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    I am researching on many, many, many topics Can you help?

    I am researching on many, many, many topics!!! Can you help? Can a person solve a problem while solving an other problem? Can good do good to good people and evil do evil to evil people? Does a more educated poor person mean a more productive poor person? Does the text copied from a...
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    A true, unprovable and simple statement

    "Since I am a mathematician, I give a precise answer to this question. Thanks to Kurt Gödel, we know that there are true mathematical statements that cannot be proved. But I want a little more than this. I want a statement that is true, unprovable, and simple enough to be understood by people...
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    Contacting aliens

    I heard that gravity is faster than light speed in the macrocosm and that subatomic particles react at the same time because of each other. I am wondering if it is possible to contact faster than light speed or immediatly anywhere.
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    Reason to go to war

    The reason: "Suppose there are two starving tribes on a field. The potatoes just arrive to feed only one of the tribes, who thus acquire forces to go to the other side of the mountain, where there are more potatoes; but if the two tribes divide in peace the potatoes of the field, the two tribes...
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    Can something be more than the sum of its parts?

    help me I need a better example (for the last post).
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    Can something be more than the sum of its parts?

    work together If you are a designer and you create a site alone, you are going to earn X dollars a month. If you are a programmer and you create a site alone, you are going to earn X dollars a month. If a designer and a programmer work together, the site is going to be worth more than 2X. We...
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    If you are a billionaire and you do not donate money to the hungry and the thurst

    ...does that make you unethical or not???
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    Edge's 2006 Question released!

    If you find" [Broken] interesting, then tell it here, so that this thread will go back to the top of the threads page many times and many other people will be able to visit that Edge's page.
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    Not ordinary!

    What do you think would remain if the structural constraints defining the real universe were regressively suspended?
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    Not ordinary!

    Q: If I have interpreted you correctly, you maintain that the universe created itself. How did this come about? What existed before the Universe and when did the Universe create itself or come into being? - Celia Joslyn A: You're asking three distinct but related...
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    News Why not declare war to corrupted politicians?

    In Brazil, the corrupted politicians responsible for the suffering of millions of people are not punished by Justice. Why not declare war to them? Are you going to say war is wrong and keep millions of people suffering?
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    Is this equal to that?

    X=a% Y=b% Is "X*a#/X*b#" equal to "a%/b%"?
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    Breaking the law

    What wasn't this topic popular???
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    What side in real-life do you think is going to win?

    IClown's reply I posted my question at's Philosophy and Religion sub-topic area of the "Miscellaneous" topic area. Take a look at IClown's reply. He gave me an answer that was not a flame. Can you too? "There is an excellent socratic argument regarding this very question...
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    Does evil help the universe get better?

    Does evil help the universe get better in any way? Why? Are you sure?