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Aeronautical Engineering Project

  1. Nov 16, 2013 #1
    Hi guys,

    I'm studying BTEC Level 3 Aeronautical Engineering and i'm in my 2nd year. I have to create a project related to an aircraft. I have decided to build an aircraft spoiler and show how it works by putting it into a wind tunnel once I've built it.

    However I am stuck at the moment. I cannot find any relevant information e.g. aircraft spoiler dimensions, cost, lifetime, weight, material etc. I need all these info's so I can work out the wing to spoiler ratio and build a smaller version of an aircraft wing with spoilers and I also need this information to put into my Product Design Specification.

    Also I'm not sure whether I should build an electronic circuit to control the spoiler(s) or do it another way e.g. fly-by wire method. Can any of you suggest me any books, e-books, online articles etc. that would help me?

    I Appreciate any help.

    Thank you,
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    I'd start with a sub 100 buck rc powered sailplane/glider and get some spoilers that already exist.

    Then you can use the fact that you now have actuation to get your ratios correct and whether you want a simple dam or something that fits the profile of the wing.

    It also gives you an excuse to play with a rc plane as long as it is used to benefit your studies rather than a distraction from them.

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