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    Medical Low/no carb diet

    Hello im thinking of trying out a low/no carb diet, eating mostly white/lean meat and vegetables. THe main thing i am concerned about is, how will my brain and muscles get energy without glucose?
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    My academic future right now looks like hell

    I dont know why, but i'm currently just so unmotivated and lazy in college right now. Im going to be a junior, and I did really good during my freshmen year, pretty much getting all As or A-'s. And then, in my sophomore year everything went to ****. I dont have any explanation whatsoever...
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    Job Skills Programming interviews: is it bad to study every possible question?

    haha i ve actually never had an interview. IM just a sophomore in college majoring in EE, but after taking some required programming courses, i am heavily considering switching or double majoring. My TA in one of my intro classes who is a senior shared some types of linked list questions asked...
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    Job Skills Programming interviews: is it bad to study every possible question?

    Ok so for me, a job interview is still a while away, and im not even sure if i will major in CS. But anyways, i've heard from my TAs that in their job interviews with microsoft and such, they are usually asked strange programming questions mostly involving linked lists, and riddles. Now, ive...
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    Schools Bad grades in college (yes happens to everyone but i got hit BAD)

    I'm sure there is some underlying reason, but i cnanot pinpoint it exactly. The best way i can say it is that i had no specific goals, which lead to lack of inspiration/motivation, which lead to laziness/slacker but still that doesn't sound good at all. It makes me sound like an as$shole...
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    Schools Bad grades in college (yes happens to everyone but i got hit BAD)

    first of all, i am an aspiring EE student. At my school (as with many), students must actually apply to the engineering school usually at the end of their sophomore year. There are exceptions, such as early admission or direct freshmen admission, but most just do sophomore year. Ok so i kind...
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    Programs EE/physics double major

    well the main thing is for ee I want to concentrate in wireless communications which involves alot of electromagnetics. And the main reason why I want to double up in physics is because it gives me the chance to go more in depth into what I want to do with EE. So in the end, the physics major...
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    Programs EE/physics double major

    you wont be homeless, i was just exaggerating. If you major in physics, aside from becoming a high school teacher, it will be alot harder to find a better job. But like everyone else says, its alot easier to find a job as an actual physicist with a masters or phd
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    Where to start, i know, its allready been said, but this is different

    The mathematics for qm can be extremely rigorous; for example going into quantum field theory and relativistic qm the math may be more rigorous than phd level mathematics. However, if you want specifics, for introductory quantum mechanics you are going to need experience in particularly these...
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    Programs EE/physics double major

    Ok first of all Im going to say that I am not doing EE because im afraid that ill be homeless if i just do physics. I am genuinely interested in both. At first I didnt know what I was going to do, but after taking physics 2 (basic EM), i knew I really wanted to go further into electronics...
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    Programs PhD Prof paid less than grade 11

    well, sadly, cleaning sutff up is more useful in society than knowing about bosons and the strong nuclear force.
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    Programs Math major and engineering major

    Hello I'm a freshmen in college and I am planning on doing a double major for a BS in math and chem e or ee. Does anyone have experiences with this? what should i expect? thanks
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    Calculus based physics differences algebra based physics

    algebra based physics is what pre med students take calc based physics is what science/engineering majors take. simple as that.
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    Programs Master's degree in engineering: is it worth it?

    what kind of jobs would be the more interesting jobs? Like, for cheme or ee, what would be some of the jobs exclusive to those with a masters? thanks
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    Programs Master's degree in engineering: is it worth it?

    will a master's degree in any engineering field really give you a significant advantasge in the job market? does it vary for different disciplines of engineering? thanks