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    Anyone here study quantum mechanics for fun?

    I don't buy into the notion that quantum mechanics informs more about reality than other frameworks, so I don't think that changing my understanding of reality is enough to accept that one actually gains some kind of understanding from it. One gains, but not as definitive as one would hope, imo...
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    Anyone here study quantum mechanics for fun?

    I don't entertain it much, but does anyone even understand quantum physics yet? Can't have fun learning something I can't understand (don't really try, though). On another note, I find it one of the most interesting topics to learn about, which is why it's one of the most frustrating...
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    Livionex dental gel --a plausible improvement on toothpaste?

    Yeah, quite a bit more expensive than the norm. For now, they seem to get away with it judging by the huge popularity of the product on Amazon. Probably more worthwhile to gamble for those managing gum disease. For people with health teeth and gums and with no problem with conventional...
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    Livionex dental gel --a plausible improvement on toothpaste?

    This dental gel aims to disrupt the toothpaste market with a new mechanism of action. As far as I understand, brushing with it boosts the negative charge on tooth surfaces, making it more difficult for bacteria to attach... even though bacteria are also negatively charged... Presumably, this...
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    What physics knowledge would be required to build a house?

    Almost anything with a roof can be called a "house". That's good enough to other animals who build inhabitable structures. It'd be a heck of a lot more difficult to survive if specialized knowledge was required to create a shelter of some kind. Modern human structures are designed with new and...
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    Medical Knowingly taking placebo pills eases pain, study finds

    "Our findings demonstrate the placebo effect can be elicited without deception," No. "Taking placebo pills to relieve symptoms without a warm and empathic relationship with a health-care provider relationship probably would not work," Expectations from the environment can be manipulated and...
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    B Juno/JunoCam mission

    Yumy. Was hoping to see closer pics of the surface, though. Maybe it didn't orbit around the sun-lit side.
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    Creating technology from primitive conditions

    Not particularly materialistic, but I value access to information. Hard to live without that privilege. To assuage existential torment I'd self-proclaim king of the jungle, build an empire of animal slaves through the rule of fire and scratch my butt all day. Privilege of the lunatic sorcerer...
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    Stargazing What is Hubble's field of view?

    If this is of interest... From one of Hubble's FAQ pages: "If the Hubble Space Telescope pointed to Earth, what resolution would the images have? Hubble's so-called angular resolution — or sharpness — is measured as the smallest angle on the sky that it can resolve (i.e. see sharply). This is...
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    B Juno/JunoCam mission

    Can't wait for the pics. Waiting for Pluto's high resolution imagery was hard but worthwhile.
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    Why do computer generated faces differ from real ones?

    Both CGI. I'd peg the woman real too if I didn't know it's CGI.
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    Why do computer generated faces differ from real ones?

    Hardware is a limitation in real-time rendering applications. Consoles and PCs still lack the horse power to render truly life-like CGI on the spot. There's also the fact that faces are particularly tricky objects to model and animate realistically. The best CGI is found in pre-rendered...
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    What in your opinion is great?

    Consciousness is great. Beauty is great. Dreaming is great. Everything is absurd, which is great.
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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    I don't know when or if the project will be realized, but sure hope it will.
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    I If the observable universe was visible to the naked eye...

    I was picturing something like that. --------------------------------- There's a lot to find out yet.