What is Tangential velocity: Definition and 40 Discussions

In everyday use and in kinematics, the speed (commonly referred to as v) of an object is the magnitude of the rate of change of its position with time or the magnitude of the change of its position per unit of time; it is thus a scalar quantity. The average speed of an object in an interval of time is the distance travelled by the object divided by the duration of the interval; the instantaneous speed is the limit of the average speed as the duration of the time interval approaches zero.
Speed has the dimensions of distance divided by time. The SI unit of speed is the metre per second (m/s), but the most common unit of speed in everyday usage is the kilometre per hour (km/h) or, in the US and the UK, miles per hour (mph). For air and marine travel the knot is commonly used.
The fastest possible speed at which energy or information can travel, according to special relativity, is the speed of light in a vacuum c = 299792458 metres per second (approximately 1079000000 km/h or 671000000 mph). Matter cannot quite reach the speed of light, as this would require an infinite amount of energy. In relativity physics, the concept of rapidity replaces the classical idea of speed.

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  1. U

    Centripetal acceleration and tangential velocity of an object that revolves and rotates

    Right picture is two turn tables on of top of the other, smaller turn table is connected with shaft to bigger one so it rotate around itself and in same time "revolve" around center of bigger one which is also rotate about itself. They both rotate clockwise. I observe case from inertial frame...
  2. P

    B What gives satellites their tangential velocity?

    What gives satellite a tangential velocity?
  3. Send-Help

    Find tangential velocity given radius and the coefficient of friction

    I have attempted to solve for the velocity by setting the centripetal force (mv2)/r to the normal force pointed to the center of rotation (mg). This approach seems to give the incorrect solution and I am unsure of my misunderstandings.
  4. P

    I Tangential velocity of an object rotating around a rotating axis

    Hi all, It has been some time since I've done physics. I wish to model some projectile motion of a lure being cast from a fishing rod. The setup is very similar to that of a trebuchet. The fishing rod - we'll assume a perfectly rigid beam - is rotating about a fixed axis. I can calculate...
  5. L

    Tangential velocity of rotating rod

    1) ##LT\sin(\frac{\pi}{2}-\theta)-\frac{L}{2}mg\sin\theta=0\Rightarrow T=\frac{mg}{2}\tan\theta##. ##N_{x}-T=0, N_{y}-mg=0\Rightarrow N=\sqrt{N_x ^2+N_y ^2}=mg\sqrt{(\frac{\tan\theta}{2})^2 +1}## 2) ##E_{k_{fin}}=mg\frac{L}{2}[1+\cos\theta]## 3)...
  6. S

    Coriolis force caused by tangential velocity

    From another recent thread I learned that you see a Coriolis force if an object in a rotating reference frame moves along a tangent at some velocity v. (I was already familiar with the case where the velocity is radial). I still find it a little counter-intuitive that the force has the same...
  7. J

    Torque and tangential velocity

    What is the moment of inertia and what relationship does it have to do with the torque. I have advanced physics
  8. M

    Tangential velocity in polar coordinates

    Hello, I am in need of some clarification on tangential velocity in polar coordinates. As far as I know, the tangential velocity vector is ##\vec{v} = v\vec{e_t}##, where ##\vec{e_t} = \frac{\vec{v}}{v}##. This gives us the ##\vec{e_r}## and ##\vec{e_\varphi}## coordinates of the tangential...
  9. Osvaldo

    I Circle tangential velocity approaching c

    When a merry go rounds tangential velocity approach c, and horses look closer than when at rest, what is reduced, angular velocity or radius?
  10. Bob Jones

    How to get tangential velocity

    I am in the process of making a program that visually shows an elliptical orbit over time. I wish to find the tangential velocity of the satellite in the elliptical orbit based on the variables that I know. Here is what I know: a) The angle relative to the right focus with 0 radians being the...
  11. R

    Gravity, friction and tangential velocity

    Hi everyone, Me and a friend discussed a problem relating to a rotating reference frame, and somehow got to this question which we can't fully figure out, or maybe we are missing something. so, here goes: On Earth's equator, our tangential velocity is ~1700 km/hr. A satellite orbiting right...
  12. CollinsArg

    Why velocity can change when angular momentum is conserved?

    Why the tangential velocity of a particle increase if there are no external torque acting on it and its angular momentum is conserved? I know that L = I.ω (angular momentum equals moment of inertia times angular velocity) and v = ω.r (tangential velocity equals angular velocity times the...
  13. S

    Can we say Angular Velocity is a 'moment' of tangential velocity?

