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4 questions from papers

  1. Dec 26, 2003 #1
    1. What is the relationship between the acceleration due to gravity and the distance from the centre of the Earth?

    2. Which wave phenomenon can be used to distinguish between transverse waves and longitudinal waves?

    3. ^14C decays to ^14N. Write an equation to represent this nuclear reaction.

    4. Why does ^12C in dead tissue remain undisturbed?

    Im stuck with these 2 questions that are in my leaving cert sample papers. Can anybody help with these please?
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    1) 'g'=Gm/r^2

    2) Polarisation

    3) I can't do this with Latex easily, but as this should be in the HWK help section, show us what you have done first. A Neutron changes into a Proton and an Electron though - that should help you.

    4) C12 is a very stable atom with a very long halflife, C14 has a half life of around 5760 years.

    We're happy to help, but do post in the Homework Help section in future.
    Adrian :smile:
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    "Long" in this case means foreover.
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