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Common math questions, quality answers.
Jul24-14 10:02 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed.
Aug5-14 02:05 PM fredoniahead 
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All math courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Y 03:38 AM Yashbhatt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 38,997
just revising for gcse's and there always seems to be a question with three unknown denominators and you have to...
Nov12-10 07:10 PM
4 1,301
Hi members, Could any one help me with the problem following? If x is a real number and P is a polynomial...
Nov12-10 06:32 PM
3 1,386
In Rudin's book Functional Analysis, he makes the following claim about the interior A^\circ of a subset A of a...
Nov12-10 02:42 PM
1 685
Does anyone know of a good book for relearning and working with different cooridinate systems like polar ...
Nov12-10 12:11 PM
1 815
So say I have n real number to chose in the range , and the first and last are 0 and 1. So in essence my problem is to...
Nov12-10 08:46 AM
2 1,287
Hello, I know how to get the full fourier series with complex coefficients and with real coefficients, and I know...
Nov11-10 10:20 PM
2 2,702
Sorry, wrong title...
Nov11-10 08:57 PM
0 439
I remember reading a theorem that said that for an n x n matrix A, there exists a basis of Cn consisting of...
Nov11-10 07:27 PM
5 2,209
Hello maths masters... I donot know how to solve trignometric equations, let me give you people a few examples and...
Nov11-10 03:59 PM
9 1,822
Hi folks, I have a differential equation which looks like sin(f) + \frac{1}{Q}\frac{d(f)}{dt} + \frac{d^2(f)}{d...
Nov11-10 03:15 PM
4 736
Hello, please could someone explain how to prove the Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem? thank you
Nov11-10 01:32 PM
3 1,886
I am having difficulty trying to rearrange this equation to solve for one unknown variable. ...
Nov11-10 12:23 PM
1 1,912
Hi guys, I am a sophomore I am having a trouble that I often make careless mistakes, and it caused me directly...
Nov11-10 05:59 AM
10 2,807
I know this is a silly question for a 12th grader to ask but I don't know the exact rules. If we divide 950 by 121,...
Nov11-10 03:42 AM
8 1,464
ok letsa say i have d/dt {(u(-2-t) + u(t-2)} I know that d/dt { u(t) } is q(t)... now is it correct to think...
Nov11-10 01:46 AM
7 2,923
I am trying to portray a method of time travel on another thread. I have no maths. It's NOT helping. I was...
Nov10-10 11:25 PM
4 1,617
For determination of the distance from a certain point, a function should be used. Namely, the input values 'x' are...
Nov10-10 04:56 AM
8 2,683
Suppose I had an infinitely large book that had every real number between 0 and 10. I open this book at random and...
Nov10-10 04:29 AM
2 636
If you have not read my previous threads, you should know I am in 8th grade. For one, I have been wanting to do this...
Nov9-10 10:39 PM
7 5,704
I use a Casio fx-991MS calculator. I observed this strange thing during some calculations. Setting up the calculator...
Nov9-10 09:42 PM
18 4,080
I have an equation as follows: A*Q*B=C Here A is 2X4 known matrix Q is a 4X4 unknown matrix ...
Nov9-10 03:30 PM
12 10,584
I was doing tech support at a healthcare conference over the weekend in which one of the speakers talked about stats...
Nov9-10 01:33 PM
4 1,585
So if I'm changing from variables x,y to variables \alpha = f(x,y), \beta = g(x,y), what exactly does it mean to stay...
Nov9-10 12:07 PM
2 729
Does anyone have any suggestions on a functional, algebraic form to parameterize the edge of the shapes shown in the...
Nov9-10 05:36 AM
Petr Mugver
1 1,057
I'm dabbling in computer graphics and a game engine (Blender). I want to create a snowboard/ski simulation that is...
Nov8-10 09:17 PM
2 1,479
A passage from "Excursions in Number Theory": "A transcendental number is not a solution of any algebraic equation....
Nov8-10 03:55 PM
5 1,639
Hi, I am following this article and I am able to understand quite...
Nov8-10 04:16 AM
0 1,024
I have 6 equations and 6 variables I want to solve for: What...
Nov8-10 02:00 AM
1 710
This is taken from Wikipedia: Many of the methods for calculating square roots of a positive real number S require...
Nov7-10 09:30 PM
1 1,372
"Infinitely repeating decimals may not exit, they may terminate somewhere down the line but we can never tell." ...
Nov7-10 03:11 PM
6 904
I've been doing some math contest stuff, and I find a lot of questions that's like 3 different variables, with 2...
Nov7-10 01:29 PM
7 1,707
The number of sides of two regular polygons are in the ratio 5:4 and the difference between their interior angles is 6...
Nov7-10 08:02 AM
2 2,024
Hello! Is there a simple way to identify a nonlinear equation or physical system by looking at it? I have sifted...
Nov7-10 06:59 AM
27 8,218
I want to teach myself this, and I have a friend that is captain of his math team to help me, and Physics Forums as...
Nov6-10 10:49 PM
6 3,243
Problem: Given a circle of radius 1. Take a sector of this circle with internal angle A, where 0=<A=<pi/2. Find a...
Nov5-10 02:36 PM
15 1,362
In my textbook, the proof for demorgan's law, (AintersectionB)* = A*unionB* starts with,saying that for all x...
Nov5-10 08:15 AM
2 2,227
What does it mean if a line in R^3 is parallel to the xy-plane but not to any of the axes. I really don't know what...
Nov4-10 11:14 PM
2 1,015
Can a function involve a mapping into or out of a null set?
Nov4-10 10:11 PM
2 821
I'm reading an example in the book, and I simply can't wrap my mind around it... It's claiming you invest $1000 and...
Nov4-10 10:08 PM
3 2,454
If I want to learn about tensor mathematics - where do I need to start (i.e. what precursory mathematical knowledge...
Nov4-10 05:32 PM
3 726

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