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Alarm loging

by engnr_arsalan
Tags: alarm, loging
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Apr25-14, 06:33 AM
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Can any one tell me what is alarm loging? I m working on a gas turbine,there is a problem in its instrument fellow told me that alarm loging is not working,I m from mechanical engineering background.

Thanks in advance
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jim hardy
Apr25-14, 08:57 AM
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the computer that takes notice of and produces a written record of all alarms presented to the operator
for later review, aka "Post Mortem Analysis",
is not doing its job.

Could be as simple as a printer switched to standby or paper jammed
or as serious as the program quit running for some mysterious software reason.
Apr25-14, 09:02 AM
P: 41
That is a simple yet great answer...thanks alot jim

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