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Classical Physics

- Principles developed before the rise of relativity and quantum mechanics. Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Optics...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. Again, for some odd reason, people...
Apr22-11 05:26 AM
1 46,159
Hi.. I have a question about AC magnetic field, wondering if you can help me understand this. For a DC solenoid...
Jun11-09 12:00 PM
Bob S
11 13,406
I am trying to find out how fast a vertical cylindrical water column heats due to the ambient temperature. I already...
Jun7-10 07:48 AM
6 13,370
I was told by my teacher that the definition for distance is just "the amount of ground covered", and that...
Feb15-09 11:33 AM
4 13,354
is an emf produced by a changing magnetic field or by a moving magnetic field?
Nov20-08 01:23 AM
31 13,352
Our physics teacher gave us a formula to calculate intensity, she didn't really specify what intensity, it should be...
May30-12 08:53 PM
1 13,318
I tried posting a similar question before, however, I've found the 1 reply is actually wrong. Hopefully with better...
Jan24-08 08:16 AM
Andy Resnick
2 13,289
I'm studying for the Physics GRE and going over my thermo notes. Ok, so for enthalpy change (delta)H = (delta) U...
Oct14-09 08:21 AM
5 13,288
Hi, I've always tken for granted that KE=(mv^2)/2, but never seen the derivation! I think it probably comes from U=...
Feb18-06 06:29 AM
Doc Al
1 13,266
Since running a current through a wire will increase the temperature of the wire, is there an equation for calculating...
Dec23-09 12:34 PM
14 13,255
Is the parallel axis theorem always valid for inertia tensors? We have only seen examples with flat (2d) objects and...
Dec1-08 08:19 PM
6 13,251
As far as I know, you can't prove laws, but anyway... We got to do an experiment at school. A weight is suspended...
Jan16-12 05:29 AM
35 13,171
They say that vector laplacian is defined as the following: \nabla^2 \vec{A} = \nabla(\nabla\cdot\vec{A}) -...
Dec2-08 03:54 PM
12 13,169
Hello! First post here :-) Hope this isn't too simple for this forum...if so, by all means give me a pointer... ...
Oct4-10 01:42 PM
26 13,168
Why is it that the equation for work done to stretch a spring is W = 1/2k(x22-x12) while the work done by a...
Sep20-09 08:26 PM
11 13,166
Hey Guys, I know that this has been posted before, but mine is slightly different. Our instructor only provides:...
Dec19-07 08:16 PM
6 13,158
When a voltmeter measures the AC voltage in a circuit, does it measures the root-mean-square value of the voltage? Is...
Oct14-07 03:34 PM
14 13,120
I've got an investigation in which iam investigating the factors affecting the perioad of a BIfilar pendulum. So has...
May6-05 12:57 AM
12 13,109
Hi everyone, I am no expert in any means, so if what I am asking is silly, just tell me. This is an example. ...
Dec19-12 11:57 PM
16 13,035
when inertia can act as athe mass ,force and generate momentu, the why another word called mass moment of inertia. how...
Jul31-08 04:04 PM
11 13,034
Hi, 1) Can anyone explain to me from a conceptual standpoint, why increased current leads to an increased voltage...
Sep9-10 07:49 AM
23 13,027
I jump off a high bench (5ft high) to the ground. What is the g-force of the impact and how do you calculate it. It...
Apr12-09 03:58 PM
7 12,973
Conservation of linear momentum is consequence of which one of Newton's three laws?
Feb23-09 11:10 PM
9 12,971
The air temperature at an altitude of 10,000 meters is a chilling -35 C. Cabin temperatures in airplanes flying at...
Feb22-04 05:22 PM
5 12,959
I know the basic answer, that the movement of air sets things vibrating which makes noise, but I don't know the...
Apr27-06 03:34 PM
3 12,930
hey guys just a quick question Does anyone know the u value of jusy normal glass? Ive looked everywhere and ive got...
May9-09 08:30 AM
3 12,895
hey guys, i've been experimenting with a pendulum and while doing the error discussion for my experiments i got stuck...
Apr28-09 08:46 PM
8 12,852
So what is it? This is not a homework question. But I anticipate a good discussion.
Jan23-04 05:50 PM
23 12,848
Does the metal pole of most umbrellas increase significantly the risk of the bearer being struck by lightning? In...
Oct28-10 01:51 PM
Bob S
9 12,846
I have been doing mechanics in college and in the present chapter,two of the concepts that I found rather confusing...
Mar25-11 02:51 PM
18 12,785
I was tutoring a student in an optics lesson the other day. We discussed the foundational concept, that light travels...
May27-13 12:46 AM
41 12,748
I've been having problems trying to come up with an answer for this seemingly simple question. I would think that...
Apr22-05 02:32 AM
11 12,747
Can someone give me the equation to calculate the change of Cv (specific heat at constant volume with change in...
Apr6-07 05:51 PM
Gordon Arnaut
6 12,721
I've been working on a simulation of a Lorenz Waterwheel, and friction was killing it - I couldn't use realistic...
Oct31-11 03:47 PM
14 12,702
Why is the triple point of water .01C while the freezing point 0C? It seems contradictory.
Oct24-07 12:26 AM
7 12,701
What is the difference between "uniform plane waves" and "planes waves." Are these terms used interchangeably? What...
May1-07 08:21 PM
Claude Bile
16 12,698
I am following the book 'Introduction to Electrodynamics' by Griffith. In that book,the magnetic field outside an...
Apr25-07 11:42 PM
17 12,657
How would you explain this homopolar motor seen on youtube? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
May21-10 11:37 PM
7 12,650
Electricity (the flow of current) is said to travel at near the speed of light (75-90%), but I read that electrons...
Oct2-09 12:54 PM
38 12,631
When current is allowed to flow through an electric conductor, magnetic fields are produced. What actually causes the...
Nov17-10 09:20 PM
41 12,608
I searched the threads but was unable to find this question: The electric field inside of a battery points from the...
Dec22-11 04:05 PM
Per Oni
20 12,581

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