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Jun14-08, 10:47 AM
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I am looking at upgrading my calculator (currently have ti-85.....yes, I know it is old) and have some questions hopefully someone can answer concerning the comparisions. (1) It seems I purchased my 85 right before ti came out with the 86 etc. so I was wondering how long the ti-89titanium and hp 50G have been out and if an updated model is in the works in the near future and might be worth a short wait? (2) I really like having the F or Menu keys and the way they are incorporated in the 85 and was wondering if the 89T and the HP50G kind of follow the same setup? I noticed both key pads have this but have never had the opportunity to try either out very much? This brings up another question, it seems the 85/86 keypad or menus do not follow the 84 etc. very closely....or in my experience when trying to help others with these models. Does the 89 keypad/layout follow either or is it a new approach all together? (3) I am considering going after a MS in EE so the idea of having laplace transforms/fourier transforms/FFT's/DFFT's etc. built into a calculator seems great so any thoughts/opinions on this in either calculator? (4) I've written several programs over the years for my 85 and have lost them when changing the AAA batteries and not realizing the small backup battery needed replacing too. I noticed the 50G has a memory card slot and am assuming programs, tables, etc. can be saved to this with no memory loss issues? Does the 89 have something similar or memory that doesn't get lost when my memory forgets to change the small backup battery periodically? thanks