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Server and client on Raspberry Pi

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    May I know how to make multiple client connected to a server in python language. I want to communicate one Raspberry Pi to other Raspberry Pi using the python. What I knew, it need to used function socket. i will explain my project. There are contain 5 clients and 1 server. A server will open the connection socket. when a client1 connected to it, it will run the specific task. If other client such as client 2 want to connected to the server and run the specific task, it need to wait until the task of client 1 is not finished. Same step for client 3,4 and 5.

    May i know how to do that, just give me the idea or what the socket function that i need to used. I appreciate your reply.
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    Thank to everyone for helping me to solve the problems. Now, can got the solution. By using the queue, it make the server hold the other client when a client is not finishing its work.
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    Sorry my mistake, thanks to Jedishrfu for helping me solve this problem. Thank you for your time and attention.
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