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  1. V

    Calculate lateral force/pressure of a body water

    So I'm planning to build an above ground concrete fish pond. The size of the inside of the pond will be (L)2000mm x (W)500mm x (D)500mm. What I want to know before I go any further is will the poured concrete walls hold the pressure of the water inside. So if I know the pressure of water I'll...
  2. R

    Water pressure in a tank

    Homework Statement on a flat desk is an aquarium with a volume of 640 cm3 ,t's not full of water. The pressure to the bottom of the aquarium is 3 times bigger than to one side of it, how much water is in the tank? Homework Equations is the pressure, is the normal force, is the area of...
  3. D

    Centrifugal pump restricted output

    I am also constructing a small boat as a test bed for a much larger houseboat. If we forget about practicality issues.... and accepting that my BS econ degree from the 60's isn't helping me much, I have a simple question with a difficult answer I guess. 2 stage centrifugal pump. (Standard...
  4. B

    B Calculate pressure on surface moving in water

    Hello bright minds, I have a practical problem for which I need help solving, and I'm sure someone could help. I am wanting to place a pick up (sort of a backwards facing venturi type structure) under my kayak to fill up and supply a box with fresh water for my live baits. I would like to know...
  5. J

    I How to calculate pressure in a bottomless aquarium

    How do I calculate glass thickness on a bottomless aquarium where air pressure is holding the water up. Example: 18"x18" by 36"' high closed top. 6" of the aquarium is submerged in a pond. Thanks.
  6. A

    Pipe flow rate estimation

    I have a DIY project for a lawn sprinkler system but my flow rate is insufficient : if my setup is to work properly, the sprinkler manufacturer suggests a flow rate of 2880 litres per hour at a pressure no less than 2 psi. I measured the flow rate of my current garden faucet, which is connected...
  7. danielng245

    Please help calculate flowrate frm blower to push water down

    How to calculate how much flowrate from blower i can push water pool 2,75m*1,8m down by 1,25m in 1 sec? Note : Blower Pressure 0.03 bar - 0.035 bar There is an empty room above the water pool with dimension of 2.75m*1.8m*1.7m This process happen in a closed chamber...
  8. Vir27

    Low tech telecommunications (sound)

    I'm a historian. I've struck on a curiosity about telecommunication technology in pre-modern times. I've read about a number of methods, and I'd like to ask some physics questions that got beyond my ken. This information is for my curiosity and creativity, not for any rigorous study, so I may be...
  9. R

    Water hydro statics and presure

    hey guys. bellow is an upside down cone frustum with the dimensions given bellow where the green R is the radius of the larger circle and the blue r is the radius of the smaller circle and the red h to be the height of the object knowing that volume of this shape is calculated as...
  10. D

    Please explain curious behavior with my rainwater barrel

    I have a barrel that collects rainwater from the gutters on my house. At the bottom of the barrel is a manual 'faucet' with a round handle for turning the flow on and off. On that spigot, I have installed a "Y" fitting. One side of the "Y" goes to the irrigation hose which I turn on when the...
  11. T

    Required water pressure to find air leak

    I have an air leak somewhere in a coil or 20 feet of pipe in a mechanical room next to a transformer. I have 160 psi of air on the system and it dropped 30 psi in two days. I have tried to find the lead with 60 psi of water currently but no success. I do not want to put a lot of water...
  12. Bruno Carbone

    An ocean in the sky

    Hi all! In the absurd hypothesis that we could take all water from earth's oceans and distribute it equally through the sky ceiling (as shown below). We have the point of view of an observer in the land. Questions: 1. We know that the water pressure rises as we come closer to Earth's core...
  13. M

    Water Pressure On Wall of Dam

    Homework Statement Consider a simple model of a free-standing dam, depicted in the diagram. Water of density ρ fills a reservoir behind the dam to a height h. Assume the width of the dam (the dimension pointing into the page) is w. (a) Determine an equation for the pressure of the water as...