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    I Reference for measuring the speed of of light

    (Sorry, my questions may look irrelevant but complete my thoughts) So, every moving object has its own time frame which appears to move slower than every other time frame. i.e. there is no absolute point in time. So, which frame do we refer to when we say that the universe is 14 billion years old?
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    I Reference for measuring the speed of of light

    Thanks! I will read about the relativity of simultaneity as soon as I can. I have another question just crossed my mind. If I am moving fast and I have a mechanical or digital clock, will they TIK TOK more rapidly? If so, Why?
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    I Reference for measuring the speed of of light

    I don't know what's the appropriate title for my question but here it is: What's the reference we consider to measure the speed with respect to when we say that as the speed of a moving object approaches the speed of light the time becomes slower in the frame of this moving object.
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    I Resonant frequency of small particles

    Hi How can find the resonant frequency of small objects like dust particles? What factors affect the resonant frequency? And is resonant frequency dependent on size? i.e. if the resonant frequency of 1 cm3 of glass is some certain value, would it be the same for a larger size?
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    B Work done by magnetic force

    If magnetic force does not exert work on moving charges, how could a current loop immersed in a magnetic field rotate and how could a magnet attract or repel another one?
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    I Spooky electrons...

    I don't know too much about it. And I think the presenter is trusted and the documentary was broadcast on the BBC. you think this information are wrong?
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    I Spooky electrons...

    I watched a documentary about Quantum mechanics. There's a phenomenon which Einstien called "spooky action at a distance" states that two electrons appeared in the same event are related to each other in a spooky way,which means that if one of them has a specific state then the other one will...
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    Power and frequency

    If I have tow sinusoidal voltage sources, one with 50Hz frequency and the other with 60Hz. which one of them will deliver more power if connected to 1 ohm resistor?
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    Heater resistor

    if I heat a resistor, it will reach a specific temperature and keep it. because as temperature increases the resistance decreases, so reducing the power absorbed. is that true? and how to calculate how much current and voltage I have to deliver to reach a specific temperature?
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    A Randomness vs chaos...

    The universe is random or chaotic?
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    Object oriented programming

    Why do we use the interface?
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    Object oriented programming

    sorry, i want java program
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    Object oriented programming

    I have a problem with understanding the concepts of "object oriented programming" I do not know what is an instance, object, method,interface... I have read many examples from the real world but I need a sample code with labeled instance, object, method, interface I wish the idea is clear
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    Synchronous motor

    how is the back emf affected by the flux of the rotor? I know the relation : Ea=k*phi*w but i need a physical explanation
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    Transformer efficiency

    hello there i have some confusion about transformer efficiency when it is max? and how it is calculated in different loading conditions e.g. at 80% of full load or at given PF