What is Aeronautical engineering: Definition and 32 Discussions

Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Avionics engineering is similar, but deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering.
"Aeronautical engineering" was the original term for the field. As flight technology advanced to include vehicles operating in outer space, the broader term "aerospace engineering" has come into use. Aerospace engineering, particularly the astronautics branch, is often colloquially referred to as "rocket science".

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  1. T

    Engineering Should I study Engineering Physics or Mechanical Engineering?

    I am unsure of what career to choose. I really like Physics and Math, and I have this desire to know more about things, which is what EP has to offer. I think that EP is mainly theoretical and does not teach many practice, but I believe that I can complement this by entering groups in my...
  2. S

    Aeronautical Engineering or Nuclear Engineering?

    How did you find PF?: Via Google Hello, I am a new member here. Thano you for having me ! Im going through a dilemma. Next year I will have to choose a subject for higher studies. I want to work in space organisations in future and I like space researches. So basically Aeronautical Engineer...
  3. J

    Subtracting an Assembly's MOI -- Help please

    It's been ages since I have done Moments of Inertia of complex objects! :( Can anyone help?? Say you have an assembly like an airplane and you want to just get the moment of inertia(MOI) of the tail section and you are given the Mass of whole plane,mass of tail section, moment of inertia of...
  4. J

    Subtracting object MOI from assembly to get other parts MOI?

    Homework Statement It's been ages since I have done Moments of Inertia of complex objects! :( Can anyone help?? Say you have an assembly like an airplane and you want to just get the moment of inertia(MOI) of the tail section and you are given the Mass of whole plane,mass of tail section...
  5. tanmay

    What are skills needed to get good job in aeronautical engineering?

    Sir I have completed my 12th I have joined Btech course in Aeronautical engineering. My Course is starting on next month. So Sir I want to which skills are required to get highest paying job in reputed companies as aeronautical engineer, So I can develop this skills in my course.
  6. tanmay

    How to study to become successful aeronautical engineer?

    Sir, I have taken admission in Hindustan University, Chennai. My first year of college is starting on next month. Sir please give me a tips that how to study? i.e. How much time in a day should I study? On which subject should I focus more? Should I participate in extra activities such as sports...
  7. R

    Programs Minor for Aeronautical Engineering

    Hey there, guys! Currently I am majoring in Aeronautical Engineering, thinking of switching to Mathematics because I really like mathematics but not sure yet, as I am having a lot of fun with AE. Anyhow, I am drifting off... I am having trouble picking my minor. I still have some time to decide...
  8. Mdmhk

    Engineering Topics to revise for Aeronautical Engineering

    Hello I m starting college after 2 months for bsc in aeronautical engineering.i have completed A-level 3 years ago,now i m revising maths and physics for O and A-level.i m facing problems in some topics.Tell me mathematics and physics topics which are helpful for aeronautical engg.(e.g...
  9. Futurestar33

    Physics and Aeronautical Engineering

    Good afternoon, I am a physics major, with a minor in chemistry and I have another degree in nanotechnology. I don't have much of an engineering background. (Meaning classes that I have taken.) My belief is I can do anything an engineer does. My main question is, has anyone only graduated with...
  10. D

    Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Career Benefits?

    If I study AE will it enable me to get a job outside Aero Industry? Should I do Mech E instead?
  11. interhacker

    Aeronautical Engineering in China

    I just received an acceptance letter from the Nanjing University of Aeronatics and Astronautics in China. They accepted me for their Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering programme which is taught in English. However, I neither know anything about China nor the university. My first preference...
  12. S

    Help me to choose an Aeronautical Engineering School Please

    Help me to choose an Aeronautical Engineering School Please! Hello everyone! I am currently on my final year in high school and I am trying to choose between colleges which accepted me to study aeronautical engineering. I will be glad if you can advise me. My choices are Imperial College...
  13. M

    Aeronautical Engineering Project

    Hi guys, I'm studying BTEC Level 3 Aeronautical Engineering and I'm in my 2nd year. I have to create a project related to an aircraft. I have decided to build an aircraft spoiler and show how it works by putting it into a wind tunnel once I've built it. However I am stuck at the moment. I...
  14. D

    Engineering From Aeronautical Engineering to WHERE?

