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  1. newguy220

    Other Best Flimsy Textbooks (paperback books)

    Hello all, I was wondering what are some good textbooks that are flimsy (not hard cover and printed on cheap paper so lightweight) that can be read on the train and the bus easily (the dimensions doesn't matter to me, all that is required is for it to be flimsy). I need such textbooks for...
  2. S

    Other Textbooks needed to cover everything in university (undergrad to PhD)

    First of all we are talking about theoretical physics (particle physics, general relativity and cosmology) These textbooks start from highschool level physics and math and cover everything from there (both math and physics wise).
  3. K

    Chemistry Chemistry textbook for Physicists

    Hello Being a professional physicist(Quantum field theory and HS theory) I'd like to learn chemistry for some reasons. I've already tried to find a nice Chemistry textbook but failed to find physicist friendly one. My last class on chemistry was in highschool like 11 years ago already, so my...
  4. A

    Calculus Multivariable calculus without forms or manifolds

    Hi there all, I'm currently taking a course in Multivariable Calculus at my University and would appreciate any recommendations for a textbook to supplement the lectures with. Thus far the relevant material we've covered in a Single Variable course at around the level of Spivak and some Linear...
  5. Safder Aree

    Quantum Quantum Physics textbooks with worked examples

    I'm currently in my first QM course and we have griffiths as our textbook. Although Griffiths is a great read I'm having trouble really conceptualizing QM ideas. We've only covered infinite potential well and wave packets as of now. Are there any additional resources or textbooks in which they...
  6. mr.tea

    Topology Supplementary book for topology

    I am taking a course in topology with Gamelin and Greene, Introduction to topology. I would like to have some supplement to extend and give more motivation and explanation. I am quite tired of the "theorem, proof, theorem, proof" pattern. Thank you!
  7. Delta31415

    Calculus *BEST* Calculus 3 Textbook for self study

    Hello, currently I am a high school senior who will be going to college in the fall and since my school ends in may and college starts in mid-August. I am planning on self-studying calculus 3, so I can test out of it and go straight into partial differential equations. The textbooks that the...
  8. J

    Quantum What is the level of Klauber's Student Friendly QFT?

    Hi! I have studied about 70% of the textbook QFT for the Gifted Amateur by Lancaster and Blundell and I think that I am now ready to go to more advanced treatments. My thoughts were to go to Klauber's Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory as I have read that it is very pedagogical. Problem is...
  9. M

    Best Algebra TextBook For Self Learner?

    Hi there, I have been searching multiple websites and forums but have not found a cohesive answer to my queries. I am currently going through this textbook to learn pre-algebra: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0618250034/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Also, is this a good book to be studying as an autodidact...
  10. Marco Masi

    Courses Best free online calculus course for physics self-learners?

    I'm wondering if and how to establish an online community of people who would like to self-teach physics from the bottom-up without direct involvement in academic institutions. The idea is to structure it in a flipped teaching classroom format where students first follow a video course and/or...
  11. J

    Classical The best mechanics books from the bottom to the top + math

    Hey there, there may be many threads about this problem, but I would want you to recommend me few books to read about mechanics from the bottom to the top. I mean, I don't have that much of a problem in calculus, but I'm not excellent in it either. So I would want a good textbook or bunch of...
  12. Ken Gallock

    I Relativistic Landau Level

    Hi. I want to know about relativistic Landau levels (especially about massless Dirac fermion in a uniform magnetic field), but I cannot find textbooks. Does anyone know textbooks or articles about it? Thanks.
  13. J

    Intro Physics Textbook recommendations for someone new to physics?

    Here's the issue: I am a junior chemistry major and the time has come for me to take a physics class called "Physics for Scientists". I have never taken a physics class before and I hear from my peers that not only is this particular subject extremely difficult, but so is the ONLY PROFESSOR...
  14. Junaid Aftab

    I Taylor and Wheeler's Spacetime Physics (1st Edition)

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to buy a copy of the first edition of the textbook "Spacetime Physics" by Taylor and Wheeler in my country, but I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of it. Moreover, the e-books available online are poorly scanned with a bad font. I was able to download...
  15. P

    Chemistry Chemistry Tutorial Series

    Hi, I would like to learn chemistry, and I am self taught. I would like to learn chemistry to the point, where if i see a chemical equation, I then know exactly what I need to do to synthesize it, and was wondering if anyone could provide any resources for me to do that. Thank you very much...
  16. A

    Classical Books for statistical thermodynamics and oscillatory motion

    Can someone recommend me some good textbooks or articles that contain or focus on statistical thermodynamics and/or oscillatory motion (preferably with advanced math, not just stories)?
  17. B

    Linear Algebra Seeking Recommendation on Linear Algebra Textbooks

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I am a college sophomore in U.S. with a major in mathematics and an aspiring algebraic number theorist. I wrote this email to seek a recommendation on one or two outstanding linear algebra textbook that can supplement the Linear Algebra (Friedberg et al.), which...
  18. B

    Analysis Supplement to Rudin's PMA

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am a college sophomore with double majors in mathematics and microbiology. I wrote this email to seek your recommendation on selecting the introductory analysis textbook, particularly one that complement with Rudin's PMA well. Starting on this Fall, I will be...
  19. S

    Book on Dirac Picture

    I've taken a course in QM 1, based on the Schrodinger picture and QM 2 looks to be a continuation of this picture. Looking through Wikipedia, I found the article on the Dirac picture. Is there a good undergraduate (at the level of Griffiths or Shankar) textbook on this picture of QM? Since...
  20. 3

    Textbook for inequalities?

    Hi! At university I have got a problem set with lots of inequalities. Unfortunately there are no explanations given how to do them. In Highschool we only did very easy inequalities. Therefore I am looking for a resource for inequalities. Especially for more difficult inequalities like $$ 1...
  21. S

    Suggestions for books every Theoretical Physicist should have

    Hi, I am just starting my studies in earnest in Physics (woo, Freshman!) and plan on eventually seeking a PhD in theoretical physics. I was wondering if there were any "cannon" works, textbooks that almost every one knows or has studied from at some point, that I should start looking at...
  22. M

    Science-Based Fluid Mechanics Recomendation

    Lately I have found an interest in fluid mechanics and found Landau's Fluid Mechanics text. Despite know it wasn't introductory, I decided to give it a try before deciding I need something before it. Is there a science-like (as in not engineering) fluid mechanics textbooks that would help...