What is Circuit diagrams: Definition and 33 Discussions

A circuit diagram (electrical diagram, elementary diagram, electronic schematic) is a graphical representation of an electrical circuit. A pictorial circuit diagram uses simple images of components, while a schematic diagram shows the components and interconnections of the circuit using standardized symbolic representations. The presentation of the interconnections between circuit components in the schematic diagram does not necessarily correspond to the physical arrangements in the finished device.Unlike a block diagram or layout diagram, a circuit diagram shows the actual electrical connections. A drawing meant to depict the physical arrangement of the wires and the components they connect is called artwork or layout, physical design, or wiring diagram.
Circuit diagrams are used for the design (circuit design), construction (such as PCB layout), and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment.
In computer science, circuit diagrams are useful when visualizing expressions using Boolean algebra.

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  1. lucw123

    How to make an Electrical Diagram with added Steinmetz Circuit for a Delta 3 phase motor?

    Hey Hello everyone, I am now doing an internship and one of my task is to research if we can save costs on the ovens they are now producing. They want to reduce the components on the groundbase. I have found a solution of a apply a Steinmetz circuit. I have tested this and it worked all right...
  2. E

    Time domain equation for RC circuit with AC input

    TL;DR Summary: How to find Time domain equation for RC circuit with AC input from inverse laplace transform For a simple RC circuit with AC input such as this: https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/rc12.gif?fit=310%2C151?fit=310,226. If the AC input is just a simple...
  3. U

    How to Calculate the Complex Op Amp in Circuit Diagram

    TL;DR Summary: How to calculate the operational amplifiers in the circuit diagram Hello Everyone, I am trying to learn the circuit diagram of one of a device in which I will be doing modifications as a part of my Masters's Research to make it performance better. My background is in Mechanical...
  4. song youngill

    Engineering How can I find DC gain via AC simulation in LTspice

    I use this netlist and simulation result came out as shown. I need to find the dc gain here and circuit diagram, but I'm not sure how. I would be very grateful if you could give me the answer.
  5. hagopbul

    Find the schematic diagram for a power amplifier (for repair)

    Hello all: Doing some training in electronics repairing , and need to find some schematic diagrams for power amplifier , Google is not helping with that ,any suggestions where should I look Best Hagop
  6. A

    LaTeX Excluding circuittikz, how can I create circuit diagrams

    Hello. I want to create circuit diagrams, excluding the package tikz and not wanting to write up a schematic in latex, how can I create circuit diagrams? I would think one of you would have been creating and importing complex diagrams into latex. I do not want to take pictures and post them, I...
  7. Safder Aree

    Engineering Finding Internal Resistance through Circuit Analysis

    Homework Statement Given this following circuit: What is the internal resistance of the meter movement ( R_I). This is part of a project I'm doing and I know the equation that gives you the internal resistance in this circuit. $$R_I = \frac{R_sR_p}{R_s - R_p}$$. However, I have no idea how...
  8. S

    Circuit Diagrams versus Logic Diagrams

    Why do we sometimes neglect resistors and power sources when we draw circuits and other times not? Is there different terminology for diagrams that are only concerned about the logic involved and diagrams where the voltage and resistance is accounted for?
  9. M

    Engineering Analyzing currents in parallel in circuit diagrams

    Homework Statement Homework Equations V=IR parallel resistance. The Attempt at a Solution All elements are in parallel (teacher confirmed this in explanation to the class). Beginning placing labels for nodes to the right of R1, A, B, C, D, and E (ending before R4) and redrawing it as the...
  10. Buggsy GC

    How will the voltage, current and resistance be distributed

    I have a lab to work through tomorrow morning and i need to be able to explain how the voltage, current and resistance in the compound circuit diagram below is distributed, and write an equation which can be used to measure the total resistance of the circuit. I know that when you normally try...
  11. F

    Calculate average current flow in an electric eel (Simple Circuit Questions)

    Homework Statement i) A particular source of potential difference is capable of providing a maximum potential difference of 2 Volts. Sketch how you would connect two such sources to provide a potential difference of 4 Volts. ii) If each source can provide a current of 20 mA before its...
  12. U

    Labelling five-bus system power values

    I'm having trouble determining what the values are on my Power Analysis diagrams. I get confused with active power, reactive power, and complex power. Can someone take a look at my attachment and tell me if I labeled the values correctly? I'm mainly curious as to if my Sg3 value is correct and...
  13. G

    Circuit Diagrams in Component Data Sheets

    What software is used by manufacturers to produce the thousands of data sheets for all of the products that they make? Specifically, the circuit diagrams which look very crisp, like they were made in a vector format. I assume that each manufacturer has some proprietary software that they use to...
  14. A

    Current flow direction indication in circuit diagrams

    Hi all, I'm having a small question about current flow direction indication in circuit diagrams. Its shown as current flow from +ve pole to -ve pole, but -ve pole has higher electron concentration (potential) & electrons flow from -ve to +ve. Whats the logic of showing the direction of...
  15. M

    Circuit Diagrams Explained: 3-Line, Single Line & Ladder

    HI every one,i m confused between three line,single line and ladder circuit diagrams.Plz tell brief discription about them.
  16. S

    Circuit Diagrams in technical writing

    I am writing a paper for a journal. The paper is supposed to have quite a few circuit diagrams. What software should I use to draw the circuit diagrams?
  17. D

    How to Clean Up Circuit Diagrams Without Contact?

