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Common math questions, quality answers.
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Test your skills. Math challenges will be posted at least once a week. Suggestions for problems are welcomed. Brought to you by Office_Shredder.
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,263
I know that \sum_{n=-\infty}^\infty{1} = \infty But I don't understand why. It...
Aug27-10 11:41 PM
4 1,151
On the TI89 calculator SortA and SortD return out-of-order responses. How could I be doing anything wrong, really? I...
Aug27-10 09:27 PM
0 964
Hello, I was looking at some math problems and one kind caught my attention. The idea was to prove that lets say...
Aug27-10 11:00 AM
3 709
Hello Math friends, I need some help in hyperplanes. Basically, I need to calculate a random hyperplane that...
Aug27-10 03:06 AM
Petr Mugver
13 1,877
I want to understand intuitively why it seems to be that when evaluating an integral at infinite, it only seems to...
Aug27-10 02:20 AM
robert Ihnot
6 2,013
Hello, and thank you for any assistance offered. I believe the attached nested radical to converge to a value, but...
Aug27-10 02:12 AM
1 1,067
I always wondered how you can differentiate a^x from first principles with the limit as dx approaches zero but I never...
Aug26-10 04:07 PM
Philip Wood
11 5,821
Hi guys, As somebody who likes to learn and understand everyday problems I've really hit a wall... I learnt...
Aug26-10 05:03 AM
0 2,759
Hi! I see there are three 3D coordinate systems based on either 3 number (cartesian), 2 numbers and 1 angle...
Aug26-10 01:20 AM
3 851
I know I probably learned this 10 years ago, but I really have no idea how to simplify something like this: (A*B +...
Aug25-10 11:08 PM
robert Ihnot
6 1,085
Why is average relative velocity equal to the square root of 2 times the magnitude of the x direction velocity? I'm...
Aug25-10 03:34 PM
1 2,126
Any suggestions on how to approach solving: \Psi(m,n) \leq \Psi\left(\left...
Aug25-10 02:38 PM
1 832
The Example is ; Solve the recurrence relation a n-1 + a n-3 = 0 where n ≥ 3 and a 1 = 1 a 2 = 1 a 3 = 2 a n =...
Aug24-10 03:33 PM
1 2,069
I am trying to figure out a way to prove this without using much set theory (i know that the rationals are countable...
Aug24-10 01:27 PM
1 913
Hi can anyone help me plz or give me a strong hint? I have to prove this: If f(x) is a function from natural to...
Aug24-10 11:50 AM
26 3,415
Not a homework question, no worries. :) It's actually a work question. We have a slope top foundation that we...
Aug24-10 08:39 AM
0 550
Suppose we have this absolute value question | x-3 | = 3 x If we solve this question we break it as X - 3 = 3 x...
Aug24-10 08:37 AM
1 1,031
Hello all Does Godel's incompleteness theorem still hold true for fuzzy sets? My feeling is that it doesn't...
Aug24-10 02:34 AM
1 1,004
I solved this absolute value equation and I am confuse about the answer given in the book for this question, the...
Aug23-10 06:43 PM
1 1,638
Greetings PF, I am would like to play with using an automated theorem prover to reason about categories. I would...
Aug23-10 06:26 PM
0 538
Guys does anyone know of a technique to find the exponential of a tridiagonal symmetric matrix... Thanks in...
Aug23-10 05:14 PM
1 1,664
Someone try to solve this, and don't cheat and use a TI89 or similar CAS, a scientific calculator and a pen and paper....
Aug23-10 03:55 PM
8 1,487
I've got what might be a couple of very basic questions on the fundamental representations of locally isomorphic...
Aug23-10 02:04 PM
0 756
I noticed that, for resistors in a parallel circuit, where R1 is < R2, the minimum value is (R1)/2, and the maximum...
Aug23-10 09:27 AM
1 1,769
Prove that \prod_{j=1}^{\infty}\left(1-\frac{1}{f(j)}\right)>0 for all f:\mathbb{N}^{+}\to\mathbb{R}^{+} which satisfy...
Aug22-10 11:41 PM
11 1,422
My lecturer used a symbol in class that represents an element being removed from a set to form a new set. Does anyone...
Aug22-10 10:17 PM
6 1,169
or pay a prepayment penalty? Il
Aug22-10 01:28 PM
4 654
What is Fermat's last theorem? and How is that related to primes numbers of form 3x+1 and 3x+2
Aug21-10 07:12 AM
2 861
A negative number has the minus sign as its own intrinsic operator. Has anyone thought of using the divide symbol in a...
Aug20-10 11:56 PM
6 1,291
Hi Two vectors A and B are equal if they have the same magnitude and the same direction . this property allows...
Aug20-10 05:19 PM
2 955
What do you think about Golbach's Conjecture? Statistical analysis has shown that it is highly unlikely to be False,...
Aug20-10 05:06 PM
0 1,683
Suppose I have any modular function, for example: f(x) = |2x + 4| + 3 I can rewrite the function in the...
Aug20-10 10:48 AM
3 710
Friend sent me this and I can't figure it out for sure. I think the answer is the Brits. Tell me what you think it is....
Aug19-10 10:32 PM
6 1,574
I'm trying to design a reading course for lattice based crypto, and while the book by goldwasser and micciancio is...
Aug19-10 02:21 PM
0 1,140
What is "in the distributional sense"? How to comprehend it meanings? What is the difference between "in the...
Aug19-10 01:11 PM
12 2,315
We have a circle of certain radius.How many circles of smaller radius(we are provided with the ratio of radius) can be...
Aug19-10 10:43 AM
8 13,250
I've just found that, for all a>0: \int_0^\infty \frac{a (x^2 - 1)^2 - 2 x (x + a)^2}{(x + a)^3 (a x + 1)^3} dx =...
Aug19-10 03:20 AM
9 1,264
(Note: cross posted to DevMaster) Hey everyone, As we know, the arc length of a cubic Bezier spline is kinda...
Aug18-10 11:54 PM
1 1,458
In a book of math puzzles Peter Winkler discusses the sequence x, x^x, x^x^x, x^x^x^x and writes about conditions for...
Aug18-10 11:30 PM
2 1,342
I have read in a book about bound vectors that we can not move them i mean that they can not move parallel to any...
Aug18-10 08:49 PM
8 4,726

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