What is Vehicles: Definition and 92 Discussions

A vehicle (from Latin: vehiculum) is a machine that transports people or cargo. Vehicles include wagons, bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses), railed vehicles (trains, trams), watercraft (ships, boats), amphibious vehicles (screw-propelled vehicle, hovercraft), aircraft (airplanes, helicopters) and spacecraft.Land vehicles are classified broadly by what is used to apply steering and drive forces against the ground: wheeled, tracked, railed or skied. ISO 3833-1977 is the standard, also internationally used in legislation, for road vehicles types, terms and definitions.

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  1. person123

    Device For Driver Communication Between Vehicles

    I'm putting this here because the ideas just a result of hours in traffic, but I'm curious what people would say about it. It would be a device for drivers to communicate with each other to decide who should go first when it's ambiguous (e.g. merging, changing lanes in front of someone...
  2. R

    Three vehicles turn left and right

    I did combination like 3C2=3 here 3 means three vehicles. 2 means both turns left 3C2=3 here 3 means three vehicles. 2 means both turns right 3C3=1 3 means all are left. 3C3=1 3 means all are right. My question is that is there another way that helps to get the answer?
  3. AN630078

    Mechanics: Motion of Two Connected Vehicles

    i. Using Newton's 2nd Law, F = m a consider the motion of the entire system, so the car, caravan and towbar an be thought of as a single object. The tension can ignored as it is an internal force. Braking fore + resistive forces = mass * acceleration Braking force + 200N +150 N=(1000+1500)*(0.5)...
  4. jack action

    Safety Recalls of Vehicles and Equipment

    SAFETY RECALL 3 Ton and 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197 For certain units of the Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton and 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands there is a potential, while under load and with a shift in weight, for the pawl to disengage from the...
  5. P

    The Collision of two Vehicles

    Attempt: I know that the conservation of momentum and energy also applies. Solution: Correct answer is C. But I can't understand how any of the two conservation laws lead to the answer C. The exam report to this question did not even mention anything about this - so, I guess it should be...
  6. K

    Minimum distance between two perpendicular moving vehicles

    Below is my solution, which I'm not sure is correct. Hopefully the picture shows clearly what I'm trying to find.
  7. Lone Wolf

    Two-dimensional perfectly inelastic collision between two vehicles

    a) Let m be the vehicle's mass, M the truck's mass, vt the truck's speed, vc the car's speed, vf the final speed, θ the angle both vehicles make with the horizontal axis (west-east direction) after the collision. Conservation of linear momentum: In the x direction: M vt = (m + M) vf cos(θ) In...
  8. OWN9494

    Misc. Lifting vehicles with 4 points of contact

    Hello all. Just a quick fyi...I have never taken a physics class although I did want to in high school (many years ago). I am just looking for an answer to a very complicated (yet simple looking on the outside) problem I am having. In my job (towing 13 years) I use physics daily even though I...
  9. J

    I Is there so-called "optimal traction" for vehicles?

    Consider for vehicle, a low traction indicates a lower road grip, which leads to a skid easier; a high traction makes the vehicle difficult to steer, and also damages both road and tire. So I am wondering if there is a balance point of the traction in vehicle design such that it is at an...
  10. Laurie K

    B Basic rule for Atmospheric Reentry of Glider Class vehicles

    The Chinese Space Station, Tiangong 1, looks very much like a glider i.e. a bit like the US Space Shuttle (solar panels are made of similar materials to Space Shuttle tiles with much less friction), as the German radar images show in the link below, so it most likely wasn't tumbling but yawing...
  11. R

    Aerospace/Applied Physics for building robotic exploration vehicles

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what degree/s do the people that build all the robotic exploration vehicles have. I have a bachelor's in physics and a bachelor's in material engineering from a university outside the US. I have now moved to the US and I would like to continue my education, I was...
  12. S

    Question about speed and vehicles

    Say a super fast car is going car is going at twice the speed of sound, an there is an aircraft going at the same speed. Normally, maneuvering and controlling at high speeds (slowing down, speeding up, stopping and changing direction) is very hard. Now, I just want to make sure by asking, what...
  13. T

