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50 cal. vs. Diamond plate

  1. Feb 12, 2015 #1
    How thin would a pure diamond plate have to be cut for a bullet to penetrate or fracture the plate if shot from a 50 yard distance? (assuming it is a spot on shot and the plate is octagonal and 15 cm across, and the bullet being a standard 50 caliber round.)
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    There are many kinds of fifty caliber bullets, having a wide variety impacts at 50 yards. I don't thing that it would make much difference, though. Diamond, while extremely hard, in not very "tough". You can shatter a ring diamond just by knocking it against a sink faucet. Throughout the ages, thousands of real diamonds have been destroyed by ignorant pillagers hitting them with hammers or the like under the impression that a diamond is as tough as it is hard. It's not. Jade is tougher than diamond, but much softer.
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    Thanks mate.
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