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2-Resistor, 2-Capacitor Circuit with Switch

Problem Statement
In the circuit below, find the charges on the capacitors a) if the switch is open, b) if the switch is closed. Here C1 = 1 microfarads, C2 = 4 microfarads, R1 = 20 ohms and R2 = 40 ohms.
Relevant Equations
V = iR
Q = CV
I already did part a and got the correct answer of 4.8 microC. However, I am unsure how to approach part b, where the switch is closed and apparently the two capacitors end up with different charges. For part b, since there is a path between the two capacitors, I don't know if I am able to combine the two capacitors into an equivalent capacitor. According to the textbook, the solution is that Q1 is 2 microC and Q2 is 16 microC. Any help is appreciated.


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Well, what do you get for the voltage over C1 if you apply your first relevant equation ?

(after you determined -- qualitatively -- what happens with the current through the switch when it is closed and afterwards :smile:)
I think I got it, thank you.


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With the answers given it's a piece of cake :smile:

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