    Help with learning more about OBD2 and CANbus in vehicles

    I am wanting some advice on where to go with learning more about the electronic systems used in modern cars. I have a basic understanding of how the systems work, (ECU, BCM, etc) but I'm wanting references for books, videos, websites on it, as I've watched most of the Youtube vids, and found a...
  14. J

    Approaching vehicles with acceleration

    Homework Statement Two vehicles, A and B, are approaching each other. Vehicle A has a constant velocity of ##v_A##. Vehicle B has a constant acceleration ##a## with an initial velocity of ##v_B##. The starting distance at ##t=0## between them is ##D##. Is there a way to solve at what time...
  15. Spideriffic

    Calculate approximate speed of a collision?

    Hi - I know that the information that I can provide here is too limited for a totally accurate answer, but is it possible to come up with a reasonable estimate? One vehicle, snow tires, on dry pavement, 6 degrees celsius, is motionless. Second vehicle strikes first in the rear. No evidence of...
  16. H

    The point at which 2 vehicles meet

    Homework Statement Car A stopped a traffic light, once it starts moving again it is located 330 m from car B which is traveling in the opposite direction at a constant velocity of 18 m/s. If car A accelerates at a rate of 3 m/s^2 where and after how long will the two cars pass each other...
  17. sistruguru

    I How far do vibrations from a vehicle emanate?Doppler effect?

    So I have a strange question. I study snakes, which are of course sensitive to vibrations in the ground. A common technique for finding snakes is to drive roads at night. A constant debate that comes up among herpetologists is whether or not the vibrations of the vehicle are causing the snakes...
  18. W

    Help needed -- Analysis of torque and force on turning vehicles

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Torque and Newton's 2nd Law Equations The Attempt at a Solution Apart from drawing a free-body diagram, I couldn't do much else. I can't seem to find the source of torque causing the car to rotate clockwise about its pivot (i defined it as the right...
  19. A

    Two vehicles braking to avoid a collision

    A tractor and a Tesla drives in opposite directions. The tractor has a speed of 40.0km/h and the car has a speed of 80.0 km/h. The Tesla suddenly sees the tractor, and they both immediately start braking, both with constant accelerations of 5.00 m/s2 (opposite to their directions of motion)...
  20. Aashish Bharat

    Relative velocity of 2 vehicles

    Two vehicles leave simultaneously from a fork in a road. Vehicle A travels at a velocity of 85 km/h north-east. Vehicle B travels at 104 km/h directly east. Calculate the velocity of vehicle A relative to the velocity of vehicle B. Answer (from memorandum): http://imgur.com/a/L0prH I do not...
  21. M

    Momentum and push starting vehicles

    Homework Statement This was a question I came across in my A level physics course: A garage attendant was surprised to be asked to give a lorry a push as the battery was flat. He was even more surprised when he leant on the back of the lorry and the slight movement of the lorry was enough to...
  22. N

    Moving vehicles and Doppler Effect

    Homework Statement Here is the problem: http://faculty.kfupm.edu.sa/PHYS/kuhaili/doppler_problem.htm {Mentor's edit: Here's the text copied from the url: A fire engine moving to the right at 40 m/s sounds its horn ( frequency 500 Hz ) at the two vehicles shown in the figure. The car is...
  23. 4

    How to Reduce Air Drag for Vehicles?

    Hello everyone! I was thinking about how to reduce air drag for a vehicle so that one gets better mileage. Here is the definition of the problem: A moving car faces air drag especially at high speed. The resistance of the air layers would try to slow down the car. In order to maintain the same...
  24. electrodruid

    A simple physics model for vehicles on different surfaces?

    Hi, Just to let you know my level of knowledge/ability, I studied a degree that included some dynamics, but that was nearly 15 years ago, so I'm rusty. I'm a games programmer, and I tend to understand code (or things that can be translated into code) more easily than hardcore maths equations...
  25. B

    How long does it take for the car to catch up to the truck on a straight track?

