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1,4 H abstraction in butene

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    Hi, I've read that 2-cis-butene gives 1,3-butadiene by "1,4-H elimination". I don't really understand what kind of reaction it is. Does it involve the presence of a radical specie or is it an "auto-elimination"? How does it work?

    Thanks !

    EDIT: How can I change the title to "1,4 H elimination in butene" ?
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    Conventional wisdom (I.e., my intuition) leads me to believe that—at least in its uncatalyzed incarnation—it’s a pericyclic reaction similar to a retro-Diels Alder. I can’t see the full paper here right at the moment:
    but the words “unimolecular” and “symmetry-forbidden” lead me to believe my intuition is right.
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    I can't read the full paper, but thanks for the link and the suggestions! :)
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