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    Rounding in C

    If you want to round to 2 decimal places, you can add .005 then truncate it. You should be able to generalize it to what ever precision you want.
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    Question on Pass/No-Pass

    Its possible that the honors class you are taking can add some units for financial aid consideration. I have done exactly what you are doing and took some classes at a quarter type university as well as some at a semester type community college. I had 10 semester units at the CC and 4 quarter...
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    How do I get better at teaching myself

    I'm not sure if this will work for you, but it does for me. When I read a fact or theorem, I think "How would I explain this to Tony?" I think about how that conversation would go and explain to him in my own words this new concept. Then I imagine him asking a question about it, I would then...
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    Best 'Advanced Calculus' Book

    I am almost finished with the Hubbard book and I am also almost done with baby rudin. They both touch the same topics, but Hubbard has pictures and examples whereas Rudin is really dense. For example, Hubbard has a whole chapter on linear algebra while Rudin just has a couple pages. They both go...
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    Studying Vector calc vs. differential forms, a good textbook?

    Proving something with an algorithm doesn't just prove that a solution exists(which is a common way to prove something), but also gives you a way to compute the answer as well. For example, the proof that ax^2 +bx +c = 0 has zero, one or two solutions is proved using an algorithm which gives you...
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    Studying Vector calc vs. differential forms, a good textbook?

    Practically everything is proven in that book although that hardest proofs are in the appendix. So you could choose to treat this as a real analysis book, which is a step up from Spivak, if you choose to go over the proofs in the appendix, or not, and if you skip a few sections here and there...
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    Topics for Independent Study

    Since your teacher specializes in real analysis, you could learn more about fractals. I, myself, am going to do a reading course on fractals at some point, as well as non-euclidean geometry since they are not offered at my school and they have interested me before I even knew what a derivative was.
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    Programs Things math majors should know

    That's a good idea. There are two versions of real analysis and abstract algebra. One for applied and theoretical where the theoretical is harder. I am auditing the applied so I can ace the theoretical later. Also, you can audit at anytime you want, even start in the middle of a semester. I did...
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    Programs Things math majors should know

    At my college auditing is free. However, you obviously don't get a grade and you don't turn in homework or tests since they won't get graded. You just go there to sit for lectures. Finding information on auditing was very hard for me; there was only a vague paragraph about auditing in my 600+...
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    Programs Things math majors should know

    If you can, you should audit at least one or two classes per semester. That way you can learn a lot more without it being too much of a time sink. You can do the homework of those classes when you have time or just ignore those classes when you need to prepare for tests in your real classes.
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    Deciding whether or not to re-take Linear Algebra

    You should definitely take it again. If you can you might want to just audit the class, but if you can't you should take it anyways since you need to know things like span, linear independence, eigenvectors, eigenvalues, inner products, subspaces, projections, and SVD's. Many of these topics are...
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    Difference Between Honors and Regular Math Classes

    Usually honors courses are done in the first two years of a four year education. That being said, I have heard that getting good grades on your last two years is more important than if you did bad on the fist two, since it shows you have improved. Knowing this, doing a few honors courses in the...
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    Difference Between Honors and Regular Math Classes

    I've been to two different colleges and I have done an honors course in both. They are very different from each other. My first one was kinda of unofficial where we mostly had to do an extra paper/presentation and harder tests. On average you had to work about a third harder than normal to get...
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    Question about Proof of Inverse Function

    I am reading the proof of the Inverse Function Theorem in baby Rudin and I have a question about it. How does associating a function phi(x) (equation 48) with each point y tell us anything about if f(x) is one-to-one? I'll show the proof below. Also, if f'(a) = A, and f(x)=x2, what would A-1 be?
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    Good at math but suck at puzzles

    The Answer to the Riddle: First thing you do is start both hourglasses. After the 4 minute one runs out of sand, immediately turn it over to start it again. After the 7 minute one runs out of sand, place the 4 minute one on its side to halt its progress. The 4 minute one should have one...