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    Stronger tubes using internal structure?

    That only works if the strengths of the inner and outer tubes add up simply. I don't know if they do or not, but I seriously doubt it. Sure, I can find the strength of a round tube and the strength of a square tube that would fit inside it, but I really doubt the total strength of the 2 put...
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    Stronger tubes using internal structure?

    On the topic of structural tubing... It is my understanding that round tubing is stronger than square tubing, or conversely that, that round tubing is lighter for a tube of the same strength. Does it necessarily follow that the best possible use of material when making a tube, is to use it all...
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    I What would happen if you moved a black hole?

    All motion is relative, therefore, moving a black hole is equivalent to moving yourself, so conduct an experiment... 1. Move. 2. Record your observations.
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    Revolutionary Physics experiments that changed the world

    Don't know who, where, or when, but at some point, someone had to conduct an experiment to confirm the feasibility of transferring an idea from one person to another via artificial graphical representation. This would have been the genesis of writing.
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    I Increasing car efficiency by rerouting airflow?

    Sounds like you're essentially talking about a jet engine designed to generate just enough thrust to cancel out it's own drag, rendering the latter effectively zero.
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    I DDWFTTW: Looking for the least confusing explanation

    The air and the ground are moving relative to one another, therefore, they have kinetic energy relative to each other. It is possible to build an apparatus to harness that energy. Movement of the apparatus parallel to the air/ground movement necessitates certain design considerations, but does...
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    A Permanent magnets still an open problem

    OK, I see what you're saying and I think we're on the same page. What you are describing is why random chunks of iron do not spontaneously self-magnetize. If you put a piece of iron in a magnetic field, though, now some of those tiny little magnetic particles find a lower energy state by...
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    A Permanent magnets still an open problem

    This was not my experience playing with small magnets as a child.
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    Medical MBTI Personality Types

    I took this many years ago. I think it was pretty accurate, but with a couple of limitations. One limitation is that it condenses what is really a continuum, into digital designations. For example, the first letter is either an I for introverted or an E for extroverted, but there are no...
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    B Near-light speed and time

    The light clock explanation may make time dilation look like an illusion that occurs in that particular circumstance, but if you stop and think about what time actually is, in every way that matters, it is the rate at which things happen. The rate a clock ticks, the rate of radioactive decay...
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    I Why an electron's drift velocity is so slow?

    If you look at any 1 electron it is almost as likely to be going up-stream (against the applied voltage) as it is to be going down-stream. The next question could be "why does an electron ever go against the applied voltage?" My answer would be that on a scale that small, random interactions...
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    I Batteries connected in parallel

    Most light and medium duty diesel trucks use 2 batteries in parallel in order to provide enough current to start the engine. Heavy trucks may use more, IDK. Batteries in parallel are fine as long as they're the same chemistry. 2 batteries in parallel is essentially the same as 1 battery with...
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    I Fans with 3 blades vs. 6 blades (noise, efficiency)?

    You could put them both on a skateboard, pointed in opposite directions, and see which way it moves.
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    B Mosquito radar

    Senty gun using a camera for target tracking would be cool. Many videos of DIY set-ups on youtube. Maybe you could adapt one of those designs to target mosquitos with a laser or something. Probably need a lot of careful fine tuning to prevent it from targeting you though.
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    News Breaking Down the 2016 POTUS Race Contenders & Issues

    May I ask for clarification? How do we discuss the 2016 election without discussing politics. What aspects are OK or taboo? Could you perhaps cite some post numbers where you consider the content in bounds and some where you consider the content out-of-bounds to give me a sense of what's what...