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    What's a good order to take upper division math classes?

    That's for pure math, not applied.
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    What's a good order to take upper division math classes?

    "almost certainly" may be a bit strong. Here's what I found when looking at a few applied math programs wrt algebra (not linear) Required MIT Berkeley Not Required UCLA Washington Caltech NYU Harvard (SEAS) Princeton Brown Duke
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    What's a good order to take upper division math classes?

    I know someone from UCLA that got into a top 10 applied math grad program without taking algebra (or any of 134-136 either), so it's certainly possible. I would also suggest taking the honors sequences that are available. I don't think the order is a big deal for most of those classes.
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    Programs Class sizes at math phd programs?

    You can see actual class sizes for the math department here: [Broken], [Broken]...
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    Programs Useful CS classes for an Applied Math major

    Is it possible that graduate level courses will count toward your major?
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    Programs What would you think of a statistics major?

    I took a 'Careers in Statistics' seminar course, and almost all of the presenters said you need more than Bachelor's to do "interesting" statistical work. That may have just been a matter of bias (most of them had PhD's, all had some advanced degree) - there certainly seem to be good job...
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    Good Mathematical Logic Textbook?

    Have you looked at Enderton's book on Mathematical Logic? I haven't read that one myself, but it seems to be widely used, and I really liked his book on Computability Theory.
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    Good linear algebra book (for engineers)? This book is geared toward statistics, but it seems to be pretty good for most applied purposes. The order in which topics are presented is a bit idiosyncratic, so it may not be a good choice for supplementing a class that uses a...
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    Is it really that bad?

    It also includes physical sciences, life sciences and math.
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    Lower Division Linear Algebra Vs Upper Divison?

    At my school, the lower division class is basically matrix algebra. The upper division class is basically the same, except in the context of vector spaces and with all results proven. The upper division class is meant to be an introduction to proofs as well.
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    Schools How important is foreign language for math (graduate school)?

    Every math program whose requirements I've specifically looked at require a foreign language or two. Usually they allow French, Russian, German and a few other human languages. Never something like C++. Often the form of the requirement just seems to be transcribing a research paper that was...
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    How to indicate programming experience on a CV

    (I'm putting this here as opposed to the Career forum because it's for REU applications) I have some experience in C++, MATLAB and R, but I'm not sure how to indicate on the CV how much experience. I'm not an expert in any of them, but I don't know that "beginner" is right either. Years...
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    Advanced Undergrad Linear Algebra classes also a good book
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    Programs Most lucrative degrees?

    Jeez, it's just a joke. Obviously the idea that you can come with a fixed probability of becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company is absurd.
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    Programs Most lucrative degrees?

    Ah, but a 56% chance isn't bad!