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Gear box

by vassos_ael
Tags: gear
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Jan9-13, 06:08 PM
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i am designing a gear box and i need help on calculating my motors requirements.

i have a motor with rotating a gear which is connected to shaft using a gear attached to the shaft. on the top of the shaft a cylinder base is screwed weight X kg.

could you please help me

thank you
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Jan9-13, 09:11 PM
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You're going to need to provide a great deal more of your required specifications.

What have you done so far in trying to solve this?

Is this homework?

Is this theoretical, or are you working on an actual piece of machinery?
Jan10-13, 04:52 AM
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its pretty much an actual machinery. as you can see in the attachment the cylinder box has a shaft in the center screwed to the top part of the machine in order to rotate everything except the gear box.

thank you

Vassos Tapakoudes
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