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3D printer supplies and building plans !

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    Hi everybody.
    Me and a friend of mine are going to be EE majors this year, so we thought we'd build a 3D printer from the very beginning. Of course we're gonna have some instructors helping us out but I need some information about the whole thing before offering anyone anything!

    First of all, what materials are needed like what kind of board ,what kind of motors and all that.
    I myself am a starter in robotic world but my friend has some experience from earlier projects.

    Ive googled it several times and couldnt find anything useful, i found some videos though that weren't quite informative as i wanted.
    I'd appreciate your help of any sort,
    give me a load rock-hard welcome to your community of electrical engineers ;)
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    Simon Bridge

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    They are usually called "rapid prototype" machines.

    google for "rep rap".
    ... the wiki answers all your questions - includes a parts list and software to run it and references to other DIY 3D printers.
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    thank you..
    this website strangely is in my favorites list though. i have no idea why i never seen it ! :?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Trust the Computer. The Computer is your friend.
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    Also, the MAKE Magazine sometimes has articles about how to make 3-D printers (sometimes out of weird starter things like inkjet printers). Here is a hit list for a search at the MAKE Magazine website:

    http://blog.makezine.com/category/desktop-manufacturing/3d-printing-desktop-manufacturing/ [Broken]

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