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Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths?

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    Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths??

    I am currently filling out my graduate school applications for PhD in Algebraic topology
    and there are a lot of questions asking about my career goals.

    So I was wondering what are the employment opportunities for a person with
    PhD in Algebraic topology other than professorship.

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    Re: Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths??

    I remember some guy on this forum once said he has a PhD in mathematics and had done his thesis on algebraic topology and right after that got a very well paid job that he enjoyed doing. It was something with computers, even though he knew next to nothing about computer when he started. Of course his work involved no algebraic topology, but the point is that he got employed because the fact that he had a PhD in mathematics told the employer that Dr. X was more than capable of doing this job.

    Or are you asking what are the jobs where you will do algebraic topology for a living other than professorship?
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    Re: Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths??

    Thanks quasar ... that was really helpful
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    Re: Employment areas with PhD in Pure Maths??

    Yeah what Quasar said is true, but its not the sort of thing grad program admissions people or potential advisors want to hear. They want to hear that you're going to do algebraic topology algebraic topology algebraic topology and nothing else.
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