101 year old Chinese woman grows horns on her forehead

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  2. Cutaneous horn:


    They have another example of a "horn lady" in the Mutter museum in Philly.
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    I would not treat Dailymail as an accurate and reliable source.
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    They are real, they are called cutaneous horns. Think of it as a finger nail growing somewhere a fingernail ought to not grow. I've actually got to see a patient with this before. Kinda gross!

    Edit: See someone beat me too it above!
  5. Most of these "horns" are similar to rhinoceros horns. It is something that grows out of the skin, not from bone. I suppose that the horns of the rhinoceros may have started with a mutation like this.
    Evolution starts with random mutations. The results of the mutations accumulate due to natural selection. In order to accumulate, the probability of each mutation has to be finite. The probability of such mutations have to be small, but they can't be zero.
    This is a saltation, so it gets selected out under the usual environmental conditions. However, there could be an quasistable circumstance where such mutations are an advantage.
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