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Drawing electrical circuit diagrams with LaTeX

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    Hi all.

    I've searched the WWW, and it doesn't seem that there is an easy way of doing this. Do you have any experience with this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The program in http://jpicedt.sourceforge.net/ looks very nice; I tried it, and it seems cool, though the conducting wires seem very bold (actually, most of the drawings seem very bold).

    But it is something like that I need.

    Is there a standard way of doing drawing circuits in LaTeX? I suppose I'm not the first one trying this.
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    Simon Bridge

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    For anything LaTeX, Go look on the ctan website. If you run some flavour of gnu/linux, you'll have these packages in your repository. For circuit diagrams, you need the pic interpreter and an M4 macro parser.

    Also see:
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