 06:36 AM
8 2,869
i need help on a physics project that is due tuesday. the objective is to use a small solar collector to collect...
Jan12-04 03:56 PM
3 1,616
A few friends and I built a wave "machine." It's made by laying out brass "rods" about a foot long next to each other...
May23-08 08:49 PM
3 5,028
I'm kind of confused about how tension works. For example, If I had two blocks that massed 5kg hanging on either...
Feb10-09 02:15 PM
1 711

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