    If a rigid link pin joint-fixed on ground and is rotating freely about the same point with uniform ang. vel., can we say the vector form of angular vel. (omega) is nothing but moment of the tangential (perpendicular) vel. at the other end?
  14. J

    I Maximum tangential velocity from maximum linear velocities

    I have a particle that moves along a circular arc centered at origin in 2D plane. I have the following angular displacement function for time T0 through T3 and the following acceleration and velocity constraints in Cartesian coordinates. At t = T0, theta = 0, velocity = 0. At t = T3, velocity =...
  15. T

    Tangential Velocity w/r to change in Centripetal force

    Hi I have a scenario with which I wish to understand . I have a ball on a string which is in uniform circular rotation at Tangential velocity v Assume friction is not present I now increase the centripetal force by pulling on the string from the centre, what has happened to the tangential...
  16. Sbr:132

    Why centripetal force does not increase the value of tangent

    ] I found in a textbook that the value does not change because the centripetal force is perpendicular to the tangential velocity. But I am confused, because a vector can have a component, which is perpendicular to the vector. So if the centripetal force is perpendicular to the tangential...
  17. Andreas C

    I Is tangential velocity in elliptical orbits stable?

    Hi, my name is Andreas, and I am new to this forum. I had a couple of questions regarding orbital dynamics, since I am not very familiar with the field: Is tangential velocity in elliptical orbits stable like in circular orbits? If not, how exactly does it change? How do you calculate orbital...
  18. JoAstro

    Find Tangential Velocity of Star: "k" Conversion Factor Explained

    Homework Statement I am trying to find the tangential velocity of a star but I am confused with the whole procedure. Homework Equations [/B] They give me the following data: ⋅Distance: 32parsecs ⋅μ: 0.24 arc seconds per year I have a section explaining proper motion that states the...
  19. Arkun

    Centripetal and Tangential Acceleration

    Homework Statement A car drives on a circular road with radius ##R##. The distance driven by the car is given by ##d(t) = at^3 + bt## [where ##t## in seconds will give ##d## in meters]. In terms of ##a##, ##b##, and ##R##, and when ##t = 2## seconds, find an expression for the magnitudes of (i)...
  20. A

    What Is the Fake Gravity on a Circular Space Hotel Orbiting Earth?

    Homework Statement A circular space hotel in orbit around the Earth has a radius of 220m. in order to produce "fake gravity" along the outer rim, it is desired to rotate at a speed that will produce a centripetal acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2. A) find the tangential speed of appoint on the rim...
  21. T

    Calculating tangential velocity of an air parcel circulating a tornado

    Homework Statement If an air parcel 2000m from a tornado center has a tangential velocity of 10 m/s, what is the resultant tangential velocity if the parcel is 100m from the tornado center. Homework Equations v = rω, where r = radius, and ω = angular velocity ω = v/r The Attempt at...
  22. jaumzaum

    Conservation of angular momentum and tangential velocity

    I have 2 questions about the situations below http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/1/sadgsfdg.png Let vcp be the initial tangential velocity required for the upper body for that, when the low body is released, the upper body describes a circular trajectory I - In situation A, if we leave...
  23. R

    Tangential velocity of the earth

    Homework Statement Determine the speed with which the Earth would have to turn to rotate on its axis so that a person on the equator would weigh 3/4 as much Homework Equations VT=r*ω ; Vi=469 m/s is tangential velocity of earth ƩF=M*ac=m*Vt^2/r The Attempt at a Solution The...
  24. J

    Why does tangential velocity equal translational velocity when rolling?

    Homework Statement Not actually a problem, I'm just curious why: when calculating total kinetic energy during rolling, you have the translational kinetic energy=0.5mv^2, and the rotational KE=0.5Iω^2. But then ω=v/r, so rotational KE=0.5I(v/r)^2. And for some reason, the v in both equations...
  25. A

    Tangential Velocity and the Moon

    Hi, I've been doing a bit of independent study on Gravitation. What I find confusing is why the moon doesn't fall straight into the earth. I know that the moon has tangential velocity, but what exactly is tangential velocity? How does it apply to the moon not falling into the earth? Thanks,
  26. C

    How to find tangential velocity of a mass?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Vτ = r(ω) ω=dθ/dt The Attempt at a Solution I have gone through this section in my book and see nothing about doing this with masses involved. There's no time involved in this question so how do you get ω? I'm really lost here, any...
  27. lonewolf219

    Angular speed and tangential velocity

    i am wondering if this is correct... The angular speed is always a smaller magnitude than the tangential velocity. This is because the tangential velocity has to travel a larger distance during the same amount of time as the angular speed. Tangential velocity is dependent on two things...
  28. M

    What's the final tangential velocity of the mill wheel?

