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1/0 defined

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    if you recall basic division, what number times 0 equals 1, call it a.
    a times 0 equals 0, subrtact and repeat. What number times 0 equals 1, call it b, and repeat the process.


    although, a,b,c,d are arbitrary unkowns since we don't know what number times 0 equals 1.

    so 1/0 = a*(10^0) + b*(10^-1) + c*(10^-2) + d*(10^-3) and so on.

    If a,b,c,d..... z take any value, then 1/0 is R (the set of all real numbers) It does not take a single value but all of them at the same time in R. It makes sense, the graph of y = 1/x , at x = 0 we get all the numbers in y-axis at the same time.
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    My threadlock sense is tingling.
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