    Homework Statement Essentially I am pursuing clues as to what I should do in order to clean up the following circuit: . I'm kind of confused regarding the portion where it says "no contact". Help?
  18. M

    Circuit Diagrams w/o Resistance

    Homework Statement Solve for the unknowns. http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/7494/24800354.png http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5765/33984576.png [PLAIN][PLAIN]http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2511/75290122.png [PLAIN][PLAIN]http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/2593/40824092.png...
  19. X

    Designing a Circuit with Series and Parallel Components

    Homework Statement draw a circuit diagram for a single circuit with the following conditions: a. resistor one is in series with resistor 2 and 3 b. resistor 2 and 3 are in parallel with each other c. capacitor one is in series with resistor 1 d. a voltmeter is used to measure the...
  20. K

    LaTeX Create Professional Circuit Diagrams in LaTeX - Top Library Recommendations

    Hi Does anyone know any good libraries to use to draw circuit diagrams in LaTeX2e? (except CIRC which looks ugly in my opinion)
  21. N

    LaTeX Drawing electrical circuit diagrams with LaTeX

    Hi all. I've searched the WWW, and it doesn't seem that there is an easy way of doing this. Do you have any experience with this? Thanks in advance. Niles.
  22. J

    Create Professional Circuit Diagrams: Step-by-Step Program for Word Printing

    Is there a program where I can make a circuit diagram and put it in a Word document and print it?
  23. E

    Circuit Diagrams: Software to Draw White Background Diagrams

    does anyone know a software on how to draw circuit diagrams with white background? i have an LTspice software but i do not know how to convert it into a JPG pic file... what i do is print screen,go to paint and send it to photobucket which is more of a hassle thx (if this has been posted...
  24. K

    Problem understanding circuit diagrams

    Homework Statement I know how to deal with resistors/capacitors etc in series and parallell circuits, but when it comes to more complex circuits I have no idea how to treat them, and I can't find any guides or info on it and my physics book doesn't tell anything. All solutions to this kind of...
  25. P

    Drawing circuit diagrams in a household

    Okay I'm supposed to draw a circuit diagram of an apartment, including the circuit breakers power meter. How do I draw that something is plugged into an outlet? I'm supposed to draw the 'kitchen' with 3 panels, parallel circuits used, and following these requirements: -one panel contains...
  26. V

    Current and potential difference, simplifying circuit diagrams

    [SOLVED] current and potential difference, simplifying circuit diagrams Consider the circuit shown in Figure P31.69, in which RA = 25 and RB = 7 . Tabulate the current through, and the potential difference across, each resistor. Figure P31.69 resistor current (A) potential...
  27. R

    Software for constructing simple circuit diagrams

    does anyone know of any software i could use to construct simple circuit diagrams? (such as series and parallel circuits containing bulbs, resistors, thermistors, voltmeters, ammeters...) i teach physics 11-18 and it'd really help with lesson planning, thanks in advance
  28. D

    Program needed - for drawing electronic circuit diagrams

    I am in an electronic circuits laboratory class, and I am looking for a free, easy to use program that will allow me to construct circuit diagrams for my reports. Any ideas? Thx!
  29. E

    I Need Circuit Diagrams For Active Band Stop Filters Please. Can Anyboby Help Me

    I Have A Project To Design And Construct An Active Band Stop Filters I Need Circuit Design Please Thanks
  30. B

    Where Can I Find Complex Electric Circuit Diagrams for High School Students?

    Hi everyone I have a hard time finding complex electrical circuits that high school students solve ...i.e. current, voltage and resistance within the circuit itself. If anyone can kindly find some of these complex electrical circuits to solve over the internet that can be any type series...
  31. S

    How can I determine where the wires in a circuit diagram connect?

    urgent help needed http://www.physik3.gwdg.de/~rgeisle/nld/sbsl-howto.html Halway down that page is a circuit diagram. In the diagram wires don't lead to anywere(after the resister label R1 the wire doesn't go anywere), I don't that much about reading circuit diagrams but I know those wires...
  32. F

    Simplifying Complex Circuit Diagrams

    i want to transform the black diagram into a series and parellel circuit (as u a see that the black diagram isn't exactly series or parellel). i made the two top left resistors into one (blue circle), and i want to do the same thing for the other two in green circle. however, if i make the top...
  33. A

    Solving High Voltage Problems: Circuit Diagrams & Current Calculations

    Please help me wif these problems! I have no idea. A person with a body resistance between his hands of 10 kohms accidently grasps the terminals of a 20 kV power supply. (a) Draw a circuit diagram including all the data. (b) If the internal resistance of the power supply is 2000 ohmns, what...