    Hi, this year I will finish my 4 year degree in Aeronautical Engineering and I don't really know what I want to do next because I don't really know what do I like. What options do I have? I am pretty lost here. Thank you
  15. M

    Aeronautical engineering requires a formulaic process of thought

    Hi, I'm a PhD student working on future airframe and propulsion systems and I'm starting to feel that everything in the aeronautical sector seems to have a pre-planned methodology. An example is to design an aircraft .. you can pick up various books and use very old formulas to design it and...
  16. J

    Online BS in Aeronautical Engineering

    Does anyone know of a school that offers a BS in Aeronautical Engineering? So far all I can find are MS offered online. I may go for a MS eventually, but for now I am just looking for a BS. Thanks!
  17. B

    Engineering Can I get into aeronautical engineering with a bachelour in Geoscience

    Hello guys, I have 1 simple question, Would I be able to get into Aeronautical Engineering (for my masters) after completing a Bachelour of science in Applied Geoscience with a minor in Theoretical Physics? Thanks in advance.
  18. Y

    Engineering Advice on why not to get a degree in aeronautical engineering.

    Hey Everyone! I really need help here. I have read online in many places that a degree in aeronautical engineering is not really usefull, is this true? If so why? and if not what are the benefits? And my second question is can someone minor in mechanical engineering with a major in aeronatical...
  19. E

    Aeronautical Engineering Student Seeks Aerospace Project Ideas

    im a student of aeronautical engineering..im really interested to do some projects regarding aerospace topics...i dun get a good guidance here...i really wish if somebody can help wid some ideas or support...
  20. A

    What subjects should I choose for aeronautical engineering and how do I prepare?

    what subjects must i choose for this engineering and how should i prepare. i am 14 and i am in grade 8.
  21. A

    Aeronautical Engineering & Aircraft Accident Causes

    hey guys i just want to know if an aeronautical engineer fault in designing or in building the aircraft could cause an aircraft accident?
  22. H

    What is a good beginner's book for Aeronautical Engineering?

    I am a freshmen in college, and I am really interested in Airplanes and is considering Aeronautical Engineering. Right now I'm just in the General Engineering field, so I was wondering if there was anyone out there that may know a good book (for beginners) on Aeronautical Engineering...
  23. M

    Looking for a book on aeronautical Engineering

    hi, Please i need help to find a really good book for Aeronautical Engineering. i want an easy, step by step in detail full explanation with key words in back of the book or something like that. i am in first year now and i looked at the engineering section in university but there are only...
  24. F

    Aeronautical Engineering Summer Project

    I'm a mechanical engineering student who loves aircraft. I want to work on a project this summer so I'll learn more about aircraft/aeronautical engineering. I have a few ideas so far. Here's just a few off the top of my head for now; Design, build, and test a jet engine Study aircraft icing...
  25. A

    Difference between aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineeering

    what is the difference between aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineeering?
  26. N

    Advice needed in Aeronautical Engineering

    hello! I am a 12 grade student living in Pakistan. I am interested in earning a bachelor engineering degree in aeronautical from an engineering university. I would like to ask : 1. What is the main job of an aeronautical engineer? 2. Is it easy getting a job after earning the...
  27. M

    Aerospace / aeronautical engineering

    Is there any difference between an aerospace engineer and an aeronautical engineer? Are they two words for the same job or does do aeronautical engineers fall under the parent category of aerospace engineers? I know the history of it but all the definitions I get of aeronautical engineering...
  28. M

    CalTech and Aeronautical Engineering

    Hello all, pleased to meet you. I'm an aspiring aeronautic/space (whichever one deals with the design of rockets + shuttles) engineer, and my undergraduate school of choice is CalTech. I actually have 2 questions in mind: 1) Does anybody here go to CalTech? I'm quite interested in their...
  29. R

    Aerospace vs Aeronautical Engineering

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what the difference is between aerospace and aeronautical engineering, what each program focuses on, what its amied toward, the post-university job market of each...basically all the guts of each program. Thanks, -jb
  30. K

    Aeronautical engineering helicopters

    Heya all im deciding whether to go inot aeronautical engineering and I've been told that i need to kow the basics on how helicopters n etc work? can anyone give me a rough description or a site that says? wat else do u think ill need to know?
  31. lavalamp

    Aeronautical Engineering and Universities

    This isn't exacly a question about engineering, more of a question about where is best to do it. If it is better suited to a different forum then I am sorry. I live in England and I just got my A-Level results today, I got ABB. I had Loughborough Uni down as my firm choice (they required AAB)...
  32. J

    Project for aeronautical engineering

    Hello all Hope ur all well and in good health. Down to my question. I am about to start 3rd year uni and i gotto do a project for aeronautical engineering. Has anyone here done one? and if u have, What is the basic format. (I may do one on modal identification of delta wing). And where...