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Water pressure drop when 1 pipe splits into 3

  1. Jul 13, 2015 #1
    Hi, what happens when I have a single pipe with pressure 1bar.

    I split this pipe into 3 equal pipes with equal diameter.

    What will be my pressure at the ends of these 3 equal pipes ?

    From what I have been reading on the internet it seems that the pressure will be the same on the 3 equal pipes .

    If so how can I increase flow rate and decrease pressure on this 3 equal pipes ?

    Thank you
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    The flow will decrease by a factor of 3 (conservation of matter), but the pressure changes depend on resistance.
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    How do I increase flow rate and decrease pressure then ?
    Is it even possible ?
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    Add a pump with a higher flow rate at the pressure drops through the piping system.
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