    A mill wheel 400 kg and radius 2.50 m, with 8 blades diametrically opposed to each other of 3.00 kg each, is driven by a jet of water to a tangential velocity of 5.00 m / s. If a rock off 4 blades diametrically opposed, what will be the final tangential velocity of the treadmill? My question is...
  29. X

    Stream function find radial tangential velocity components

    Homework Statement Given the following stream function: ψ=C(sin(theta)/r) Find the radial and tangential velocity components. Homework Equations ? Don't know any The Attempt at a Solution Absolutely no idea how to even begin. Do I take the integral or something? Any help...
  30. C

    Gravitational force and tangential velocity of planets

    This isn't a HW question exactly, but I'm trying to model planetary motion and I've having trouble remembering something I learned a while ago when I took physics. I remember that the tangential velocity for a something to orbit a planet is v = sqrt(-G * M/r), but I need to decompose this...
  31. R

    Conversion of units (tangential velocity)

    This should be very easy but I can't see what I am doing wrong... V_t=\mu .d where vt = tangential speed (in km/s) d = distance (in km) mu(radian/sec) Now by converting I should get V_t=4.74\mu .d vt = tangential speed (in km/s) d = distance (in parsec) mu(arcsec/yr) but...
  32. P

    Tangential Velocity Homework: Attractive Energy & Force Calc.

    Homework Statement A carbohydrate gel is being centrifuged to remove excess physisorbed water. Assume that the magnitude of the attractive energy between the water molecules and the gel is given by 3.63 kJ/mol of molecules of water, with the water molecules being separated from the surface of...
  33. P

    Angular,rotational, translational and tangential velocity

    can someone please explain me the differences between angular, rotational, translational and tangential vecoity pls. I am struggling to understand how their differ from each other and how they are caluclated.
  34. P

    Tangential Velocity Homework: Calc Attractive Energy/Force & Find Min Velocity

    Homework Statement A carbohydrate gel is being centrifuged to remove excess physisorbed water. Assume that the magnitude of the attractive energy between the water molecules and the gel is given by 3.63 kJ/mol of molecules of water, with the water molecules being separated from the surface of...
  35. X

    Centripetal Force and Tangential Velocity

    Homework Statement Suppose a string of negligible mass can support a mass of .025 kg when hanging vertically. The string is 4.23 m long (radius). If you add another weight and spin the string horizontally in a circular pattern above your head, the string will break upon reaching a tangential...
  36. S

    Calculating Tangential Velocity: 0.45kg Ball, 45N Force

    Suppose a 0.45kg ball is attached to a 1.00m long string. the force keeping the ball oving in a circular path is 45 N. What will the ball's centripetal acceleration and tangential velocity be? I got the first part, but I'm not sure how to get the 2nd part. So, I'm using v=r*omega...
  37. N

    Tangential Velocity, Frames, and the Speed of Light

    Hello gurus, I have a mental experiment that I'm wrangling with. Assume for a moment that two craft (Ship A and Ship B) are approaching each other at a significant fraction of c. Let us also assume that I, the observer, am in a stationary craft a large distance away rotating with the plane...
  38. A

    Discover the Tangential Velocity for the Wall of Death Amusement Park Ride

    The Wall of Death in an amusement park is comprised of a vertical cylinder that can spin around the vertical axis. Riders stand against the wall of the spinning cylinder and the floor falls away leaving the riders held up by friction. The radius of the cylinder is 3.9 m and the coefficent of...
  39. F

    Rotational Dynamics and tangential velocity

    Homework Statement Find the rotational acceleration, final tangential velocity and centripetal acceleration of a 50.0 g rubber bung, starting from rest, swung in a horizontal circular path on a very light string of length 90.0 cm. The tension in the string is provided by a mass of 250.0 g...
  40. D

    Is this tangential velocity or angular velocity?

    Here is the homework question... According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest rotary speed ever attained was 2010m/s(4500mph). The rotating rod was 15cm(6in.) long. Assume the speed quoted is that of the end of the rod. What is the centripetal acceleration of the end of the...