What is Gyro: Definition and 29 Discussions

GYRO is a computational plasma physics code developed and maintained at General Atomics. It solves the 5-D coupled gyrokinetic-Maxwell equations using a combination of finite difference, finite element and spectral methods. Given plasma equilibrium data, GYRO can determine the rate of turbulent transport of particles, momentum and energy.

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  1. DaveC426913

    NASA ISS orientation over its orbit

    Does the ISS remain oriented with the Earth? I.e. it rotates 360 degrees every 24 hours, or is it fixed with the stars? If the latter, there should be a time when it's visible end-on. I looked it up but did not find the deets. I guess that what the gyros are for.
  2. Leo Liu

    Using Arduino to Obtain Absolute Orientation from a 6-Axis Gyro

    The gyro has 6 inertial axes and 3 magnetic axes. How do I make them work together to get the orientation of the rocket in the reference fixed to the ground? I found something from Matlab but I am not sure how it works...
  3. T

    I What Determines the Order of Rotations for a Gyro?

    This could be a whole lot of nothing... however... Here are two figures used in gyroscopic analyses. On the left, is a model for an inertial guidance system on an airplane. As the airplane precesses (about the vertical 3-axis), and as the disk spins about the local 2-axis, there is an...
  4. wrobel

    I How Does Table Rotation Direction Affect Gyro Stability?

    Here is a gyro on a rotating table. The gyro has two degrees of freedom: its axis can tilt in the vertical plane that is fixed relative the table. It turns out that stability of the vertical equilibrium of the axis depends in particular on which direction we rotate the table.
  5. Leo Liu

    Finding the precession of a gyro using Euler's equations of rotation

    The rate of precession of this gyro ##\Omega## can be found by solving ##\tau_1=DMg=I_s\omega_s\Omega##. But when I apply Euler's equations to this problem, it fails. I first set the frame in the way shown in the diagram above. Then I wrote the first equation...
  6. S

    B Gyro stabilized two-wheeled toy : Why the gimbal?

    Will this toy stay upright if we get rid of the gimbal and fix the gyro's rotation axis w.r.t. the chassis?
  7. C

    I Control Moment Gyro - MOI calculation & units of measure

    Hi all, I am not a physics major and have spent some time learning via the university of Google. I would really appreciate a second set of eyes on what I am calculating and tell me if I am correct, or if I have done something wrong along the way. I am trying to calculate MOI and need results...
  8. A

    Can a CMG System Help Create a Self-Balancing Bicycle with Dual Flywheels?

    I want to build a Self Balancing autonomous bicycle for which I need to know about CMG System,Can Any one please guide me to the basics of Gyroscope and CMG- Ebooks would be a great starts.
  9. M

    Exploring the Potential of Gyroscopes for Motorcycle Balance

    Hi, I saw a video online of a self balancing 2 wheeled car. Basically a motorcycle with a body though has a steering wheel rather than handle bars. It uses two gyroscopes spinning in opposite directions to keep it's balance and was wondering if a similar thing could be adapted for regular...
  10. D

    Minimizing Specular Reflections in a Sagnac based Fiber Gyro

    My project is to build an airspeed flowmeter using the design of a signac fiber optic based gyro. There is a group that has already accomplished this task (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18301479), however they used a commercial fiber gyroscope whereas I am trying to build the entire setup...
  11. golphan

    IMU-Gyro Bandwidth and Sensor Fusion on Performance

    Hello, For my Master's Project, we are to choose an IMU module to stabilize a platform. You can think of a servo actuated turret, mounted on a Stewart Platform(which will generate the disturbances). The angular position error should be very low and there are both high and low frequency...
  12. I

    Fiber Optic Gyros: Accuracy & Price | Camera/Gun Stabilization

    Hello every body. Has anybody used Fiber Optic Gyros? How accurate they are? How about the price range? Could anybody help me select a suitable actuator system/motor mechanism for, say a camera stabilization or a gun stabilization using a fiber optic gyro. I want to get rid of mechanical gyros.
  13. leviterande

    Why is it so much easier to lift a spinning gyro than if stationary?

    Hi all, First of all, I just want to make it very clear that I am not referring nor meaning toward antigravity , free energy or such nonsense subjects. Eric laithwaite had a lot of misunderstanding about the gyro behavior that can be explained with Newtons laws. I just really want to...
  14. J

    How Should Gyro Measurements Be Integrated in Kalman Filter Models?

    While trying to learn kalman filters, I see contradictory info for a simple gyro State Space representation. Please be patient with this post, I've put a fair bit of time trying to make it easy to follow and read! My goal is to understand how a moving IMU's orientation can be found. I'd...
  15. M

    Can a Free 2 Axis Gyro Model Account for Contact with a Stop?

