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    Programs Choice of Master's degree program, Physics vs. Applied Math

    Hi All, I finished my BS in physics last year and currently work full-time in engineering. I want to pursue my dream of being a research physicist, but I wasn't a stellar undergraduate student, so I'll have to be a self-funded, part-time masters student at first, and I chose to live near the...
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    I (Baby QM) Analytic Solution to the Infinite Square Well Problem

    Hi, I think I'm having a bit of a brain fart...I'm messing with this numerical code trying to understand the 1-D time-independent Schrodinger's equation infinite square well problem (V(x) infinite at the boundaries, 0 everywhere else). If normalized Phi squared is the probability of finding...
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    Isothermal pressure change in a U-shaped tube

    Hi, just reviewing some thermodynamics from the textbook by Sears and Salinger, having a hard time conceptualizing this one. It's an isothermal change in pressure, so the volumes of the mercury and the air both change to reach equilibrium, but if it's a "good vacuum pump", then won't the right...
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    Other How can I do an internship? What alternatives are there?

    Hello all, I've recently recovered from a long spell of extreme underachievement in undergrad, having nearly been suspended, due to depression from a variety of factors. This past semester I performed significantly better by rediscovering my love of physics and taking advantage of resources...
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    I Basic Separation of Variables problem

    This was not helpful.
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    Computer for undergraduate introductory computational physics course that requires Mathematica

    Hi all, I'm justifying asking the forum because I'm currently in an introductory computational physics course that requires Mathematica, and I hope to soon start other computational work. My's motherboard and hard drive are supposedly...
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    I Basic Separation of Variables problem

    I'm self-teaching through Tenenbaum & Pollard's "Ordinary Differential Equations", and for some reason I'm completely stuck on one of the problems, Ch.2, lesson 6, problem #6: Find a 1-parameter family of solutions for [...] the differential equation: 6) yx2dy-y3dx = 2x2dy. I didn't have...
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    Programs Economics Major, Physics Minor?

    I should have clarified: I hadn't struggled academically in physics so much as outside circumstances had made pursuing a degree (in any field) difficult for me. I would change majors to save time and make myself employable sooner. In the extremely unlikely event that I got into grad school for...
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    Programs Economics Major, Physics Minor?

    As I've posted in another thread, I'm struggling with having failed to make significant progress in my physics degree; continuing to pursue it as an undergraduate major would likely result in another two years of school (and including a couple semesters off, I've already been an undergrad for 5...
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    Schools Will transferring solve anything?

    My thought was the GPA I'll graduate with, which is what I can put on a resume. But you're right.
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    Schools Will transferring solve anything?

    I'm a physics undergrad with a year's worth of credit remaining to complete my degree, all 300 and 400 level courses as I've already done gen eds/ humanities. After graduating high school, I attended a noncompetitive state school for a year and was very alienated, the school lacking support for...
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    Seeking general undergrad advice

    Background: Undergraduate majoring in physics to work in research, hopefully in astrophysics or cosmology. 1.5-2 years behind where I should be academically and (if all goes well) about to start courses relevant to major. My questions are these: 1) How should I study basic mathematics...