1. Diego Fernandez

    My Dream is to study Physics, but I have questions

    Ever since I was about 11 years old, my dream has been to pursue a career in any scientific field whatsoever (I practically enjoy learning about all of them!). I ended up being enchanted by the magic of physics at an early age as well, thanks to my childhood heroes such as Carl Sagan, Stephen...
  2. A

    Sgr. A* - Mathematical calculations

    Hey guys First real thread besides my introductory thread. I'm a Danish student in what is somewhat equivalent to my junior/senior year in the american school system. That was a small attempt at school system conversion. I'm writing a project about the black hole Sgr. A* in the centre of our...
  3. W

    Schools Looking for grad schools in string theory/quantum gravity

    I'm beginning to apply to grad schools (primarily in observational or computational cosmology and extragalactic astronomy) but have a deep interest in M-theory and quantum gravity although I haven't been able to study it. I very much enjoy theory and think that I would find studying M-theory or...
  4. C

    Deciding where to go

    I'm fresh out of school, and I don't know where to go. All I know is I don't want to stay where I am now (California). I don't know what I'm looking for--maybe I just want to learn more about myself. I've been playing the idea of visiting different cities/countries long enough to get a feel of...
  5. Hunter Brandon

    School Bus GPS

    I have an idea and a small concept of a school bus GPS system that is unique to school buses because it will include recent crime reports in passing areas of concern, weather reports to date, traffic reports to date, and of course the ability to hold multiple destinations at once. With this I...
  6. S

    How do you feel about cheating in school?

    Just curious to find what others think about cheating in school. Whether it is ethical or just totally wrong or somewhere in between? For instance if your struggling to catch up in school and you know you don't have time to finish a homework assignment do you think it would ok to cheat in that...