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Number of bits per pulse width in buffers and delay lines (optical)

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    I was working on delay-lines and I wanted to know if a pulse is delayed by 10 pulse lengths through a delay-lines than what is the corresponding storage bit for that delay line.

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    Could you give some examples of the types of delay lines you are looking at? Some of the words you used in your post are confusing to me. What is the clocking system for the delay line? What is the nature of the input signal to the delay line? Are these digital delay lines or analog delay lines? If digital, are the input and output digital signals in the same clock domain, or in two different clock domains?
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    It is an optical delay line. I have attached a sample paper. I am simulating the CROW type delay line in CST Mirowave Studio.

    I use a Gaussian pulse to excite the structure and measure the time corresponding to the maximum value of the signal at the output. I divide this time with the time corresponding to half of the input pulse width, to obtain a normalised delay in terms of pulse width.

    Thanks for your interest.

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