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Program needed - for drawing electronic circuit diagrams

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    I am in an electronic circuits laboratory class, and I am looking for a free, easy to use program that will allow me to construct circuit diagrams for my reports.

    Any ideas? Thx!
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    For the purposes of drawing only, you could use xcircuit (free). One that does simulations also is Circuit Maker, I'm pretty sure they have a free student version.
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    Had that lab a year ago, we used Electronics Workbench, surprisingly I found it very easy to use despite is it is very heavy weight. Version 4 is very nice to use, but it is not free, I suggest you ask the lab assistant to lend you a copy or use the computer at the faculty that have the installed software.
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    I recommend Electronics workbench too, I been using it for 3 years now.
    very good , and easy to learn.
    However if you want something more complicated and that will do precise circuit simulation you'll need OrCad..
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    i was using Electronics workbench, but that is only for schematic.
    Can u suggest me some program that transforming schematic to circuit board. I am learning Protel, but that is too complicated.
    Please gave me some program that is easy to learn.
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    Whats wrong with Ultiboard? I believe it comes as part of the EW package.
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    LTSpice/SwCAD III is a charm. The user group has some awesome files and tutorials.
    http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/LTspice/ (yahoo account needed)

    They had some free seminars in New York as part of the "LTspice World Tour 2007", but I missed all of them :( It would have been awesome to hear Mike Engelhardt speak.
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    Dr Transport

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    I think it is the best freebie out there for circuits.
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