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A chemical rocket

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    I have an idea of creating a rocket using mentos and diet coke, but the failure rate is really high. I also tried reacting HCL + Mg in order to create pressurized Hydrogen Gas in the bottle, in order to make the rocket thrust upwards. I also used alka seltzer in creating a potential rocket, but to no avail.

    I would really appreciate if more ideas can be posted in this thread, of creating a rocket using some of the ordinary elements in the periodic table, or using things that are available (mentos, alka seltzer, etc).

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    Look up "Matchstick Rockets." They are tiny rockets that use the pressurized gases of a burning match head to generate thrust.

    Dry ice is a very reliable method of producing a lot of gas quickly, if you want to keep a soda-bottle, non flame producing design.
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    Wow, this takes me back. I remember making matchstick rockets with my friends 40+ years ago when I was a kid. We didn't have YouTube videos in those days, either, and I don't remember how we figured them out.
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    Those where the times when we had no youtube, TV nor internet, but we had parents. I was shown how to make a matchstick rocket by my Dad.
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    What on earth is a parent? Could I find it on the Google somewhere?
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