1. A

    Other What's the best highschool biology book?

    What's a good comprehensive book for a highschool student on biology that has never studied the subject before? (Campbell seems to be college/university-level so I can't touch that)
  2. Amine Quentin

    Evolution Is True?

    Hello Guys I'm not an expert in biology and do not know anything about I have some questions about evolution Is evolution fact and scientifically proven? And is there of biologists who say that evolution is wrong? Thank You
  3. AnkurGarg

    Vestigal organs definition clarification please

    Are temporary embryonic structures like gill clefts included under "Vestigeal organs"??
  4. M

    Properties of an evolved universe

    Hello All :) I've heard it proposed that a reason for the fine tuned nature of our universe in a way to allow the existence of complexity and life could be that the universe itself is the product of evolution in a multi-verse. I don't want to debate around the anthropological principle as I am...
  5. AnkurGarg

    Why aren't microspheres and protocells living beings?

    Why aren't microspheres and protocells considered as living beings? What I know is that they do reproduce and exhibit metabolism.. so they fulfill the basic criteria of living systems. I am really confused about it!
  6. Ygggdrasil

    Lokiarchaeota and the Evolution of Complex Cellular Life

    Biologists split life into two broad categories: prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Prokaryotes are relatively simple single-celled organisms and are split into two groups (bacteria and archaea). Eukaryotes, on the other hand, are much more complex cells containing specialized compartments such as...
  7. B

    Making use of Titan

    If a methane-filled planet or moon like Titan was pulled toward a star, as the methane warmed and became gaseous, would it be possible to ignite it, converting the methane oceans to H2O with a CO2 atmosphere, which could in turn cause photosynthesis to naturally occur? If it's possible, it...
  8. Keith Mackie

    Two great fallacies in science

    The first is taught universally (as far as I can make out) at school and university, that Galileo discovered that all bodies (at least in vacuum) fall at the same rate. He didn't. He read it in Lucretius' great work of Roman science "De Rerum Natura" published about 60 BC. Lucretius followed...
  9. Diploria

    Origin/fitness effect of brain coral's grooves?

    Hello, Brain corals, like my avatar's Diploria, get their moniker for visually obvious reasons. I wonder whether there are informed hypotheses how come they look that way. The answer to such a question would probably be partly a morphology/pattern formation story, and partly an adaptive story...
  10. S

    Observational data for evolution of Hubble rate

    Is there any observational data available for evolution of Hubble rate? To give some context, read the dark energy FAQ by Sean Caroll here. He says: "If the universe is decelerating, the Hubble constant is decreasing. If the Hubble constant is increasing, the universe is accelerating. But...
  11. Y

    Why are humans attracted to good looking mates?

    It may not be the general case but this is what it seems from experience. But what's the reason? Do looks indicate health or any other desirable characteristics?