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I Calculate approximate speed of a collision?

  1. Mar 19, 2017 #1
    Hi - I know that the information that I can provide here is too limited for a totally accurate answer, but is it possible to come up with a reasonable estimate? One vehicle, snow tires, on dry pavement, 6 degrees celsius, is motionless. Second vehicle strikes first in the rear. No evidence of any braking. First vehicle is pushed 30 meters. Weight of both vehicles and cargo is approximately 1,800 kilos each. Thank you for any replies. car accident 1.jpg
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    Hi and welcome.
    PF gets regular posts concerning traffic accidents. Unfortunately there is no way to work out problems like you have presented, using just Physics. Apart from saying that there must have been more than just a 'nudge' involved in this collision, neither I nor any of PF can commit to a more detailed comment. Depending on your circumstances, you might get some satisfaction in a court case if you have a good lawyer but, unless it is a criminal case. It just has to be down to the Insurance Company, I'm afraid. Sorry.
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    Well said, thank you @sophiecentaur.

    Thread closed.
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