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Drawing circuit diagrams in a household

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    Okay I'm supposed to draw a circuit diagram of an apartment, including the circuit breakers power meter. How do I draw that something is plugged into an outlet?

    I'm supposed to draw the 'kitchen' with 3 panels, parallel circuits used, and following these requirements:

    -one panel contains only the stove and has its own circuit breaker
    -one panel contains a toaster and mixer
    -one panel contains a telephone and can opener

    If it's possible, can somebody draw it on paint or something, then send me a link, or post it? I would be very much appreciated :smile:
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    I did a search on National Electric Code (NEC -- the laws regarding AC Mains safe construction practices in the US) at wikipedia.org, and got a pretty good hit:


    I didn't follow the links at the bottom of the article, but it looks like you may be able to access the NEC book online. That would give you the standard symbols to use for the various electrical apparatus and appliances.

    I also did a google search on microsoft visio electrical, and got lots of good hits. I was looking to see if Visio had some standard shapes already defined. You can do the same google search to get the hit list. Here is one of the first hits, from a company that sells Visio stencils:

    http://www.electrical.sandrila.co.uk/ [Broken]
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    very useful!
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