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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 41,748
I'm trying to solve the Problem 2.16 in the book An Introduction to Mechanics by Daniel Kleppner and Robert J....
Nov15-08 05:50 AM
12 2,551
I was thinking the other day about how conservation of momentum works in terms of a closed system consisting of a...
May13-09 08:08 PM
7 2,551
Hi, I am going through Non Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics by Zwanzig and I can't follow, the step below: I have...
Oct5-10 06:49 AM
1 2,550
Hi, I remember reading that no work is done on an object in a circular orbit experiencing a centripetal force. ...
Feb22-11 02:51 PM
9 2,550
This is usually in the first chapter of the EM books and I never see this in any of my calculus, vector calculus, PDE...
Mar25-11 07:23 PM
29 2,549
The problem bellow is a real problem and I would like to get some ideas in order to overcome it. As you can see in...
Aug9-11 03:52 AM
6 2,549
Sorry for that title, but what can I say, i'm gonna be mad to get the motion equation for some systems but always...
Mar29-05 04:17 PM
21 2,548
I wasn't sure which forum this came under, so... I've read the basic idea of polarised lenses: light rays have an...
Jul26-10 10:11 PM
4 2,548
Lets say that I know the inertia tensors for a few different 3D shapes and I want to connect them together into one...
Apr6-09 05:45 PM
2 2,547
If I'm in one of those carnival rides that spin fast I can feel the centrifugal force. This is due to the radial...
Aug10-09 03:31 AM
19 2,547
Epsilon0, the electric constant, and Mu0, the magnetic constant, were introduced in Coulomb's Constant and Ampere's...
Dec25-09 08:47 PM
16 2,547
I've thinked an experiment. We have two containers that contain two liquids. One container contains a liquid that...
May10-09 05:10 AM
4 2,545
I have been learning the concepts of voltage, current, and resistance. I am aware of Ohm's law and have read a lot of...
Sep6-08 08:33 PM
25 2,545
I don't get how this ever came to be a law, since it seems so obviously false. Entropy in a closed system can only...
Jun22-11 02:02 AM
32 2,545
Consider a two particle system: ---- photon ----------- massive particle --------------------- ------- photon...
Jul30-07 07:29 AM
6 2,542
is it possible for electromagnetic field to exist without matter?
Jul27-11 10:41 AM
24 2,542
Hi, Hope someone can help me clear up this question. I know the answer but I am unsure of the reasoning behind it, so...
Dec26-09 08:17 AM
10 2,541
why p type semiconductor is electrically neutral and what is the concept of drift current?
Dec27-12 03:24 AM
11 2,541
I have a feeling someone is gonna be like "Duhhh" on this one. But I got to thinking. I recall reading somewhere...
Jul4-07 10:02 AM
11 2,540
I was reading in my geology book (Earth: An Introduction To Physical Geography, 7th ed. by Tarbuck and Lutgens, 2002,...
Oct21-10 03:48 PM
9 2,540
says that the pressure is distributed evenly around a fluid. What I'm having a hard time understanding is the...
Feb11-12 07:49 PM
30 2,540
Hello to all. I want to check my knowledge about theory nad principles of thermocoupels. Please can you read .pdf...
Nov26-06 12:03 AM
1 2,539
Can someone say why it is said that in electrostatics,the test charge may be moving very slowly?Specifically,what is...
Feb19-07 11:36 AM
Kolahal Bhattacharya
4 2,538
I know what the definition of torque and angular momentum is. But I read in a few books that "Torque and angular...
Aug4-10 12:19 AM
22 2,538
Can electric fields can be completely shielded using a metal box or metal sphere, please clarify the concept.
May19-11 12:01 PM
6 2,538
Self-evidently from the question i'm about to ask i'm a beginner at physics... what are the laws of thermodynamics?...
Jan27-04 11:48 AM
2 2,537
Hello, I was reading A. O. Barut's Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles and was interested by...
Dec9-06 02:38 AM
3 2,537
As I understand it, conductors interact with EM waves (light) in such a way that prevents transmission through the...
Dec13-07 09:24 AM
8 2,537
I have a solenoid which has a current passing through it which increases linearly with time. I have proved that the...
Jul11-10 01:24 PM
AJ Bentley
3 2,537
Hi there! I was Googling for interesting demonstrations in Physics, and I was lucky enough to find very interesting...
May20-11 12:24 PM
18 2,537
Suppose A ball of mass m moving with a speed v collides with a rod of mass M and length L placed horizontally on a...
Jan6-09 08:49 AM
6 2,536
What is the instantaneous axis of rotation? Can you give some examples and a few situations in helping me understand...
Nov5-09 04:55 AM
Doc Al
6 2,536
I just want to verify that the dipole moment \vec{m} in the presence of external magnetic field \vec{B} will line up...
Nov7-10 11:03 AM
5 2,536
Question about momentum....... If I am to consider these three points as true: 1. A stationary car has NO momentum...
Jan27-12 11:21 AM
Michael C
5 2,535
I, beginner to Lagrangian mechanics, was reading Hand and Finch and got stuck with a was the development to...
Nov24-06 02:49 AM
8 2,534
Can anybody please explain these theories, and what they do so differently than Newton's mechanics? I cant really get...
Jun20-07 02:28 PM
8 2,534
When two waves travelling in opposite direction say in a thread, superpose the shape of the thread becomes flat. Where...
Feb12-07 12:10 PM
Shan Ravi
2 2,533
my physics teacher told me that: 'for an object placed at the surface of the earth, the gravtitional force must be...
Jul26-07 03:20 PM
country boy
12 2,533
How do I work out the rate of heat transfer between different states of matter? Say for example I wanted to calculate...
May26-08 10:23 PM
3 2,532
Hello, I don't understand how my general physics textbook describes how energy is stored in a capacitor. Can...
Mar23-10 12:52 PM
5 2,532

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