    I want to model a free 2 axis free gyro. I used to have a very detailed model, but cannot find it. It was cross coupled, and included many disturbance torques. All I am looking for is a great source on this topic. Thanks! Mike
  16. L

    Weight of Fast Rotating Gyro - Does Angular Velocity Increase Weight?

    there is a gyro... put it on an electronic scales which has a smooth surface...it shows the weight is M. then, let it rotate... keep increasing the angular velocity... will the weight display increase? or else?
  17. L

    Understanding MEMS Gyro Output: X & Y Axis Positioning

    I have a basic question about MEMS gyros - Let's say a dual axis(X & Y) gyro IC is lying flat. Ideally the output reading would be zero. If I lift one end of the IC by some degrees, there would be change in output reading. Let's call this new reading. When the IC is held at this position...
  18. R

    What happens to energy in a gyro vs. flywheel problem?

    I have a problem which got me thinking, but I'm unable to solve to my satisfaction. The problem involves a gyro attached to a platform which in turn is attached to a flywheel. (See image below) The constraints are as follow: The platform & flywheel are solidly attached to each other and...
  19. M

    Behaviour of Gyro in space compared to on Earth / in gravity

    My question is about a toy gyroscope free floating in space far away from any gravitational field. I want to know why it does not precess in response to external force? On Earth the torque on a tabletop gyroscope comes from (i) the table pushing up, and (ii) the gyroscope's inertia resisting...
  20. johann1301

    The Gyro Effect: Exploring Spin Motion and Force

    Why does a force used to twist/alter the spin-axis of a spinning wheel increase when the spin motion increases? Why this Gyro effect?
  21. N

    How Do You Calculate Gyro Outputs from Aircraft Attitude and Movement Data?

    If I have roll pitch and yaw attitude of a plane, and roll pitch and yaw rates relative to Earth frame, and xyz accelerations on the pilot, how do I back-derive the x y and z outputs of a pretend gyro installed on said plane? The forces the gyro will report will not be the the roll pitch and...
  22. R

    Android- Gyro Sensor drift and Correct angle Estimation

    I am using LG Optimus 2x smartphone(Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensor) for positioning. I want to get correct rotation angles from gyroscope that can be used later on for body to Earth coordinate transformation. My question is that 1- How I can measure and remove the drift in gyro sensor. The...
  23. gulfcoastfella

    Can a gyro prevent a pendulum from swinging?

    I'm trying to build a stabilized platform for a camera. No matter how the base is perturbed (linear or angular), I need the camera to remain pointed along the same vector. I'm assuming that the camera is free to rotate inside a gimbal. I understand that if the camera's CM is located on the...
  24. T

    Earth's Gyroscopic Effect: Does it Cause Tilt?

    i've been learned gyroscope, but i have a litte thing which makes me confuse. Does Earth feel the gyroscopic effect? if the means of gyroscope is "if there is things which rotated on the different axis(x- axis,y- axix) so you will get moment on the other axis (z- axis)". Is that causes Earth...
  25. A

    Unraveling the Mystery of Gyro and the Transport Theorem

    Gyro seems to weird when i think abt it using the transport theorem. i mean for a spinning dish, symmetric one, {Total moments acting on it} = Hdot + w x H --- (1) where H is the angular moment of the dish, w is its angular velocity. then when i consider that it spins inside a box...
  26. H

    Understanding gyro without angular mom

    Hi, I understand the motion of a gyroscope through considerations of torque and angular momentum, I have no issue with deriving it and imagining it by considering these things, but I somehow feel I still don't understand precession on an intuitive level. I was wondering if anyone could help...
  27. I

    Finding the 3 Axes of a Sakai Gyro

    I have a Sakai gyro that looks like this: http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/4556/sakainn4.gif Now I have to find the three main axes of the moment of inertia by considering symmetries. I put the two axes into the picture which I think I know. The first one would be the upright because...
  28. M

    Gyro Rotor Question. Can't figure it out Need help tonight if possible

    Gyro Rotor Question. Can't figure it out! Need help tonight if possible! I am taking a dynamics class which is reallly difficult. I've been able to solve all of the problems but this one. Can anyone help me by tonight? A rotor mounted in bearings spins about a horizontal axis as shown...
  29. wolram

    NASA's Gravity Probe B: Detecting Gyro Spin-up Forces of 10 Nano-Newtons

    http://www1.msfc.nasa.gov/NEWSROOM/news/releases/2004/04-142.html At the end of last week, the Gravity Probe B team practiced Low Temperature Bakeout (LTB), in which discs of sintered titanium (very tiny titanium balls, smaller than cake sprinkles) are "warmed up" a few Kelvin, thereby...