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3Kva UPS with 12V 17Av batteries.

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    I have 3Kva UPS in which it has 6 12V 17Av batteries in it. which give me 10 minutes maximum backup on full load.
    What if i would like to increase the backup time,
    Can i additionally install car 12V 125Av battery with it?
    or additional battery bank with high Av batteries.

    Please can anyone guide me whether its feaisable or not.

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    This depends on if the UPS 3Kva rating is continuous or limited to the 10 minutes.

    If the UPS documentation says it can run longer, then adding an additional battery bank of high Av batteries is certainly possible.

    Plain car batteries are not a good choice for UPS service, you need deep cycle batteries.
    Mixing battery types is not a good idea.
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