    A truck and a car both start from rest at the same time on a straight track. The car is 25.0 m behind the truck at the start. The truck accelerates at 3.70 m/s^2 and the car accelerates at 4.40 m/s^2. How long does it take for the car to catch up to the truck? Hey all, first post, didn't think...
  26. R

    Overhead electrical lines and vehicles

    Hi all... practical applications here... I have questions about RV travel, or travel trailer/ 5th wheel and electrical safety. With taller RV's or trailers, there is a danger of striking low power lines in the more rural areas. My question is specifically and only about what happens *when*...
  27. A

    Two vehicles moving in opposite directions bonus problem

    Homework Statement Vehicle A and Vehicle B are moving in opposite directions on the NJTP. Vehicle A is heading south toward atlantic city while vehicle B is heading north towards Hoboken. In situation 1 and 2 described below, at t = 0s both vehicles are at a distance of separation of 400m...
  28. P

    Inflammable material carrying vehicles

    Special rubber tires are made slightly conducting, in aircrafts, to enable them to pass on charge (produced by friction) to the ground, as too much charge may result in a spark and hence cause a fire. This is apparently the same reason why some vehicles usually have metallic ropes touching the...
  29. S

    Electric vehicles vs gasoline vehicles

    Will an electric vehicle use less joules going up a hill than a gasoline vehicle, because electric vehicles are more efficient? I've read that electric vehicles use on average 800,000 joules per mile, while gas vehicles use 3.3 million joules per mile. Assuming those numbers are based on...
  30. D

    Magnetic levitation of vehicles vs anti-gravity

    I'm trying to provide a simple technology for vehicles to float above the ground in a sci-fi story I'm writing. Star Wars landspeeders use anti-gravity, which I suppose I could use as well. It's not unique to Star Wars, although it was popularized by that saga and I was hoping to do something...
  31. D

    Motion - Overtaking Vehicles question

    Homework Statement A car is traveling 15m behind a 15m long truck. The speed limit is 90km/hr. But the truck is traveling at 60 km/hr. the car wants to overtake the truck, and when it does, it reaches speed of 90km/hr and has to be 15m in front of the truck in order to do this. The car will be...
  32. R

    Efficiency of power inverters in electric/hybrid vehicles

    I am interested in increasing the range of electric/hybrid vehicles. Increasing the energy density of batteries is something chemists, materials scientists, and chemical engineers worry about. What about from the electrical side though? Can electrical engineers do much to significantly...
  33. Y

    RE: vehicle weight, HP, and gearing comparison between vehicles

    Hello all. I am now enrolled at VRI at WWU! I am working on a sort of independent study project. I am making a V12 out of a pair of motorcycle engines to go into a VW based kit car. I have run the IHP formula and come out with 250hp, and 220 lb/ft of torque. The car weighs 1800 pounds...
  34. A

    Starting Vehicles: Gears Engaged or Not?

    certain vehicles can be started by keeping the gears engaged while certain others cannot...how ?
  35. P

    Planetary gears on passenger vehicles?

    so, I'm a mechanical engineering student, fairly new at it though. I have a really strong real world grasp of mechanical principles, and really enjoy doing things like auto repair (consequently, my schedule is often interrupted by folks that know this fact, and want cheap auto repair) so with...
  36. A

    Windturbine-type structures on moving vehicles?

    why don't we see wind harnessing structures (like tiny fan-like structures) mounted on vehicles to capture the relative motion of the wind against the moving vehicle? I had one guess that mounting such structures would increase the surface area of the vehicle and thus the air drag acting on it...
  37. C

    How would vehicles for Mars differ from Earth's?

    I'm sure that Earth-built vehicles and heavy equipment wouldn't function in the cold of an airless planet or moon because all lubricant and fuel would freeze, among other issues. So how do you design vehicles and other equipment for transportation and work in those environments? Would electric...
  38. M

    How would one calculate Tug of war forces between two vehicles?

