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    Fortran Fortran 95 read statement

    Thank you very much :-) The list-directed works perfectly!
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    Fortran Fortran 95 read statement

    Hi Guys I need some help with reading a row of real numbers on a text file using fortran. On my text file the row is: 74.05 112.91 154.03 193.90 236 276.71 61.12. I would like to point out that these numbers are chemical parameters that can vary but they usually have up to two digits in the...
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    Vapor pressure curve for carbon dioxide

    Hello to everyone. I would like to ask a question: I'm analyzing the properties of CO2 for a project and I have noticed that for temperatures between 220 -300 K the Clasius Clapeyron curve is linear on 1/T, that is in the Antoine equation of the form logP = A-B/(T+C), C is almost 0. In my...