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Power backups for fibre optic networks

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    Can anyone tell me what kind of power back ups they use for fiber optic networking equipment in ISP networks and across the world. Do they tend to all use UPS from batteries or do they have generators for in the events of major long term power outages?
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    being fibre rather than wired doesn't really make any difference for power backup
    My mate, who is the manager of the IT section of a large company and based just 200m from my workplace toured me around their data centre
    a year ago. Impressive, to say the least. They have a huge battery backup UPS system which is then backed up by generators, if needed to be fired up.
    They are a major alarm monitoring company ( amongst other things), They CANNOT go offline, period !. If they are offline, then there are other issues out
    of their control ... major natural disaster or their own building burns to the ground .....

    The size and types of backup really depends on the size of the company and its importance in having a stable standalone system
    Our company (the one I work for), for example, doesn't have the same critical requirements for the server to stay online. Our battery backup will last around 4 hours and at least gives those with laptops and other battery powered devices access to the server and internet

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    Generators do not start instantly, so a UPS of some sort must be used.

    But a ton of batteries you never use is a heckofalot more expensive and difficult to replenish than a gallon of diesel you never use. So generators are used for long term standby.
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