    How would one calculate "Tug of war" forces between two vehicles? Hello! I am working on some calculations for an off-road vehicle on which we are working, and I cannot figure out which figures to use. Really, it's where to start. We have two vehicles (600 lbs. and 550 lbs.) with 10 hp engines...
  39. E

    Speed of Sound and Moving Vehicles

    When an object is thrown out from the front of a vehicle, its initial velocity relative to the ground is the velocity relative to the vehicle plus the velocity of the vehicle. Why is this not the case with sound traveling out from the front of a jet for instance? Or do the velocities add...
  40. Pengwuino

    Shipping a Car Across Country: PFers, Can You Help Me?

    Does anyone know a good way to ship a car across the country? I saw on this megastupid/awesome show Shipping Wars on A&E where people bid on transporting things across country. I found their website: uship.com and am thinking of using it to see how much it will cost to ship, but I also wanted to...
  41. S

    Payload dimension comparison between launch vehicles?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a list of the maximum dimensions of objects that can be carried in various launch vehicles, eg Falcon 9/Falcon Heavy, space shuttle etc? It would be much appreciated!
  42. E

    Automotive Do Vehicles Use PLCs? | Answers & Info

    My question is do vehicles use Programmable Logic Controllers? I ask this because I have experience on working on Mercedes and the newer model vehicles use of a part called a "SAM" there is usually a front and rear SAM, basically it is just a fuse-box but controls a lot of the cars...
  43. R

    Flywheel generators in vehicles.

    Is it that, flywheel electric generators are not used in vehicles because? The momentum of the wheel will tend to have the vehicle continue in a straight line rather than turning a corner with that vehicle? If so, what would we expect if the flywheels' orientation changes with the direction of...
  44. D

    Calculating Gas Savings: Roundabout vs. 4-way Stop in Busy Intersection

    my community is debating the wisdom of putting a roundabout at a busy intersection. we currently have a 4 way stop, and traffic backs up. How much gas is used to accelerate your average 4000 lb vehicle from a dead stop ( as required by stop sign ) to 20 mph (apx speed to go through a...
  45. C

    Head on collision between mirror image vehicles

    I have a question and I would like some help. Assuming mirror image vehicles hitting at 65mph. Is the force exacted on each vehicle equal to 130mph or 65 mph. My assumption is that it would be the same as hitting an inelastic brick wall.. Thank ya'll in advance..
  46. J

    Parking System Uses Solar Power to Charge Electric Vehicles

    This futuristic parking system was designed by Jin Yuanbiao, Gang Tang and Su Sha especially for the all-electric vehicle dubbed Solar Coco. Both the car and the parking system boast nice design and eco-friendly features. The round-shaped vehicle hassolar panels mounted on the roof. When...
  47. H

    Forces & Injuries of Identical Vehicles on Damp Road

    Homework Statement Two identical vehicles 1 vehicle stationary and with brakes applied other vehicle traveling at 15mph. Road surface of good tarmacadam but damp after rain. Would occupants of both vehicle experience the same forces and would the injuries sustained be equal?Homework Equations...
  48. J

    Static pressure on vehicles

    hi, this is the first time i am using this website and have found it very informative ao far.. so i am working on this assignment and have got stuck on this question. the query is .. why does static pressure vary on the surface of vehicles and how does it affect the aerodynamic...
  49. P

    Stopping distance of 2 Vehicles

    A truck with a mass of 4500kg and a car with a mass 1500kg both apply the brakes at the same time, if the coefficient of friction is 0.15, and both vehicles are traveling at 20m/s, how far will it take each vehicle to stop? Ff=0.15Fn W=FappD Ek2-Ek1=W Fn=mg Ek=1/2mv^2 for the truck...
  50. P

    About 2 vehicles going down hill

    Hi everyone, I have a simple question. 2 identical vehicles(tyres, shape, design) are set free from rest, going downhill. One vehicle is carrying a large weighted object while the other one is not.Hence, one vehicle has a larger mass than the other. Which vehicle will reach downhill first...