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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 48,275
I need to do a practical about a yoyo. We made a video (somebody keeps te jojo from teh ground a certain height...
Jan24-04 11:09 AM
9 2,820
i have a problem to determine the repeating variable in Buckingham pi theorem. how to determine which variable i...
Dec13-09 08:16 PM
0 2,820
Hi, couldn't think of a better title, but it turns out to be rather fitting for what I'm about to describe, I...
Mar6-10 03:58 AM
Frame Dragger
6 2,820
Basic premise: a pure tone sine wave can be modeled with a pendulum and the rate of amplitude decay can be manipulated...
Jan12-11 06:02 PM
1 2,820
The first law of motion says that it takes force to accelerate something. The second law of motion says that F=ma. ...
Nov28-11 04:58 AM
3 2,820
There have been some discussions here as to what type of processes create entropy rather than just move it around. It...
Jan23-13 11:05 PM
22 2,820
Are there any unanswered questions in classical mechanics? By unanswered I mean unanswered and attempted. I could...
Jun8-13 06:10 AM
19 2,820
Photons activate hormones in us which cause us to wake up. I'm wondering if there is a different between the photons...
Jan2-12 11:33 PM
4 2,819
Hello, I have a question about the following statement: "It is well known that warm air in a cooler environment...
Jul7-07 07:16 PM
1 2,818
When a charge start motion it produce magnetic field.Is this cause any change in electric filed of this charge?and...
Dec2-09 09:02 AM
1 2,818
I was just thinking, are Newton's laws of motion most fundamental, or can they be reduced to something even simpler?
Nov20-12 10:22 PM
Andrew Mason
19 2,818
Ok, first I'll mention that I'm completely new to these forms (first post) and all that jazz. Anyway, on to the...
Jan15-07 09:26 PM
7 2,817
I have a feeling someone is gonna be like "Duhhh" on this one. But I got to thinking. I recall reading somewhere...
Jul4-07 10:02 AM
11 2,817
Hello! If I know the deflection (w) of a beam subjected to a point load in the middle, can I calculate the stress...
Mar15-09 02:26 AM
5 2,817
Aiight, so I pose this question: does the length of a cannon change the distance the projectile is able to go? ...
Nov4-07 11:23 PM
5 2,816 I want to calculate the area that occurs in a curve of acceleration due to...
Sep8-09 11:44 AM
25 2,816
Can you tell me how to find CG. point. thank you.
Nov21-09 08:48 AM
8 2,816
I am a TA in a class covering an introduction to fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and wave motion. We just finished the...
Nov9-10 08:44 AM
3 2,814
Hi, I remember reading that no work is done on an object in a circular orbit experiencing a centripetal force. ...
Feb22-11 02:51 PM
9 2,814
Hi there! I was Googling for interesting demonstrations in Physics, and I was lucky enough to find very interesting...
May20-11 12:24 PM
18 2,814
Hi 1) I am reading Pippard's Classical Thermodynamics and was confused by one of his examples in the attachment. ...
May11-14 09:51 AM
68 2,814
There's a machine that uses a type of plastic material (reinforced Teflon) as a wear ring. The plastic rides on a...
Jan13-06 06:58 AM
4 2,813
Lets assume that vacuum empty cylinder has a spinning top. Rotational speed at circumference is V. Cylinder axis is...
Nov8-07 06:00 PM
7 2,813
Hey guys! This is a question that has been troubling me for a bit. What causes electro magnetic waves to be...
Aug20-11 09:33 PM
15 2,813
Hello, Here is the situation I have been pondering: A person is sitting in a shopping cart at rest. By throwing...
Nov23-12 07:18 PM
34 2,813
how could one evaluate a numerical value for the entropy change of a non-perfect gas? Also,which system has more...
May18-04 09:44 AM
8 2,812
My textbook says the an object undergoing undamped, under-driven harmonic motion...
Jul25-04 05:22 PM
5 2,812
Hi everyone, I've got a set of airfoil blades here which are homogenious and have a constant profile (x-section)....
May25-11 11:54 PM
3 2,811
Consider many same particles are moving randomly in a constant pressure and constant temperature box. The average...
Jan8-09 04:08 PM
2 2,811
Hi. I have two questions All contact forces are normal to the surface right? If there was no friction, there...
Jun20-12 05:59 AM
10 2,811
Can anyone tell me about Hertz vector?..At least it would be enough if anyone can tell me a book where I can learn...
Nov15-10 04:27 PM
3 2,810
like centre of mass can there be a concept of centre of charge . To apply newtons laws of motion one can assume a...
Feb28-06 08:42 PM
4 2,809
um, first of all, why was my post locked? all i wanted was to know how to patent my idea.if adding this post is in...
Nov2-07 10:14 AM
3 2,809
Hi, my question is about determining the damping ratio for the upper spring-damper part of the system given in the...
Dec1-09 12:11 PM
1 2,809
I know what the definition of torque and angular momentum is. But I read in a few books that "Torque and angular...
Aug4-10 12:19 AM
22 2,809
I was thinking the other day about how conservation of momentum works in terms of a closed system consisting of a...
May13-09 08:08 PM
7 2,808
Moderation Note: Split from the original thread, which can be found here A uniform field does not have potential...
Aug31-09 05:12 AM
Doc Al
61 2,808
Hi, Hope someone can help me clear up this question. I know the answer but I am unsure of the reasoning behind it, so...
Dec26-09 08:17 AM
10 2,808
A question has been bothering me for some time - when we look at the sun, what are we looking at? The standard answer...
Jun25-10 03:47 AM
9 2,807
what is the difference between canonical and conjugate momentum.. ? what is its physical significant.. I was reading...
Apr12-11 01:03 AM
3 2,807

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