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A bit worried

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    Hi about 72 hours ago i had a computer problem. From a site i normally always go to lots of people go and never have a problem, its this american idol forum, and well on the forum they say u can download previous episodes of the show to watch again. Me being stupid decided to do this as so many people do. They on the site say to download this idol bit torin, download this microsoft net talk or something like that, and then you can download the episodes. So i did this and after i downloaded the net talk thing the idol bit torin was not like noticing it so i thought i needed to reboot and it would. When i rebooted it first popped open a my documents folder so i exited it, ms dos, and this pop up which looked as if it was an ad from a website advertising a spyware remove program. The page had "your computer has spyware" in flashing bolded big letters and then saying "microsoft detects spyware on your computer and thinks you should download this program to remove it" so i exit the page. Then i am using norton 2004 and its popping up tons of windows asking to allow or not all these ports and such and windows explorer pops up a box asking to allow configuring sharing. All the windows confused me so i said no dont allow to all of them and then norton poped up 2 windows saying it found a trojan (something like ie.start trojan and considered low problem)and i checked and all the trojan does is change your start page, and that it deleted them and blocked them. So now after i said no to all those windows msn didnt work and i was so overwellmened and figured i have screwed up my computer so much downloading that thing that i unistalled the idol bit torrin and since msn wasnt working restarted computer. When it loaded back up it poped up this time the spyware ad, the my documents, ms dos, and the windows sharing configuration but this time no norton, this time i say yes to the configuration and msn works. I use spybot search and destroy and it deletes 14 spyware and i run norton and it finds 6 spyware it cannot get rid of because they are in use. So i follow the instructions on the how to remove page in regedit deleting everything they tell me too and then restart my computer and deleted all the spyware. Then i ran norton again it found 4 more and they all deleted fine without any problem except for 1 because it said it was in C:\RECYCLERS so i figured that was in the recycle bin so i emptied it and ran again and it didnt pick it up that time. The pop up ad poped up twice as i was deleting the spyware and emptying the recycle bin so i blocked both addresses in norton security so they wouldnt be able to come up again. Ok it has been 72 hours now and norton updated its security updates and found another trojan but this one was also on the low considered so much that it just deleted it off right away and i also downloaded Ad-Aware SE Personal and it deleted off a few adware that are pretty typical and none of any threat. Since i deleted all those things 72 hours ago i havent had a single pop up, my computer hasnt been slow at all, and no weirdness has occured. So i am wondering if you guys would think my computer is all better now and back to normal?
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    First of all, the program is called bittorrent. Second, it is not legal to download american idol episodes since they are copyrighted works owned by FOX. Third, if your not experiencing any problems then you "should" be fine. That is not to say that there is still junk installed on your computer without your knowledge.
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