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Softwares to learn

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Jun19-10, 11:02 PM
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I am doing my electrical and electronics engineering. I wanted to learn softwares in my free time. Can anyone suggest which software would be useful foe me. My friends suggested MAT LAB or a course in embedded systems. Please suggest any software which will help me wit my subject.
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Jun21-10, 12:51 PM
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MATLAB is very good and probably slightly more useful for your purposes than Mathematica, though both could be useful.

Also, learning to program in C is never a bad idea.
Jun22-10, 01:47 AM
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Thanks djeikyb.
I learnt a bit about both MATLAB and MATHEMATICA, like you suggested MATLAB is very helpful for me. I am planning to join a course for the same shortly.
And regarding programming in C, I learnt C and C++ last year (not a pro though )

Jun23-10, 05:57 AM
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Softwares to learn

You can use Octave as a free alternative to MATLAB. You might also want to look at Eagle for circuit design, which is also free, and if your university has it, Labview.

I don't see mathematica being particularly useful.
Jun23-10, 06:12 AM
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Am I the only one here irritated by the use word "softwares" instead of "programs"?

Is "softwares" a correct word?
Jun23-10, 06:50 AM
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Quote Quote by Borek View Post

Is "softwares" a correct word?
You are correct, Borek. Softwares is not a word - 'software' or 'programs' would do me..

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