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Are you a ME working in the Aerospace Industry?

by l.miller
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Feb2-12, 11:32 AM
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I'm looking for guidance. I'm very interested in the Aerospace field. However, none of my area universities offer an Aerospace degree. Iíve noticed that some people have opted to go ME and then do Aerospace post grad. This route would be available to me,...and if I go this route.

Based on your experience

My first question is: What type of level of competitiveness does this give me when applying for jobs in the Aerospace industry?

My second question is: Iím interested in either structural analysis of moving bodies in the air like planes, spacecraft, satellites, etc; and/or propulsion (rocket or plane engines, etc). Would this be an adequate degree track to seek those types of jobs?

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Feb2-12, 12:47 PM
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It depends on what part of the aerospace industry you are trying to get into. In a broad sense, there are more MEs employed in the aerospace industry than there are AEs.

You can do all of the job tracks you mentioned from an ME background with the right planning.

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